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This Is The Source Of Every Zodiac’s Confidence

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Your kindness.

You can make a new friend anywhere you go, Aries. From the gym to the nail salon, to the checkout counter. All you have to do is strike up a conversation, and let people see that side of you that is genuinely interested in others. You’re not afraid to make the first move and have seen so much success with this method, gaining endless allies in the process, that you feel like you have a whole community behind you. Knowing all of these people are in your corner, gives you the confidence to attempt anything you want in life.

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Your taste.

It doesn’t matter what it is, Taurus. Clothes, art, décor, food, accessories, you name it. You know how to find value. And that’s not always equivalent to whatever’s flashiest or has the biggest price tag. You look for things that will last. Things that won’t fall out of style or favor. Things you can look at in twenty, thirty, or forty years and not cringe at when they show up in a photograph. You derive confidence from this ability because having your own personal preferences allows you to be yourself instead of aspiring to copy someone else’s taste.

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You finish things.

The more you do, Gemini, the more you know what you are capable of. Because you have taken on so many different responsibilities and commitments, life operates as a giant to-do list for you. You get so much satisfaction each time you get to cross something off, and are always thinking about what needs to come next. You know how to prioritize and how to scope out different kinds of tasks. It gives you the confidence to know you never bite off more than you can chew, and you never leave anything half done.

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Others lean on you.

You are a trusted friend, coach, and confidante, Cancer. Others look to you for advice and support in times of need. They admire your experience and perspective, and actively pursue your point of view. This responsibility validates your thoughts and feelings and has taught you to think before you speak. You know the power your words have to influence decisions and outcomes in a way that will have rippling effects. This knowledge gives you the confidence to speak up without being asked, whether with family, coworkers, friends, acquaintances, or within your community. You have enough tact to navigate any situation.

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You see the best in everyone.

The biggest misconception people have about you, Leo, is that having as many friends as you do requires someone to be extremely likable. You are, but that’s a correlation, not causality. The more important factor, when it comes to having a large social circle, is your ability to like others. Most people are pickier than you, but you can find something positive about everyone. You believe everyone deserves a chance, and people thank you for that with their loyalty, something you require in all relationships. You’re confident enough to give everyone a chance, but then it’s their job to not fuck it up.

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Your convictions.

It annoys people, Virgo, the way you think you’re always right. Except for you, it’s not just thinking, it’s knowing. And you know, because you’ve spent so much time figuring out what it is that you truly believe in. Your biggest pet peeve is being uninformed, so you will educate yourself on the most controversial topics until you’ve identified the strongest argument. People who are uncertain either haven’t put in the effort you have, or worry too much about whether their views are the popular ones at the moment. Your confidence comes from valuing truth over being liked.

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You’ve worked on yourself.

Your confidence, Libra, comes from the progress you’ve made on yourself. You’re not discouraged if you’re not the strongest, smartest, or most successful, because you’ve gotten stronger, smarter, and more successful through hard work. You know that effort leads to improvement, so whatever it is that you set your mind to, you will put in the time it takes to level up. What you’re not capable of today, could be what you’re capable of tomorrow, if you’re willing to try. Where others see the impossible, you see a need for commitment, and you know how sweet success can be when worked for.

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Your ability to strategize.

You’re always watching others, Scorpio. Figuring out their motivations, their habits, and their patterns. Everyone accuses you of playing the long game out of pettiness, but the truth is, you just have a higher capacity for visualizing than others. When others are playing tic-tac-toe, you’re learning the complexities of chess. The things you want out of life may require several different moves and may require you to change directions or wait for the perfect timing. Your confidence comes from an understanding that instant gratification isn’t as enjoyable as a realizing certain victory is only five moves ahead.

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You want to try everything.

The source of your confidence, Sagittarius, is that your desire to experience life is so much greater than your fear of failure. Your biggest fear, in fact, is to go through life having never seen or done the many things you’ve read and dreamed about. You want to reach the end of your life with a memoir’s worth of experience, whether you’d ever publish one or not. So where others see you as someone who tries many things without sticking to most of them, you feel the drive to be a well-rounded renaissance individual.

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You know what you don’t want.

For you, Capricorn, negative influences can be just as strong as positive ones. Like Scrooge with Jacob Marley, it’s that horrible co-worker, untrustworthy friend, or shameless acquaintance that motivates you more than anyone with admirable qualities. Seeing and knowing what not to do and how not to be, steers you toward the opposite of whatever that is. So you develop and nurture positive qualities through avoidance. This gives you the confidence that you’ll be able to avoid any faux pas because they give you such second-hand anxiety as a bystander, that you’d never be able to bear it firsthand.

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Your cultural criticism.

You look at life as one big picture, Aquarius. To you, everything is connected. You take nothing for granted and see every custom, every ritual, and every societal structure as a man-made creation, and you never stop asking why? If life is the way it is because we’ve made it this way, that also unlocks endless possibilities for the ways we could make it. Anything with room for improvement should be able to be changed. Your confidence arises from the knowledge that when we are the source of our own problems, the source of any solution must also come from within.

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Your intuition.

I don’t want to call them premonitions, Pisces, but you have a habit of getting strong feelings about things. It’s like your fight-or-flight response runs faster than your own logic. Like a security system that sets off an alarm before alerting you what it’s for. You’ve been in enough situations to trust these feelings, having pieced together after the fact what it was they were responding to, that you’ve learned to trust them at the moment. They allow you to feel confident enough to follow the things that feel good for you and avoid what feels bad.

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