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2024 Astrology Calendar: The Most Important Transits Of Every Month In 2024

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January 1st, 2024: Mercury Direct

Astrologically speaking, there isn’t all that much significance to New Year’s Day. The spring equinox—the first day of Aries season—marks the true beginning of the year, when the earth reawakens from its winter slumber.

However, this year, we do start out January 1st on a bit of a blank page. Mercury goes direct after several weeks of frustrating retrograde motion through the signs of Capricorn and Sagittarius. This provides a refreshing new beginning for those who are not typically motivated to commit to their resolutions.

This year, our collective capacity to get things done is enhanced. If you have some concrete goals you want to accomplish during the first few weeks of January (and beyond), you just might see them through.

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January 20, 2024 – September 1, 2024: Pluto in Aquarius

As the furthest planet from us in the solar system, Pluto moves at an extremely slow pace, ruling generational change more than individuals—though this is not to say that those with strong Aquarian energy in their birth charts won’t feel this transformation more than their peers.

Pluto was last in Aquarius from 1778 to 1798, an era encompassing such a wide spectrum of events that it is impossible to make a comprehensive list. The most notable events that took place were, to name only a few: the American Revolution and the signing of the Declaration of Independence; the discovery of Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius; the Age of Enlightenment; the French Revolution, incited by the frustrated 99%; and the publication of Mary Wollstonecraft’s Vindication of the Rights of Woman, the seminal text of first-wave feminism.

We had a taste of Pluto in Aquarius back in March of 2023. This brief preview offered a glimpse of what is to come for the next two decades, with frustration towards big banks and corrupt political leaders suggesting the potential for widespread rebellion. However, the dwarf planet dipped back into conservative Capricorn for a while longer, hovering in the final degrees as the United States’ Pluto return completes itself. Historically, an empire lasts about 250 years; a Pluto return, 245.

On January 20th, Pluto will once again move into Aquarius, where it will remain until September of this year. And after that? Come November 19th, there will be no looking back. Approximately one week after election day in the not-so-United States of America, Pluto will be in the sign of the water-bearer again, and there it will remain for the next twenty years, coloring every aspect of our society, culture, and political landscape. Vive la revolution!


February 16, 2024: Aquarius Stellium

Back in early February 1962, something remarkable happened: all seven of the traditional planets conjoined in the sign of Aquarius. That means the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Saturn were transiting the eccentric humanitarian sign of the water-bearer. The only ones missing from the massive stellium were Pluto and Neptune. Astrologers occasionally point to this Aquarian pileup in the heavens as the dawn of the so-called “Age of Aquarius,” or the turning point that brought the ‘60s counterculture.

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Now that the baby boomers born during the early winter months of 1962 are in their early sixties, we can observe some striking commonalities between them: their interest in technology, aerospace, telecommunications, science fiction, and computer science. Those in the arts were known for their eccentric presentation and affinity for the bizarre.

While this February’s stellium won’t be quite as intense, with only five planets clustered in Aquarius, there is one notable difference. Unlike in ’62, Pluto—the planet that is most heavily involved in societal upheaval and change—will be sitting at 0° of Aquarius. Working alongside it are the sun, Mercury, Mars, and Venus. This could very well be another time in history remembered as a pivotal moment. Pay attention to news headlines regarding technological advancements, especially AI, and their potential impact on society.


March 25, 2024: Lunar Eclipse in Libra

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For millennia, laypeople and experienced astrologers alike have been unable to ignore the influence of eclipses. To the ancient star-gazers, they appeared to coincide with major historical events more often than mere chance would allow. Eclipses occurred around the births and deaths of kings, the beginnings of wars, and according to the New Testament, the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth.

Today, the same pattern can be observed. This past year, King Charles III officially began his reign the day after a lunar eclipse in Taurus. However, the Taurus-Scorpio eclipses are now over and done with, bringing closure to those with any of the four fixed signs. In 2024, it’s all about the cardinal signs.

In fact, we’ve already started a new era. The series of eclipses on the Aries-Libra nodal axis began back on April 20, 2023, catalyzing change on a large scale and ushering in an era marked by the duality of war and peace.

The lunar eclipse in late March falls on the South Node at 5° of Libra, drawing forth a longing and desire for harmony and balance that we recall from our collective past. This will be a time when we place greater focus on understanding our differences and calling truces between supposed enemies.

Unfortunately, any major astrological event on the South Node is likely to reopen old wounds and trigger the unhealed parts of us—and the nature of a lunar eclipse is to illuminate the darkness, revealing uncomfortable truths. Anyone with placements in the early degrees of cardinal signs, especially Libra, will experience this as an emotional cleansing of sorts.


April 8, 2024: Solar Eclipse in Aries

A solar eclipse does the opposite, lighting up a new path forward and kickstarting a new cycle. During this total solar eclipse, the sun and moon will sit at 19° of Aries, alongside a stellium of planets that intensify the Martian energy: war, revenge, violence, and strength.

