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3 Ways an Earth Sign Self-Sabotages (Taurus, Virgo, & Capricorn)

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1. They forget the strength of their heart connection

Known for tangible, practical, and reliable service towards self and others, earth signs are prone to losing sight of their own sensitivity. Typically more connected to their heart space than they give themselves credit for, earth signs are prone to self-sabotage by means of pretending they aren’t as sensitive or emotional as they truly are. Yes, they are gifted with an ability to provide and attend to things physically, but they also have a tremendous ability to see and hold space for emotions, dreams, and the ethereal layers of reality.

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2. They’re overly self-critical

Often holding themselves to incredibly high standards, earth signs are typically individuals whom others see with high regard. While dedicating one’s life to an expression of integrity is positive, earth signs are prone to self-sabotaging by means of self-criticism. Their analytical mind can mistake the forest for the trees, and earth signs may hyperfixate on the to-do’s of reality while losing sight of the inherent value expressed in their character and state of being. Part of an earth sign’s growth is learning to be present with themselves and celebrate who they are rather than celebrating the concrete successes of reality.

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3. They get out of touch with their body

On one hand, incredibly present, earth signs can also become fixated on ideals that bring them out of body, particularly Virgo and Capricorn. Ironically, earth signs are likely working harder than anyone else in the room, but may develop a mindset of still not “doing enough.” As an earth sign heals, they learn to develop a positive relationship with their own embodiment. They see and respect themselves as the powerful creators, protectors, and providers they are while embracing the inherent flows and gifts of reality.

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