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Ranking Of The Zodiac Signs You Will Never Be Bored With

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To be honest, there are people with whom even if you are upset you do not stop smiling when you are by their side. Their spark is so full of energy that they surround you in their way of seeing life and the truth is that it is appreciated. They have the gift of making the hours go by like water in your hands and when you least think about it, the night has already caught them. His talks are very relaxed, without prejudice, his goal is to have fun and not get hooked on throwing a bad vibe at anyone. Let’s see, we all need a friend like that, with whom you can simply be you without fear of anything. This ranking of the signs that you will never get bored with:

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1.- Sagittarius  

If there is a friend that everyone would like, without a doubt, it is Sagittarius. He is one of the people who transmit calm to you from the first moment you meet him. It seems that it has something for you to release all the bad vibes that you have been carrying for years. Sagittarius, always goes against the clock, for him every second is important and he does not want to miss any crazy moment with the people he loves. He likes strong emotions and therefore invites you to break your fears. With this sign you will do all the crazy things that one day crossed your mind, it knows no limits in these cases. In addition, he finds joy in everything. He wants to travel, and discover new customs, smells, aromas, and flavors. Once you take his hand there will be nothing to stop him.

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2.- Aquarius 

Did someone say boredom? This does not exist in the life of an Aquarius. Please, it is a sign that does not stop, your mind is always wanting more. In addition, he likes to add a touch of freedom to everything, he knows no restrictions. As long as there is life there is an opportunity. Not to mention that he is one of the most intelligent signs of the zodiac, his conversations really take you to another level.

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 Aquarius, read, explore, travel, he likes to immerse himself in those worlds that others fear and that’s when it reminds you of your potential. His friendship is the one that inspires, the one that awakens your interest in knowledge. His words are full of culture, love, and passion. Many times you have no idea how healing it is to be around him. It is the type of bond that does not require you and accepts you as you are.

3.- Gemini 

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Party, fun, and people. Gemini is the sign that does not save anything, when it wants something it goes out to look for it. She is very independent and prefers to go everywhere with a smile. Life already has enough bitter drinks to still fill your days with a bad mood. The truth is that it encourages you to break the rules, not to fall into chaos, simply to test your desire to explore life. His energy is devastating, the doors are not closed for Geminis, and he finds conversation with everyone. Their plans are unexpected but one of those that leave you with the best experiences. Dating a Gemini is collecting a lot of beautiful moments that you will remember when you are older. His sarcasm is unique, and very subtle, he does not need to harm anyone to enjoy the moment, and that in the end is always appreciated.

4.- Pisces 

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At first glance, it may seem that Pisces is a very calm sign, but once you enter their world you realize how much you loved someone so funny and intelligent at the same time. Let’s say that Pisces is a hurricane of emotions, really spending time with him is synonymous with laughter. Best of all, he is very selective and that’s when you feel most comfortable because his circle is so closed that you dare to do all kinds of nonsense. In addition, his personality is unique, it awakens your creative side, and it makes you connect with everything that you ignored. For example, draw, sing, dance, and write a poem. Pisces has the gift of the spiritual, to heal you and open the doors to a new world, in which you are destined for success.

5.- Leo  

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Come on, no one here is going to tell lies, that Leo has a strong character is true. However, that does not mean that he goes through life with a bitter face, on the contrary, he has the gift of finding fun in his hardest moments. Leo does not lose himself, much less transmits a bad vibe. His way of enjoying himself is a bit wild, but he never gets boring, always with adrenaline rushing through each of his pores. His attitude is challenging, the one that is ready for anything and that is very comfortable when you are his friend because it raises your spirits when you walk on the ground. He likes the extreme, doing just what no one in their right mind would do. They really all have drastic but exciting stories with a Leo. Sorry, they are, they go for all or nothing.

