Zodiac Signs

Zodiacs Ranked By How Picky/Choosy They Are

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1. Leo

Leos are always being accused of being too picky. They want someone who has it all — money, looks, and personality. They aren’t willing to settle for someone who only has two out of three things. They are holding out for a perfect person who might not actually exist.

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2. Gemini

This sign sees small things as deal breakers. They will leave someone behind as soon as they get the first glimpse of a red flag. They value their time too much to waste it with the wrong person. But sometimes, they accidentally walk away from something great, because they don’t give anyone a real chance.

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3. Libra

Libras have long checklists. It has nothing to do with hair color or eye color, but they need someone who can make them laugh. Someone who can cook. Someone who is passionate. Someone who is tidy. Someone who cares about his family. Someone who cares about his job. Libras have a very specific type.

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4. Capricorn

Capricorns are independent. They can take care of themselves, so they don’t mind being single. That means they aren’t going to date you unless they believe you are a good fit for them. Even if they really like you but can tell you are trouble, they will keep their distance from you. They keep their standards high. No matter what.

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5. Virgo

Virgos will only put up with poor treatment for so long. They might chase after someone who isn’t interested in them for a little while. But after realizing that they’re the second choice, that they’re the only one putting in effort, they will leave. They will remember how much they’re worth and walk away. And they will never look back.

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6. Aquarius

Their friends are always reminding them that they shouldn’t go back to their ex, because they deserve more. Because they are better off without him. They have a hard time remembering what they are worth, but their friends always snap them back to reality.

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7. Aries

If you ask an Aries, they will say that they have ridiculously high standards. But in reality, they commonly end up falling for people who are beneath them. People who make them feel alert and alive — but who aren’t as successful or as respectful or as nice as they deserve.

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8. Sagittarius

They have high standards when it comes to looks. But that’s really their only requirement. They can get blinded by beauty. If someone has a pretty face and a nice body, but treats them like crap, they will deal with it. That’s why they end up in so many toxic relationships.

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9. Pisces

This sign is too nice. Too forgiving. They let the people they have feelings for get away with murder. They want to be liked, so they try not to complain when someone cancels plans or takes too long to text back. It takes a lot for them to say this is enough, I deserve better than this.

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10. Scorpio

Scorpios are too hard on themselves. They don’t see the beauty within themselves, which is why they settle for less than they deserve. They don’t think they could do any better. They sell themselves short. They treat themselves like crap — and they allow others to do the same.

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11. Cancers

If a Cancer falls in love with you, it doesn’t matter how you treat them. You could disappoint them. You could make them cry. And they will keep giving you second chances. They love unconditionally. They don’t realize how low their standards are, because they think they’re just being a good partner.

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12. Taurus

This sign has a self-destructive habit of falling for the wrong people. They will keep texting you, even though you never answer their messages. They will keep inviting you over, even though they know you’re only using them. They will keep pursuing you, even though you treat them like crap. They will keep hoping that you will have a change of heart.

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