Zodiac Signs

Zodiacs Ranked From Most To Least Spontaneous


A Sagittarius will wake up in the morning, book a plane ticket from their phone, and head straight to the airport (if their bank account will allow it). They love following a feeling to its natural conclusion. The immediacy is thrilling to them.


Geminis are the dark horses of spontaneity because they lead such rigidly structured lives. However, when they let loose, they go all the way. Vacation Geminis have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Leos are so popular that it’s impossible for them to plan anything ahead. They always need to be in attendance at the best event possible, and that often includes last-minute invites. They weigh all their options and make a decision in the final hour.


Aries loves a good Trojan Horse and will do anything to achieve the element of surprise. They often wait for the opportune moment to strike while the iron is hot. They’re always ready to spring into action.


Aquariuses are always ready for a flash mob proposal or a last-minute protest. They mobilize when called for and can always be counted on to bring water and snacks.


Libras are hit or miss. It depends on who is asking the questions. For their besties and their immediate family, drop-ins are always welcome. For anyone else, plans need to be made in advance. They require alone time in between events.


Tauruses are too lavish to be spontaneous. The restaurants they eat at require reservations. The trips they take are booked a year in advance. Anything that is truly in demand requires adequate advance notice.


Cancer doesn’t leave home without a first aid kit and a flashlight. They are the soccer moms of the zodiac and aren’t ashamed of it. They have a color-coded calendar to keep all of their obligations straight.


Pisces like to anticipate everything before committing to plans — from what they’re going to wear to how they are going to feel. They need to be in control.


Capricorns are 9 to 5-ers. They get up at the same time, do the same things in the same order, and enjoy routine. They like knowing where they need to be. It gives them purpose.


Virgos may hurt you if you interrupt their scheduled naps. They’ve been “too old for this” since they took their first breath as a newborn, and they will never let you forget it. Don’t mess with their schedule. They need to take their vitamins and be in bed before sunset.


A Scorpio is a chess grandmaster. They are always twenty moves ahead of you. They’ve been planning your downfall for years, yet you have yet to realize they’re not your biggest fan. They serve the coldest revenge on the block, and you’ll eat every last bite of it, then pay the bill.

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