6.- Aries 

Do you want to add an intense and fierce touch to your life? Well, friendship with Aries is your best option. They don’t even try to make jokes, they carry it in their genes, and they like to find the funny side in everything. Their humor can be so genuine that even in the worst moments they steal a smile from you. What Aries has is that he lets go of his worries, there comes a point where he does not allow stress and anxiety to decide for him. Aries, awaken your desire to enjoy life, let’s say that his foolish side helps him never give up and if we add to that that he is quite impulsive, things get much better. Do not get carried away by appearances, their character is strong, but within their lives a tender bunny willing to fill your day with happiness.

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7.- Taurus 

Interesting, smart, focused, what more do you want? Without a doubt, Taurus is one of those signs that have the gift of balancing your days, they fill you with smiles, charm, and the desire to show your outgoing side to the world without fear of anything. The emotion that is in his heart knows no limits and his sense of humor is very relaxed, he does not mess with anyone, he simply finds the fun in everyday life. It is clear that it is not the same with everyone, most people will only know their square part, because for them to feel confident they need a good time. Even many times he prefers to be alone than to surround himself with people who only approach him for convenience and to make more gossip. That does turn off the light of a Taurus. Nevertheless, when he lets you into his life it’s like a roller coaster, a heap of intense emotions. 

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8.- Virgo 

Yes, it is true, Virgo, you do not beat around the bush when it comes to meeting your goals. It is a sign that once you decide on something you are launched to success and are not willing to see failure on your way. Come on, it’s not that he can’t deal with the thought of losing, but he works hard to keep that from happening. However, his discipline has nothing to do with his sense of humor, he really is the one who transmits tranquility, he does not like chaos, and he has fun in a very clean way. It is the sign that sings, dances, and laughs, without getting into trouble with anyone. Your intelligence is much greater than putting yourself on the level of someone who is not worth it. Virgo knows that it is enough for him to decide something for him to fulfill and that is why he becomes the motivation for many.

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9.- Libra 

Well, Libra’s sense of humor is for few friends, and when I say few I mean those who can count on the fingers of one hand. It’s a sign that always has a lot on its mind, so in order to let your sense of humor flow you really need to trust the other person. Once he feels like he can get carried away, get ready because he usually makes strong jokes, it does not offend you, but it can make you uncomfortable. Let’s just say you don’t mince words, nor do you mind breaking the fine line between serious and fun. Sometimes, you end up laughing at things you never imagined, but at the same time, they have this healing effect, like it makes you laugh out loud where catharsis is inevitable and you feel relief in your soul.

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10.- Scorpio 

The fact that Scorpio is in the last place of the ranking does not mean that he does not have a sense of humor, it is just that it is difficult for him to break that barrier with anyone. Sometimes you are dealing with your own drama that you have a hard time clearing your mind. However, have you had a chat with Scorpio? It is really a seesaw, it makes you face all the emotions, even the ones you did not know. He has a gift for untangling the thread of gossip, really with Scorpio, a cup of coffee is not enough, because the conversation becomes so pleasant that you always want more. He is very direct, as a friend, he tells you things upfront and bluntly, which is appreciated because his advice is always the best.

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11.- Capricorn 

Yes, yes, we already know that Capricorn is a worker, that being conformist is not given to him and that he is here to do great things, not because of ego but because he likes the good and strives for it. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have time for a moment of relaxation. He also likes sarcasm, impromptu talks, and days when he just has nothing to do. His way of having fun leads you to disconnect from everything, put aside worries, and simply enjoy. Of course, his humor is not for everyone, he does not tolerate those who make fun of others, nor those who do not understand his level of intelligence. Sorry, if a Capricorn is sharp with you, it is because he does not find any way to connect.

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12.- Cancer

Last, on the list, it does not mean that being next to Cancer is synonymous with boredom, it is just that his way of having a good time goes beyond rapt moments. His way of having fun is valuing his loved ones, those times that fill your heart with joy but in a very loving way. Cancer invites you to have fun while protecting you and that gives you calm. You don’t feel the need to impress, it just reassures you that everything is fine. He is a very sweet being and only a few realize the kindness that is in his soul. You may seem like the shyest person at a party because you are analyzing who is worth it and who is not. Cancer does not wear out his words with people who do not bring him anything on a spiritual level. Your company is quite selective.

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