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10 Ways To Breakup With Someone in a better way

The end of a relationship hurts an individual no matter how your relationship was, no matter how toxic it was if it breaks in one way or the other it hurts you. Though you may try your best not to hurt the other person but it ends up hurting you both. And sometimes it even depends on what note you are having your breakup, what is the reason and what will be the consequences. There are many ways to give break up, there are ways to end your relationship without a goodbye note but what is the use, what is the use of ending your relationship in this way. It is just fine to take a break or end a relationship that is not working but it should end on a good note no matter what are the differences you both may have in between. how to break up with someone in a better way?

1. Don’t waste time to end it up, once you realize it won’t work:

The more time you give to a relationship that you know that won’t work will create more hassle. Don’t waste time on it and better end it up and spend time on overcoming on it rather than wasting in holding it.

2. Be clear and put your points properly about the reason for your breakup:

Don’t keep the other person in illusion, give proper reason for your breakup don’t let that person feel that you are leaving them without a proper reason, be very clear about each point. It is one of the best ways to break up with someone you love.

3. Take up your responsibility for your decision:

Don’t run away from your responsibility if you have taken the decision to break up take up the responsibility.

4. Don’t break up in public:

You don’t know what will be the consequences after your relationship ends. So don’t end up in front of the people it may create some moments that you both may not want to let the world know about it.

5. Give time to the other person to speak without defending yourself:

Let the other person keep their points properly, don’t interrupt them in between or don’t go on explaining your point without listening to them. There should be a chance given to both of you to keep your points.

6. Appreciate them and thank them for their time:

It is known that neither of your moods will be okay at that point of time but all you have to do is to end it on a good note. Thank them for the journey but it again depends as what kind of journey they have given and where and how it is ending. But assuming that things were not bad you can at least thank them for their time, support, love till then. This is one of the best ways to breakup with someone.

7. Don’t give false hope:

There should be clear cut decision and no giving of false hope to each other because it will again create mess. Everything should be sorted out and things should be clear. No vague promises to each other.

8. It should be a clean breakup:

There should not be any drama in such an extent which makes you both feel very bad about each other. The break up should be clean with proper explanation.

9. Be honest about what you feel:

Don’t hide your feelings coming at the end of your relationship. You should be honest but not brutally honest that may hurt someone. You should be honest about your feelings and should be clear about it.

10. Break up should take place in person:

Don’t end your break up in a text or call because you don’t know how it may affect the other person, you should end it up in person so you can both give and get a clear picture of why and what. Breaking up in person is the best way to break up with someone because it will help both of you to handle the situation appropriately.

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