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This Is What You Hate About Modern Dating The Most, According To Your Zodiac

Let’s be honest—deep down, most of us despise modern dating.

Yes, it’s all fun and games while you’re just looking for a good time and while you’re not ready to have anything serious.

You have all of your options open. It’s like you can do whatever you want, without thinking about the consequences because pretty much everything is allowed and has become normal.

However, your worldview drastically changes when you decide it’s time to commit because our modern dating practice simply doesn’t allow you to do this the old-fashioned way.

Finding a real, mature relationship is difficult, but keeping it is near impossible.

Nevertheless, all of us have one specific thing that bothers us about today’s dating game, and here is yours, based on the zodiac sign you belong to.


The thing you hate about modern dating the most is the fact that people aren’t clear about their feelings.

Everyone expects you to be proficient in reading between the lines, but that is something you simply don’t want to do.

If you like someone, you’ll show it to them, and you hope for the same treatment.


If you a Taurus, you can’t handle the fact that everyone gives up so easily and walks away at the first glance of trouble instead of working on their relationships.

You hate that you’re expected to move on to your next victim without even putting the slightest effort to save your current romance, and that is simply not how you roll.


It seems that everyone pretends to be someone they’re not just for the other person to like them more.

You can’t be your true self in front of the other s-, and you don’t plan on acting for the rest of your life.

Even though you’re someone who doesn’t mind playing games at the beginning, the trick with modern dating is that these games never stop—even when you enter a committed relationship, it is expected that you should continue chasing each other.


Showing your true emotions is a big no-no.

Even if you’re madly in love with someone, modern dating says you should pretend that you couldn’t care less about them, and your indifference is supposed to draw them closer to you.

What is up with that? You want to open your heart to someone who deserves it without the fear of being ridiculed.


It’s shameful to say out loud that you’re grieving for someone from your past.

In today’s dating world, you’re expected to move on with your life the second you break things off with your romantic partner, and nobody gives you any time to heal.


There doesn’t exist a thing called ‘partnership’ anymore.

Everyone is out there, living their own lives individually, as if they’re not part of a couple, even when in a serious relationship.

Nobody takes care of the other person anymore, and your problems are only yours.


Lying has become a norm. Nobody expects the other person to be honest, and you’re considered a fool for trusting people and for always telling the truth.

You simply can’t spend the rest of your life always doubting your partner’s words and dealing with trust issues.


Fidelity? What is that?

Nobody is loyal today, and everyone is in some kind of unlabeled relationship.

Casual flings and ‘no strings attached’ affairs are the thing now. Nobody is looking for some deeper intimacy, and that is the thing you crave.

Yes, people think of you as a s- maniac but the truth is that you can’t function like this, and you need something more meaningful.


Couples don’t talk about the future these days. They enjoy their relationship while it lasts without ever thinking about tomorrow.

They don’t have common goals and dreams, and nobody is even disappointed when the relationship fails.


Nobody breaks up anymore. Instead, people just disappear without giving you any closure and explanation.

And the worst part is that this has become perfectly acceptable.


People don’t communicate anymore, and romantic partners are no exception.

You can’t find someone to talk to about your deepest fears and hopes.

Instead, you should only do small talk and deal with everyday nonsense, without ever getting to know the other person for real.


The thing that bothers you the most is the fact that romance is completely dead.

If you show the slightest thought of being romantic and caring, you’re characterized as cheesy and pathetic.

You have to be extra careful when showing your interest to the other person, otherwise you’ll scare them away.

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