It’s all very reflective of current global affairs, but this particular eclipse seems to forewarn escalation at the collective level, due to the fact it takes place on the North Node, or the karmic point that represents forward movement and the future. Interestingly, this eclipse will be visible across Mexico, the United States, and Canada. It’s already being referred to as the Great North American Eclipse, highlighting its potent celestial significance at a crucial time.

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For one, the U.S. is about to complete its Pluto return, signalling either the collapse or rebirth (or potentially both) of the once-great empire. For another, this eclipse is touching regions that have not seen eclipses since the 1970s, such as the Greater Toronto Area. Parts of the northeastern states and provinces, which have notably avoided the path of totality in previous eclipse seasons, will fall into complete darkness this time around.

What does this mean for those of us living here? Only time will tell, but curiously, we had an eclipse at the exact same degree of Aries on the exact same day in 2005. Think back to what was happening in your life, and in North American society at large, for some clues. Those with placements in the later degrees of cardinal signs will feel ravaged by this energy, mostly experiencing it in the form of external, uncontrollable life events.


May 25, 2024: Jupiter in Gemini

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After twelve months luxuriating in the lush territory of Taurus, Jupiter will now make its way into the sign of its detriment: Gemini. The eclectic, intellectual duality of Gemini is difficult to harness in the realm of material reality. However, it thrives on the Internet, where digital communication is inherently fast-paced and sometimes reckless.

Jupiter takes twelve years to transit the zodiac wheel, staying in one sign for approximately a year. That said, the last time Jupiter transited the mutable air sign was in 2013, so it’s not surprising that we’re entering 2024 with a nostalgic fervor for the indie sleaze era. The “clean girl” trend is likely on its way out, with a revival of the lived-in, messy rockstar girlfriend aesthetic.

After a year of literal toil in the Taurean dirt, we can now anticipate a more cerebral period of communication and study, though our collective energy is likely to be spread a little too thin to concentrate on one particular thing at once. There is one thing Gemini transits are always guaranteed to bring: developments in telecommunications, especially social media. Given the current uncertainty about the future of certain apps, it seems likely we will have to reckon with the growing crisis: our rapidly diminishing attention spans.

On the bright side, new forms of text-heavy social media may emerge as a reaction to the visually oriented, advertorial nature of Instagram and the uncool traditionalism of Twitter. If you haven’t caved and joined Threads yet, it might be time.

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June 2, 2024: Anaretic Neptune

Neptune entered Pisces, the sign of its modern rulership, in the spring of 2011. Since then, both the positive and negative archetypes of Neptune have been hyper-present in our culture: spirituality, religious conflict, cults, misinformation, drugs, alcohol, dreams, illusion, and delusion.

Past transits through Pisces have corresponded with religious wars, mass hysteria, doctrinal disagreements within the Christian church, and fury towards heretics like Charles Darwin. Dogmatic theology, opposition to astrology and divination, and religious extremism are all hallmarks of Neptune in Pisces eras.

Many similar themes have taken hold over the past thirteen years, but with a decidedly modern edge. We’ve seen psycholinguistic manipulation in the media, edited footage, paid bots influencing public thought, “fake news,” AI, deepfakes, catfishing, cults of personality, and widespread confusion that has seeded distrust in the government and pretty much all major news outlets.

Neptune in Pisces is disorienting enough, but every year the massive blue planet spends quite a bit of time retrograde. Early in November 2023, Neptune stationed direct after spending the summer and fall in backwards motion, casting further doubt over everything we read and saw.

Now, with Neptune direct, the truth might come out—but we’re unlikely to see the forest for the trees. It’s simply not time for all our ideological alliances to come crashing down just yet. We will hold fast to what we believe until Neptune enters the more action-oriented Aries in 2026, at which point it’s likely that victims of cults and conspiracies will become enraged and fight back.

In the meantime, Neptune will hit its anaretic degree. The 29th degree is the final degree of any sign in the zodiac and represents the most urgent energy of that sign. The anaretic degree carries a sense of maturity; after having transited the entire 30 degrees of that sign, it is now ready to move on. And sometimes this means cutting ties very sharply.

While Neptune sits at 29°, it is bound to be a breaking point. Lies will start to be revealed, slowly but surely, and as the veil falls, we will have to reckon with our strongly held convictions. Some people will dig in their heels, refusing to let go due to the sunk-cost fallacy. Others will mourn, feeling as though they have been betrayed. The fallout will be messy, but ultimately, it’s a necessary part of our collective healing.


July 21, 2024: Full Moon in Capricorn

While we have a full moon in Capricorn each Cancer season, this one is significant because it also falls at the aforementioned anaretic degree. 29° of Capricorn is characterized as raw traditionalism, order, and rigidity. It represents structure and the old guards, who are unwilling to let go of their posts even though they are being overpowered by the rebellious revolutionaries.

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The anaretic degree of Capricorn has been crucial to the story of America’s Pluto return over the past several years, and during such transits there has always been a sense of stubbornness from those in power. Those who have held it for many years, and taken it for granted, do not typically like to surrender it. Yet this is exactly what must happen in light of the final degree of Capricorn. The old ways have served us well for many decades, but it is time for us to accept that they might not be the best way forward.

