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You need a guy like that (based on your month of birth)

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Your month of birth offers a lot of insight into your personality, but what you may not know is that he can tell you a lot about the guy you should be looking for.

You are a complex being, and when it comes to finding the right guy, it can be an overwhelming task. You don’t want to waste your time with guys who just can’t meet your heart’s needs, but somehow they keep coming into your life and messing it up.

So instead of jumping head first into your next love, let your month of birth guide you in matters of the heart.

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You are tough at heart and your strong personality carries all your great attributes like a flag. You are the kind of woman that enters the room and people notice immediately.

Your presence exudes assertiveness and you don’t have to say or do much to be noticed. When it comes to the things you enjoy, you are very persistent, and your stubbornness is your ally because it helps you do whatever you do.

You are independent and ambitious, so you have to wait for the guy who will not feel intimidated by your independence. He must be grounded, committed, and patient with your unwavering tenacity .

He must be able to keep up with your ambitious heart and tough nature. You need a man who gives you the space to grow and develop as a person, but who loves you with the same intensity as you love him.

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You have an intellect with a special sense of humor, which is a very unique combination of properties that you can have under your belt. You are spirited, because you quickly rebellion against rules and norms and pretty much everything that doesn’t fit your unique shape.

As a profound thinker, you like to be with people who can stimulate your mind. That’s why you’re great when it comes to running big projects and bringing people together to challenge your thinking.

You are loyal and committed to the person you are with, as long as that person respects your limits and keeps up with your intellect. So you need a guy who is ready to take things as they come. A guy with whom you can have great conversations and who can make you laugh a lot.

You are adventurous and like to try different things to keep things fresh in your relationship, so you need a guy who is willing to be as adventurous and humorous as you are.

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You are a very intuitive person and have your heart on your tongue. You are honest, compassionate and extremely generous. You are the kind of woman who puts others first because that’s what your generous nature always wants.

You are the imaginative type and tend to fall more under the introverted and calm spectrum. Your heart craves harmony, so you are not the type to deal with drama, and you always do your best to avoid any kind of confrontation.

You are far from being an easy victim, you just handle your personal conflicts simply by talking calmly about things. Thanks to your communication skills, you have a good handling of your emotions. That is why you need a man who is confident and will not take advantage of your kind nature .

You need a guy who puts you first, just like you all put yourself in front of. The guy for you has to be level-headed and compassionate. And he has to get in touch with his emotions a lot and not be afraid to be vulnerable.

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You are a fiery soul who loves change and constantly craves adventure. You give nothing but 100% to everything your heart desires and you allow your passion to promote your actions.

You are emotional and intense and love to be in the spotlight and to benefit from the attention and affection of others. You have a theatrical heart, so love plays a big role in your life.

You are adventurous and long for a grounded guy who can give you peace and stability without taking the adventure away. So you should wait for the guy who falls in love with your intensity but doesn’t allow you to overrun him.

You need someone who will denounce you for your bullshit and who is confident enough to accept your unique spark. A guy who lives by giving you the attention you want to get. Wait for the guy who will envelop you with the love you have always longed for and who will never let you doubt whether he is the right one.

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You are highly motivated and focused, logical and systematic, so you hate coming across people’s irrational crap. Your thinking is mainly based on facts, you are the type who actually likes to waste time on the hypothetical.

You’re kind of difficult to impress, which doesn’t mean that you don’t appreciate people, you only have high standards. You are very experienced in your thinking and your logical nature makes you practical in most things.

You may seem tough and a bit bitchy, but that’s so far from who you are. You have a warm heart, you just don’t show it so quickly. You take the time to give up your trust and your heart.

Everything has to make sense so that you open yourself up and feel comfortable sharing your emotions. You have to wait for a guy who is extremely caring and also on the same intellectual level as you can be. Someone who can really tap into your warm heart but still allow you to be yourself and take your serious side.

You need a man who loves being with people as much as you do. He must support and encourage your methodical mind, because that is how you approach love and life.

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You are the sensitive and caring guy with a lot of determination running through your veins. You are the kind of woman who is very open with what’s going on in your head, so you tend to act first and talk later.

