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3 Zodiac Duos Who Have A Lot In Common (But Are Emotionally Incompatible)

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These two powerful personalities are the most volatile and hot-blooded signs of the zodiac. There’s a reason that they’re the most feared. Scorpio and Aries both have a short temper and should never be crossed. Scorpio may take their sweet time methodically setting up your downfall and Aries may decimate you on the spot, but you’ll always regret wronging both. This duo is the most passionate and fervent of the zodiac. Aries and Scorpio have an inner strength unmatched by any other sign. They’ve both become familiar with the intensities of life and have had to navigate hardships that have only strengthened their determination. They’re driven, ambitious, and highly dedicated to their success. Both aim to win in everything that they do—it’s in their competitive nature. These two brave signs aren’t afraid to take risks and constantly push themselves outside their comfort zones. They’re aggressive, impulsive, and mean when they’re angry, but deep down they’re just softies. They value loyalty, honesty, and those they love above all else.

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When they come together, it’s a relationship marked by deep attraction, passion, and emotional intensity. Physical chemistry is important to both of these signs, and together they have an endless sex drive, but the bedroom is the only place where they can understand each other. In a relationship, they struggle to understand each other’s emotional needs. Aries isn’t built with the emotional depth that is inherent in Scorpio, and sometimes they find Scorpio difficult to understand. Scorpio has to endlessly discuss their emotions, while Aries needs more space to process their feelings. Fire-ruled Aries detests conversation that doesn’t lead to action or tangible outcomes. It makes Scorpio feel like they’re more invested in the relationship than their Aries. In turn, they start requiring more reassurance than they already do from their partner—something that makes Aries feel smothered. To Aries, Scorpio is needy and asking for too much. Scorpio feels neglected. Aries reshapes events to benefit their take on a situation, making Scorpio moodier, which drives Aries mad. It’s Aries’ need for independence and Scorpio’s need for control that are this duo’s biggest obstacles. They’re both domineering, like things their way, and hate being told what to do. It makes for an endless struggle to determine a balanced power dynamic,

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Ruled by the Sun and Venus, respectively, Leo and Taurus are the showstopper signs of the zodiac—and the most indulgent. Both of them enjoy spoiling themselves and being spoiled. These zodiacs have a deep appreciation for beauty, material security, earthly pleasures, and the finer things in life. They’re powerhouses—incredibly driven and ambitious, determined to rise to the top. Their strong will, mental strength, and focus determine that these two signs always get what they want. What both of them desire the most is emotional security—a deep, unshakeable connection with another person. Leo and Taurus are both in it for the long haul. They want marriage and all the works. Governed by the planet of love, Taurus is one of the most romantic and sensual signs. So is Leo, who is associated with the fifth house of creativity and romantic pleasures. As lovers, they’re both extremely committed, devoted, and loyal. It’s important to always do the right thing from the start with these two signs. Neither of them gives away their trust easily. These two fixed signs are also incredibly stubborn. Leo wants to have things their way. Taurus wants to be in control of the relationship. They can both be somewhat self-centered and fail to see things from someone else’s perspective—they’re both full of ego.

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It might be a whirlwind romance in the beginning, but it’s difficult for both of these signs to come together and compromise enough to make it work. Initially, it’s hot and steamy between these two—sex isn’t their problem. The issue is that both of these signs set their eyes on a partner more for the security (or the challenge) than for the suitability. They pick each other because they both look good on paper, but they constantly fail to recognize each other’s needs. They also fail to express their needs to the other. Taurus views Leo as a possession that they’ve won. Leo exhausts Taurus with their perpetual need for the spotlight. It makes Taurus feel like they’re not enough or not a priority. They lash out by doing and saying little things that eat away at Leo’s self-esteem. The more outgoing and sociable Leo gets restless with the more private and reserved Taurus who is more of a homebody. They both try to control each other and they both hate being told what to do. It’s a struggle for dominance exasperated by the fact these two signs simply don’t know how to communicate with each other.

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These two signs are the quirkiest and most whimsical of the zodiac. Aquarius is an eccentric innovator with progressive ideas, fearless in exploring more unconventional roads. Pisces, ruled by Neptune, is a dreamy and ethereal sign with an endless imagination. Both of them spend a lot of time with their heads above the clouds. They’re both idealistic and regularly lose themselves in an idea, daydream, or fantasy. They have unique perspectives that set them apart from the crowd. Aquarius and Pisces are spiritual, artistic, and open-minded. These signs both value creativity and self-expression. They’re weird and different and unique and they don’t care. These individualistic signs aren’t afraid to let their freak flag fly. They can both get moody at times, but it’s only because Aquarius and Pisces are seriously introspective. These two are also like-minded in ethics and values. They concern themselves with the welfare of others and they truly desire to make the world a better place. They’re peaceful and accepting of other people. Both are forgiving, kind, and soft-hearted.

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They share so much in common, but they have very different needs when it comes to relationships. Pisces, a hopeless romantic, wants deep emotional intimacy—to merge souls. Aquarius wants independence and space in a relationship—the freedom to do what they want when they want. Pisces feels offended by this fact, coming to believe that their partner doesn’t value them or their relationship. What Pisces fails to understand is that Aquarius is just extremely independent when it comes to their lives and that they need space to process their ideas.

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Being independent isn’t exactly Pisces’ strong suit, so they make Aquarius feel smothered with their clinginess. Pisces also drives Aquarius mad with their sensitivity. Standoffish and detached Aquarius doesn’t have the nurturing nature Pisces needs in a partner—they simply can’t meet Pisces’ emotional needs. Aquarius lacks the ability to emotionally express themselves and the sensitivity required to make Pisces feel secure. Their love languages and communication styles are too different. If these two get together it can make for a toxic dynamic where self-sacrificing Pisces overextends themselves to make the relationship work. Because Pisces feel like the best version of themselves when they can keep their partner happy, they will mold themselves to fit Aquarius’ ideal, all the while having their emotional needs neglected.

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