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These 6 Zodiac Signs Are Frequently Linked To Bad Dating Habits

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I’m going to be blunt here: there are certain zodiac signs that some people want to steer clear from!

Certain signs can elicit strong reactions, ranging from a grimace to a shudder, or even an all-consuming feeling of dread.

It’s not that individuals of these signs are bad people; they just might need to work a little harder on refining some of their quirks and pitfalls. Remember, one’s greatest weakness is often also their greatest strength, so it can be harnessed to one’s advantage.

This list isn’t meant to be taken personally. Just because your sign is on here doesn’t mean you’re doomed to be single. For instance, I included my own sign, and I’ve been happily married for almost a decade. Everyone will find their person who appreciates the full package.

And with that, these are the signs some believe are challenging to date…

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1. Gemini

To put it bluntly, you’re known for being a little nuts. Now sometimes this can be fun… other times it’s exhausting! No one really knows what to expect from you. Again, this can be fun… but again, this can be frustrating and tiring to keep up with.

You can be moody and all over the place and we never quite know who is going to show up on the date, Jekyll or Hyde?

While being flighty and airy is kind of your thing, it can make you hard to date so try to implement some more structure and stability into your routine.

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2. Scorpio

No one is really surprised to find you on this list. And you do have the potential to be a great relationship partner… however, your jealousy and possessiveness can make you very hard to date. You are terrified of being betrayed, and your ways of protecting yourself from this happening usually pushes people away or makes them not want to get involved with you in the first place.

The world isn’t out to get you. Practice trusting yourself and others a little more otherwise you will live a very lonely life.

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3. Aquarius

You are unique, individualistic, and slightly quirky which makes you interesting… but your emotional detachment and almost robotic demeanor make you a very tough nut to crack, and connecting with you on an emotional level can feel impossible. Let your guard down a little bit, you’ll be surprised how nice it is to let people in.

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4. Aries

You are just a little too much. Too much drama, too much intensity, and let’s be honest… you can be a little scary! The whole zodiac is scared to face you head-on!

While your fire and passion serve you well in life, they can be very intimidating for a romantic prospect to deal with so try dialing it back just a touch!

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5. Capricorn

You are driven almost to a fault. You are intense and a little too focused on yourself and your ambitions. Depending on your emotional state, you can also be mean and heartless and use your power as a weapon against people.

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6. Pisces

Sweet and sensitive pisces has the potential to either be a dream or a nightmare. When you prioritize your emotional well-being, you can be a wonderful, devoted, and loyal partner. When you let your baser instincts go unchecked, you can be an absolute nightmare- clingy, needy, hypersensitive, and worst of all your tendency to play the victim.

Honorable mentions: Virgo for being so picky and judgmental and Cancer for being so moody and hyper-sensitive.

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