You are the shy and quiet speaking guy who doesn’t really show how active and creative his mind is. You are actually an emotional genius, which means that you know how to convey emotions without saying much.

It is interesting, however, that your heart needs to be with a guy who is vocal with his emotions and who is not afraid to be vulnerable . It’s almost like your perfect guy has to reflect the way your mind works.

He has to be intuitive and appreciate your creativity. Your mind lives in a very interesting world and you need a guy who is curious to discover everything about you that makes you so unique.

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You are the lighthearted, extrovert type. Always confident and happy, no matter what is going on in your life. However, you are a master at hiding your pain, so it’s really hard to tell when your heart hurts.

You don’t like to ask for help because in most cases you focus on making the people around you happy. You are extremely selfless and prefer to hide your true emotions in your heart.

You have to find a man whose sensitivity will penetrate your protected heart, someone who can only inspire you with a touch. You need a guy who is patient and unbiased .

People always seem to be moving in the direction of your personality, so the ideal type for you must also be perfectly fine if you get attention from others without feeling threatened.

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You are fearless to the core. You are not afraid to maintain your position and speak your mind. You are also a bit thoughtful because you are a critical person who evaluates every possible scenario in every situation.

You are assertive and always find brilliant solutions to your problems. You are just great at taking responsibility and getting everyone to follow you. You are brave, so you may not always show your sensitive side. You can be extremely selfish or sometimes extremely generous.

You feel safest when you take command, so you need a man who appreciates it, but who also shows you that it’s okay to sit in the passenger seat and still be independent.

The kind of guy you need is someone who can bring you joy and unconditional love without feeling restrained. Someone who is not afraid of being led in the relationship, but who will not allow you to bully him.

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You have high expectations of yourself, so you tend to be a little perfectionistic. However, you are also friendly and do not allow your perfectionism to stand in the way of seeing the best in people.

You are curious, so you keep trying to learn new things. You are also very ambitious and want to move forward, so you are always looking for ways to improve in every aspect of your life.

The kind of guy your heart needs is someone who also has high expectations of themselves and doesn’t settle for less . You need a man who can impress your mind and evoke admiration. Your guy must be able to accept your clever and curious heart with his whole being.

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You are level-headed, sensitive, highly intelligent and fair. You have a lot of love to give, but you are not the type who is open like a book. In most cases you are reserved but extremely attentive. Nothing happens without you noticing. You have a very positive outlook on life, so you have a balanced lifestyle.

Despite your independence, you always have space in your life to welcome people to your life. You are the type of person who sees friends as family members. You are committed and loyal and are looking for stability in your life.

You need a man who appreciates your commitment and feels comfortable promoting your stability. It should be loving and humorous , two warm qualities that fit your kind heart perfectly.

He must be patient and understand that it will take time and effort for the walls around your heart to fall, and he should have absolutely no problem giving you all the time you need.

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You are reactive and fearless in your access to life. You don’t live by anyone’s rules, so you are stubborn and protect your independence at all costs.

You are puzzling and adventurous and take life one day at a time because you enjoy every moment and want to experience everything to the max.

You are spontaneous and cheeky and love to live life on the border. So you should be waiting for a guy who is able to find the adrenaline rush you need in your heart all the time to live a happy life.

You need a man who is brave and can keep you going , but at the same time he has to have a sensitive side so that he can love you with the same passion that you have for life.

This guy needs to understand every ounce of you and inspire every creative impulse you have, because only a guy who can allow you to fly freely will really win your heart and make you happy.

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You are a super lively, fun and entertaining person. Sitting still is not your thing, so you always do something. You pay attention to the things you do, you just don’t do anything to keep yourself busy – you do things because they really interest you.

You are generous and playful and just full of light. You may seem distracted somehow, but you are not quite so. You tend to think about a million things at a time. You have a strong heart and are naturally friendly.

You need a guy in your life who absolutely adores the stupid side of you. Someone who appreciates your positive attitude and bright personality. You should wait for the guy who has a great sense of humor and can enjoy your playful personality to the fullest.

The right guy for you is the one who can go from a serious conversation to a joke in no time.

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