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Zodiacs Ranked From Least Manipulative To Master Manipulators

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Gaslighting is a manipulation tactic where you distort someone’s reality and perception. You question their experiences and invalidate their emotions. Here are the Zodiacs ranked from least likely to be manipulative to conniving and calculating gaslighters.


You’re all about fairness and try to see the two sides of every situation. You would rather gaslight yourself by pretending someone else’s actions are excusable than gaslight someone else into believing their perception and experiences aren’t real.

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You may be stubborn, but you’re not going to shy away from the truth or accountability, especially if there’s too much at stake. You’ll stick to your perspective but you’re not above apologizing if you’re called out, especially if you’re invested in the relationship.

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You’re more than capable of holding your own in crazymaking conversations using facts and fierce actions that prove your perspective right without needing to resort to petty manipulation – so you’re more likely to be the victim of gaslighting than the perpetrator.

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Sagittarius is the person who gaslights the gaslighter. You’re little red riding hood if she fought back and defeated the wolf. You would likely never set out to manipulate anyone innocent, but you might gaslight occasionally if you have a powerful reason for doing so – like a manipulator gaslighting you first to drive you crazy. You figure, if they already think you’re crazy, why not act like it? You’re not one to be messed with, Sagittarius. You have fun getting revenge on gaslighters and giving them a taste of their own medicine.

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You’re a truthful sign who uses brutal honesty to establish your dominance. You don’t feel the need to gaslight anyone, but much like the Sagittarius, you’re capable of cutting down predators who try to gaslight you by driving them crazy instead. Reverse uno, baby. Before they’re even done minimizing your thoughts and feelings, you’ve already cornered them into confessing their sins. Being connected to both your light and dark and shadow self has its perks!

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You don’t set out to gaslight people but it may accidentally happen because you’re such a larger than life person with strong opinions and a need to perform for others. You try to get your points across in exaggerated and boastful ways that may not actually be fully truthful.

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You’re extremely skilled in the art of gaslighting when it comes to pity ploys. A healthy Pisces may not resort to such tactics but a toxic Pisces can use their sensitivity and victimhood to try to gain sympathy. It’s important not to weaponize your emotions to take advantage of others.

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Ah, the gaslighting king or queen. Cancer, you’re practically gifted when it comes to manipulating others especially when you’re only showing your soft-hearted side to fool others. You are well-versed in plausible deniability and will deny ever “intending” to harm anyone even though you know exactly what you did.

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You’re more than willing to gaslight if it means getting ahead or winning an argument even if it means throwing innocent people under the bus. You don’t see it as gaslighting, though. You just see it as “achieving your goals.”

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True to your duplicity, you are a skilled gaslighter and chameleon when push comes to shove and you need to get away from an uncomfortable conversation that’s holding you accountable. Thankfully, you often don’t need to resort to these tactics because people already suspect you might be unreliable so they rarely even confront you in the first place.

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A healthy Capricorn isn’t as manipulative but a toxic Capricorn loves to gaslight people about the way they’ve treated you and the way you’ve treated them. You’ll project all your actions and shortcomings onto other people and paint yourself as the warm-hearted and giving person who was “victimized” by the people who in reality supported you. Tsk, tsk Capricorn. It’s time to own up to what you did and be more appreciative.

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And ladies and gentlemen, here we have the biggest gaslighter of them all. Aquarius, you’re so prone to gaslighting that you even gaslight yourself into believing you’re just a sweet and innocent lamb who had no idea what they were doing. You’re so misunderstood. Perhaps that’s true for a healthy Aquarius who takes responsibility, but for an Aquarius in a toxic state? Be serious and BFFR, Aquarius. You’re a master of weaponizing silent treatments, stonewalling, and the cold shoulder. You deflect the accusations of others by trying to paint them as the big bad wolf. You know exactly what you’re doing.

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