This full moon is likely to highlight some of the same themes, but with an emotionally charged energy. We’re also likely to feel the burden of responsibility on our shoulders as we decide how we want to mobilize to take back our power. It will be an energizing yet exhausting period. If you are feeling hopelessly sick of the status quo, have faith. Under the light of this full moon, the power will shift, and the last might finally be first.


August 5, 2024 – August 28, 2024: Mercury Retrograde in Virgo and Leo

Mercury retrograde is never exactly fun, but it isn’t the end of the world, either. All the standard rules apply: for pretty much the entire month of August, we should all pay extra close attention to emails and texts we send, contracts and leases we sign, and exes we allow back into our lives. The beneficial side of Mercury retrograde is that we can return to former projects to give them a second glance or well-deserved do-over. Starting anything new, however, is probably a bad idea.

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During the first two weeks of August (give or take), Mercury will be retrograde in the sign it’s most comfortable in. That would be Virgo. There’s no getting around it: if your ascendant is either Virgo or Gemini, you’ll experience this retrograde period more intensely than you normally do, so be extra cautious. On that note, writers and those who work in communications will face increased scrutiny from the public.

Everyone else is going to feel foggy and irritated, too, likely misplacing documents and failing to keep anything in their house organized. Allow yourself some grace during this scattered period. If you have to manage multiple projects at work or school, start strategizing. Write down important deadlines, use a daily planner, and give yourself lots of breaks.

Near the end of August, when Mercury retrogrades into Leo, the vibe shift will be quite dramatic. Expect lots of celebrity scandals and misinformation circulating in the entertainment sphere. On a personal level, your patience is likely to be worn thin, and you’ll be seeking pleasure wherever you can find it. Avoid over-indulgence, escapism, and prioritizing the wrong things. Schedule time for your hobbies and take a short trip if need be.


September 17, 2024: Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

The first in the Pisces-Virgo eclipse series (which won’t begin in earnest until 2025), this North Node lunar eclipse at 25° of Pisces will feel a bit out of place. While Aries and Libra are cardinal signs intent on action, the imaginative, dreamy spirit of Pisces wants to go with the flow.

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Those with heavy Piscean influence in their chart are likely to experience shocking creative breakthroughs, and with the close conjunction to Neptune, there is a very good chance that some revolutionary new music, film, and visual art will be released around the time of this eclipse. This period of time will feel like a whimsical interlude book-ended by two extremely heated events in the heavens.


October 2, 2024: Solar Eclipse in Libra

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By early October, we’ll have come full circle—halfway around the wheel of the year—to Libra season, and the final eclipse of the year: a solar eclipse at 10° of Libra.

While the sign of balance still remains on the South Node, and thus the realm of what has come before, by this time we will have a stronger understanding of what it means to seek justice. Anyone with significant placements in the early- to-mid degrees of the cardinal signs will feel as though they are undergoing a dark night of the soul, a purging of deep pain that they can no longer carry with them into the future.

Though the archetypal Libra prefers to be a lover, not a fighter, this eclipse is all about recognizing the occasional need for uprising when the voices of the oppressed are unheard. Can good prevail without the destruction of evil? Will there ever truly be peace if we’re not willing to die on our swords? These heavy existential questions will be weighing heavily on us by the time the autumn of 2024 comes around, closing the door on a year of chaos and change.


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November 25, 2024 – December 15, 2024: Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius

Another Mercury retrograde, you say? Yes, and this one takes place entirely in the sign of Sagittarius, so you’re likely to feel constrained and frustrated by your circumstances.

Cultural, spiritual, and ideological disagreements that have been brewing will finally come to a head, so avoid heated arguments with your family and friends. Expect leaked documents and scandals associated with religious leaders and academics at prominent universities, plus misleading information coming from abroad. Use your critical thinking when you encounter something that sounds too fanciful to be true.

It’s not an ideal time to plan a long-distance trip, either. You don’t need to cancel your Thanksgiving plans, but it’s almost guaranteed that there will be issues with travel, such as overcrowded airports, flight delays, and lots of missed trains. Make sure you buy your tickets well in advance and double-check the departure times.


December 6, 2024 – February 24, 2025: Mars Retrograde in Cancer and Leo

You may have noticed that there is something unique about the 2024 calendar year: no Venus retrograde! Fortunately, the planet of love and money will stay direct all year.

Mars, on the other hand, will go retrograde very late in the year. Mars is not comfortable in Cancer, the sign associated with women, because it acts with violence while Cancer wishes to practice conflict resolution. Under this retrograde, men will become agitated and potentially lash out more as they feel uneasy with the growing tenacity of women.

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This is a time for all of us to acknowledge our unique balance of masculine and feminine qualities, and to set aside preconceived notions about gender roles. Discussions regarding reproduction, low birth rates, marriage, and male-female social dynamics will undoubtedly be in the news more than ever. They’re already a topic of much sociological research, so we can expect this to continue well into next year.

Mars will eventually retrograde into Leo in early 2025, at which point children, pleasure, work-life balance, and celebrity culture will be the bigger focus. More on this later. Let’s just get through 2024 first.

Happy New Year!

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