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4 Zodiacs Who Feel Like No One Wants Them Around

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Some zodiacs are more sensitive than others. They take everything you say to heart and assume the worst when you aren’t texting them back or paying enough attention to them. Here are a few zodiacs who have been feeling like no one wants them around lately:


Cancers are incredibly sensitive. If you don’t respond to their messages in a timely matter, they will assume that you want nothing to do with them. They will replay every interaction they’ve had with you, trying to figure out where they went wrong and where they could have possibly offended you. Cancers are overthinkers who tend to have low self-esteem, which means they are always worried that they’re going to lose you. It’s not that they don’t trust you or assume that your feelings are insincere. It’s simply that they care about you so much that the thought of living without you is always front and center. They don’t want to chase you away, but they’re terrified they’re doing it anyway.

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Taurus don’t always say yes to invitations out because they have strict boundaries they aren’t afraid to enforce. However, since they prefer staying home most days, some people will stop inviting them to hang out — and this isn’t what a Taurus wants either. They want to feel included. They want to be involved in the conversation. Even if they aren’t in the mood to go out, it’s still nice to be asked so that they know they were wanted. When this sign goes too long without hearing from others (and is forced to send the first text if they want to have any sort of interaction at all), it’s hard not to feel like they’re unwanted. Like they’re always the one who cares more.

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Scorpios are pessimists. They can’t help themselves. Even when someone is treating them wonderfully and everything in their world is going well, they are going to wonder whether there’s something they’re missing, whether this person is only putting on an act to be nice. This sign always feels unwanted, which is why they keep their guard so high. They don’t want to let the wrong people inside. They don’t want to offer more pieces of their heart than they’re going to receive. Scorpios act like they couldn’t care less about fitting in with the crowd, but secretly, it bothers them when they feel like no one wants them around.

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This sign doesn’t care about fitting in with the crowd. They are stubbornly independent and won’t change their beliefs to make others more comfortable. Normally, they’re completely fine with the idea of being on their own — but since they’re so different from everyone around them, sometimes they feel like they’re unwanted. Like people would be happier without them around to disagree and challenge the status quo. This sign is unapologetically themselves, but that doesn’t mean they never get lonely. They don’t love feeling like they’re all alone. But they’re used to it by now.

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