Zodiac Signs

Zodiacs Ranked By How Well They Are In Touch With Their Feelings

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1. Aquarius

This sign is so in touch with their feelings that they end up torturing themselves. They will find a sad song they relate to and play it over and over again on repeat, even though it’s making them dwell on their problems and causing them to get even more upset. They are also the kind of person who will scroll through their ex’s social media and reread old texts from them, even though it’s only going to bring additional pain

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2. Libra

Libras are comfortable talking about their feelings. They don’t want to end up in a one-sided relationship, which is why they will want to know how you feel about them from the start. The last thing they want is to end up in a toxic relationship. They would rather be upfront with you so that you know where they stand and can tell them if you agree or are on a totally different page.

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3. Taurus

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This sign is in touch with their feelings and is unafraid of showing those feelings. If they are excited to talk to you, they will send a double text. If they are mad at you, they will tell you why. If a Taurus likes you, you will know right away—and if they can’t stand you, you will know just as quickly. They wear their heart on their sleeve.

4. Sagittarius

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This sign is blunt. If they want to kiss you, they will tell you. If they want you to fuck off, they will tell you. They never hide their true feelings, because life is too short to play pretend. They are authentic, even when it hurts someone else and even when it hurts themselves. They value honesty above all else.

5. Cancer

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Cancers can be shy, so they won’t always admit their feelings to the people around them, but they always know how they feel inside. Once they get attached to someone, their feelings grow quickly and are impossible for them to ignore. When they like someone, that person is all they can think about. They have trouble concentrating on anything else.

6. Pisces

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Pisces are too nice. They want to be friends with everyone and want to be liked by everyone. So even when they get annoyed with a close friend or a partner they have a long history with, they will push their rage away and act like everything is fine. They will even trick themselves into believing they are fine.

7. Virgo

Virgos want everything in their life to be in order. Their clothes. Their notebooks. Their cereals. They freak out when things turn chaotic, which is why they want to stay away from relationships. Love is too messy. They avoid it at all costs, which means that they will act like someone means nothing to them—even when that person secretly means everything.

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8. Leo

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Leos are stubborn. Sometimes, they will act like they can’t stand the person they are crushing on instead of admitting that they have strong feelings for them. Like Virgos, they want to be in control of everything, so when they develop feelings for someone when that wasn’t part of the plan, they pretend to care less than they actually do. They lie to themselves to make life easier.

9. Gemini

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This sign struggles to figure out how they truly feel. Some days, they are dying to date. Some days, they would rather be alone. Some days, they want to sleep with a certain person. Some days, they are annoyed by that same person. They aren’t sure which is the truth. Their opinion changes depending on their mood, so it’s hard to tell how they really feel.

10. Aries

This sign likes to keep busy for a reason. They will fill their schedule with exciting activities so that they never have a moment alone with their thoughts. They would rather distract themselves than ask themselves whether they are really happy. When they have too much time on their hands, they are forced to deal with the feelings they’ve been trying to run away from. Feelings they would rather not feel.

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11. Scorpio

Most Scorpios have been through a lot of pain. They don’t know if they can take anymore. So instead of dealing with their emotions, this sign will go out and get drunk or high or party with friends. Their honest feelings don’t come out unless they are tipsy and texting you—or unless they trust you so much that they actually take a rare risk and let you into their heart.

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12. Capricorn

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Instead of dealing with their feelings, they pretend that they are emotionless. Numb. Robotic. They will focus all of their energy on their work, hobbies, and passions in order to avoid thinking about other people. To them, emotions are illogical, emotions can ruin a perfectly good life. So they would rather pretend that they don’t have a heart than follow what it is telling them.

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