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Zodiacs As Boyfriends, Ranked From Best To Most Toxic

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The best boyfriend of the zodiac is Scorpio (yes, Scorpio!). Don’t let this sign’s bad rep and notoriety scare or fool you. Scorp is the best boyfriend you could have. It’s not easy snagging the heart of one, but when you do they make the most loyal and dedicated of boyfriends. This man will be utterly ruthless in his pursuit of keeping you happy. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for you. He’ll always make you feel safe and protected, as well as respect your need for space. You’ll always know where you stand with him and he’ll show you through generosity and affection. He has a depth that will stimulate you and uncover a whole universe beneath the one you’re living in. As a boyfriend, he’ll work hard to get to your core and uncover everything there is to know about you. With his charm, you won’t be able to help but let him in. He’s transparent, and maybe even brutally honest at times, but he’ll always soften the blow. Sex is just as important to him as trust in a relationship, and he definitely knows how to make that aspect out of this world for both of you. He won’t let you leave bed until after some aftercare, though…

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The second place goes to the adaptable, energetic cardinal sign of Cancer. Although he’s water, he’s got it all—the charisma and dominance of a fire sign, the sensitivity of a water sign, the practicality of an earth sign, and the ability to communicate like an air sign. He’s deeply in touch with his emotions and zero percent of him is afraid to express them. As a boyfriend, he’ll always wear his heart on his sleeve. He’s got an innate ability to read people and can intuit your thoughts and desires. One of the most beautiful things about him is that he’ll do everything in his power to meet your emotional needs without you having to express them. His love is unconditional and sets the standards for romance. He’ll spoil you with affection, cook for you, and plan regular dates. The most annoying thing about him is that he tends to think with his heart and not his head. Because home is so important to him, he’ll prioritize you before making big decisions. Be careful, though. Some young Cancers and unevolved Cancers can be manipulative and know how to turn things around to their advantage. If he hasn’t introduced you to his family and inner circle, he’s not serious about you.

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This man lives for love! He’s a hopeless romantic who dreams of finding his soulmate. Once he falls for you, he will go above and beyond to make you feel special and loved. Leo is an extremely generous soul who actually feels more comfortable giving than receiving. For him, your happiness is his happiness. He will always remind you how beautiful and wonderful you are. When you’re down, he’ll turn it around with his sunny disposition. He’s big on surprises and will shower you with affection and gifts each holiday and for no specific reason. He just wants to see you smile—it lights up his world. His spontaneity and creativity guarantee the relationship won’t become stagnant. He wants to make life a fun adventure with you. In fact, he’ll show you off on his arm every chance he gets. A date night with him makes you feel like a movie star. He can’t help but demonstrate how proud he is to have you as the most important person in his life. This man is a passionate and ferocious lover, but also one who wants to be your best friend. You can trust he’ll be there for you and keep your secrets.

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Gemini’s ranking as the #4 boyfriend of the zodiac may come as a surprise, but he’s indeed a truly wonderful lover…if he’s serious about you. This sign is the epitome of a chivalrous gentleman. He’s utterly polite and will always show you grand respect. If he says “I love you,” he truly means it and does so because he envisions you as his forever partner. He doesn’t throw these words around to just anyone—you will always know where you stand with him. He’s a reliable boyfriend—one you won’t regret placing your faith and trust in. This man doesn’t want to ever disappoint you, so he’ll try his best to always keep the promises he makes. He’s a great listener and communicator, with a great capacity for putting himself in your shoes and opening himself up to different points of view. He’ll be your biggest supporter—one who will remind you that you can accomplish each of your dreams. He might be flirty with anyone and everything, but it’s not with ill intent, it’s just his personality. His occasional flightiness and indecisiveness might be just as annoying as his horde of fans. But other than that, know that life will always be fun with him and you can count on him.

