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4 Zodiacs Who Must Ignore Temptation This January

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You don’t want to make a decision that you regret, especially when it could easily be avoided. Whether you’re considering texting an ex that has hurt you one too many times before, or are thinking about completely changing directions in your life, you need to be careful with the decisions you make this month. Here are the zodiacs who need to avoid temptation this January:

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You are an impulsive sign, but sometimes you need to look before you leap. Sometimes you need to pause and take the time to think through your decisions. You don’t want to end up doing something you regret by this time tomorrow, so give yourself the time and the space to think through your options. You might feel rushed, but you don’t have to decide right this second. You can wait. You can examine your thoughts. You can go with the right decision overall instead of the easiest, most tempting decision in the moment.

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You don’t want to rush into a decision without thinking through the consequences first. Although it might be tempting to move quickly to get something over and done with, you need to give yourself the proper amount of time to think this through. Don’t automatically do what your gut is telling you to do. Listen to your heart and your mind in conjunction. Think through different scenarios instead of automatically going with the path of least resistance. Make sure that you’re doing the best thing for yourself in the long-run, not just the short-term. You don’t want temptation to lead you in the wrong direction this month. Make sure that you’re confident in your decision before you commit to it.

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You are stronger than you think. You might not be confident that you can break a bad habit or resist reconnecting with someone who has hurt you, but you have the power to do what you know you need to do. You might have some moments of weakness along the way, but you are going to come out on top in the end. Don’t self-sabotage, simply because you’re expecting yourself to fail anyway. You need to believe in yourself. You need to remember how capable you are because you never give yourself enough credit. You can accomplish whatever you set your mind to, so don’t give up on yourself before you’ve even begun your first leg of the journey.

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This is a new year, so you don’t want to make the same old decisions that have been making you miserable. Instead of continuing to do things exactly the way you have always done them, ask yourself whether these decisions are actually making you happy. Ask yourself whether you want to try something new. The next time you’re faced with a choice, take a second to stop and think before you commit to an answer. Be patient with yourself. Allow yourself to move at a slow, steady pace instead of rushing into situations without thinking it through all the way. If you want this to be the best year of your life, then you need to make decisions that will take you closer and closer to the type of life you really want to live.

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