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Find out what is the hard truth that every zodiac sign doesn’t like to hear. The opinion of the stars.

Yes, you know, truth often hurts, especially if it touches us personally. For this reason, it often happens that people prefer to ignore advice or opinions that, instead, could be useful to them by helping them to improve themselves in the most critical points. But what are the truths that hurt the most? Usually, they are the ones that burn because you are already aware of them and, nevertheless, you have no desire to change them.
Since beyond the personal defects, the stars can influence the various signs in their ways of being and acting, today after having seen which are the surliest signs of the zodiac and which are the zodiac signs that always complain, we will find out which ‘is the truth that no zodiac sign wants to hear.
Since it is an aspect that concerns the way of feeling it is advisable to also check the ascendant of the zodiac sign that you want to control.

Horoscope: the truth that hurts every zodiac sign

Aries – You Are Too Shallow
Aries natives are full of positives. They are vital, energetic, always ready to embark on a thousand adventures, and turn out to be people of good company, so much so that they are always sought by others. If there is something in which they tend to sin, it concerns an underlying superficiality of which they are aware and often also proud but which at times, especially if it is reproached, can burn to the point of making them mad. Aries do not like criticism and always wants to be appreciated and valued for their qualities. Knowing that someone thinks of them not taking life seriously is therefore a real slap in the face of their pride.

Taurus – You are too lazy
The natives of Taurus are people who love to enjoy life 100%. For this reason, they always try to take things calmly, savoring every single moment and focusing as much as possible on the pleasant aspects that surround them. This way of being, which for them is more a lifestyle, leads them to often postpone tasks or less pleasant situations and all with the risk of finding themselves having to run later or, worse, not completing what they have to do in time. From a certain point of view, we could therefore speak of laziness. But be careful to tell them because it is not a judgment that they gladly accept. For them, it is just a matter of acting calmly and in moderation and they can’t bear to think anything different about it. In their defense, it must be said that when they have a goal in mind,

Gemini – Be more careful
Gemini is an extremely social person, always cheerful (apart from the days when it is better not to approach them) and able to animate an entire party with their sunshine. Talkers like few would be able to entertain anyone thanks to their gab and the way they use words that makes everything seem interesting. Too bad that, on the other hand, they tend to be a little distracted, to the point of easily forgetting what concerns the people around them, sometimes even while they are talking amiably with them. For this reason, the truth one would often want to tell them is that they are too busy with themselves and would do well to pay more attention to their surroundings. These words, however, risk hurting them because if they get distracted it is never for lack of interest but for the inability to manage the too much information they undergo with everything they do in a single day. Best to keep this in mind before you point out that they have confused you with someone else.

Cancer – You Are Too Touchy
Cancer natives are sweet and extremely romantic people. Sometimes, however, they tend to be whiners, and a little touchy, pouting if something doesn’t go the way they would like. It is an attitude they have always had is that is difficult for them to change. Nevertheless, if someone dares to point it out, the answer will be to close up like a hedgehog and take it even more. In order not to make things worse, it is, therefore, better to approach the subject when they are in a good mood, avoiding talking about it while they are already angry. The result could be an endless fight that would lead to nothing and that would eventually even make them suffer.

Leo – You are too full of yourself
The natives of Leo are self-confident, optimistic, and always ready to work hard to be able to shine like stars in the firmament. Ambitious like a few others, they always aim high and expect their achievements to be recognized by others. For this reason, they do not tolerate others pointing out that they are too full of themselves. For them to be is the right consequence of their results and they do not consider it as a defect but as a self-affirmation of their value. This is a point on which it is practically impossible to make them think, which is why it is always better to focus on other advice such as, for example, that of turning your attention to others as well. Of course, they don’t necessarily listen to him, but trying doesn’t hurt, right?

Virgo – You are too rigid
Those born under the sign of Virgo are precise people, punctual, and always very attentive to details. This leads them to have the habit of evaluating others and their way of acting too often, sometimes judging them in silence and others giving advice even if not requested. This is a way of doing things that can be annoying and that can push those around them to ask for more flexibility. Ironically, however, being judged in turn is something that bothers them beyond measure and that often leads them to exasperate their rigidity. Especially when you consider that they just don’t realize they can be heavy because when they give advice they often think they are doing a good thing and even doing a favor.

Libra – Make up your mind
Libra natives are people who make moderation a way of life. Always calm and calm, they love everything that recalls beauty and harmony and for this reason, they emanate security and trust. Excellent listeners, they always know how to have their say on the problems that concern others, many times even giving very useful advice, which makes them more confident than required. When it comes to them, however, things are decidedly different and they often tend to prevaricate on the choices to make, especially if they are particularly heartfelt. Although aware of this limitation, they do not like someone to remind them of it and when this happens they feel stung, get nervous, and even change their mood. Hurrying them, among other things, is by no means a good way to get them to take a firm stand.

Scorpio – Relax
The natives of Scorpio have their way of taking life and putting themselves into every little thing. Passionate like few others, they live with intensity in every situation that concerns them and this, of course, also applies to what is negative. This motion of taking things therefore often makes them anxious or in constant trepidation and even if it is the only way for them to feel alive and give their best, it may happen that others do not understand this emission of energy for things also. of little consequence. Touchy as few, they tend to get upset when someone questions their way of being, perhaps inviting them to calm down or slow down. And, to be honest, trying to change them would be completely useless,

Sagittarius – Stop for a while
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius, a bit like Aries, are hyperactive people and always ready to go towards a life with enthusiasm. Sometimes, however, the energy they invest in everything they do makes it almost impossible to keep up with them and this can create problems because they hardly realize they are in turbo mode, and their eyes the problem is others, often too lazy or lenses. Nonetheless, advising them to stop can be a cause for conflict because if there is one thing they hate it is to receive advice, especially on their way of life which, in their eyes, is practically perfect.

Capricorn – This thing about you is not okay
Yes, Capricorns, usually dedicated to working and busy with constantly filling their lives, are people who think they are always right and who feel the need to feel better than others. In particular, what they hate is knowing that someone disagrees with their thinking or, even worse, has something to say about their way of being or acting. For them everything they do, precisely because it is often focused on duty, is correct and should only be emulated by others. How do you make them understand that they are not free from defects? Unfortunately, it is really difficult unless you find them in one of their very rare moments of calm, in which less excited and taken by themselves, they can open up more with others.

Aquarius – You are not always right
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are very full of themselves and sure that they are always on the right side. Proud of their being different from others, they do not accept anyone telling them they are wrong or that they could be wrong. Each of their actions is the result of deliberate choices and lengthy reflections for which they do not believe there is something to add or change. Often severe towards others, they cannot bear to feel judged or observed except to be admired. Dealing with them, from this point of view, can be quite difficult because when they get angry they end up freaking out or cutting ties without looking back. So be careful!

Pisces – You are not indispensable
Pisces are the most empathetic people in the entire zodiac. Always addressed to others, they love to help anyone who is in a time of need. Great listeners are trusted friends to trust in any situation. This leads them, however, to lose sight of their own life too often, to take care of that of others. When they feel pushed aside, therefore, they don’t understand why and feel deeply hurt. Even worse if those who took advantage of their kindness until the day before end up telling them they don’t need them. In these cases they can even get to feel anger and decide, which is very difficult for them, to get away even forever.

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