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Don’t be fooled by the misconceptions surrounding tranquil Pisces. Although this man is (ultra) sensitive and ruled by his emotions, he’s not weak. Pisces is misunderstood as having the emotional strength of a dandelion, but he’s just pensive and is someone who has had his fair deal of heartbreak. Unfortunately, that old baggage and toxicity can be brought into a new relationship. However, with the right person—one who understands him—Pisces can leave history in the dust and be a great partner. He can come into his own and learn from his past mistakes in judgment. This gentle soul has a vibrant nature simmering just below the surface and it comes to life when he’s in love. Pisces wants to make a commitment to lifelong love—the good kind. It’s his ultimate dream to build a life with a lover, best friend, and equal. He’ll do everything in his power to make you feel worshiped and prove just how dedicated he is to you. Making your way into his heart is like finding a home—one you always feel comfortable in. He feels deeply. Someone unafraid of diving into deep waters is his ideal match.

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Naturally, the Libra boyfriend ranks right in the middle. Depending on his level of maturity and where he is in life, he can either be the greatest or most horrible boyfriend. Unevolved Libras can be indecisive f-boys who will string you along or shady partners who can rationalize anything away…including infidelity. That type will have zero regrets and guilt about cheating. The good kind of Libra makes one of the best long-term partners of the zodiac. When they meet their ideal partner, they’re ready to settle and be committed to that person. He’s a keeper with a good sense of humor, who will always put a smile on your face. You can count on him to be there for you unconditionally. He’s sincere and pure in his intentions and always mindful of your feelings. It can be a little annoying, however, the way he goes out of his way to avoid confrontation, but it’s definitely something this boyfriend is capable of working on. The good thing is that this harmonious sign has the ability to see both sides of every argument. His worst quality might be that although he has great emotional depth, he can struggle to manage his feelings.

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If you’ve made it past the DTR point with him, congratulations because this man sure does take his time getting there. If you haven’t, it’s going to be a long while of you feeling winded and confused about where you stand with him. He expects consistency from you, all while giving you nothing but inconsistency before he makes up his mind about you. In a relationship, stubborn Taurus struggles with compromise. Having Taurus as a boyfriend can be frustrating and irritating because he rarely will meet you halfway. He despises feeling “inconvenienced.” For the Bull, it’s typically his way or the highway. As a boyfriend, he expects you to do all the adapting—the adjusting to his lifestyle and routine. Expect to do most of the emotional heavy lifting and all of the sacrificing in the partnership. He’s too focused on himself and his career and will prioritize his own needs over the relationship. Taurus will sometimes think of you as a possession, wanting what he wants when he wants it. He’s resistant to change, which can turn the relationship stagnant and boring. He’s prone to getting lazy with the effort to keep the spark alive. His redeeming quality is his loyalty and devotion. Ultimately, he can make an excellent long-term partner, but the road to getting there can be arduous.

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Oh, Aries! This man is arrogant, domineering, aggressive, and short-tempered. He needs to be in control. In fact, he thrives on power, and he wants all of it in the relationship. He’s presumptuous and will unabashedly try to boss you around. His tactics can be too harsh during compromises. When you ask to have certain of your emotional needs met, he can view it as you trying to control him. This man can quickly lose his charm and become moody. This is because he has the tendency to think with his ego—something that is easily bruised. When he’s unhappy with his work life or failing to meet certain goals, there’s nothing that can make him happy—not even your relationship. He’ll make you work for his time and attention, love bombing you one moment, and then pulling away in an instant. He expects you to be easygoing but also craves a good chase. This man will have your head spinning in directions you didn’t know existed. He’s never guilty, always convinced of his innocence, and reshapes events to benefit his take. Although he’s not the most faithful of the signs, once he has decided he wants someone in his future, he’ll be extremely loyal. There is a sweet side hiding underneath this man, it just isn’t easy to find.

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Sag is either the biggest player or the most devoted boyfriend. He takes a long time to make the decision to commit. His indecisiveness makes it painful to move through all the different stages of a relationship. Sagittarius struggles with being in relationships because he can equate them with being caged, and there’s nothing he hates more than feeling tied down. This man has independence confused with freedom and can make for an unreliable and inconsistent boyfriend. He craves experience and adventure, but won’t always be willing to take you along for the ride. When you ask to have certain emotional needs met, such as quality time, he’ll accuse you of being clingy, and even go as far as calling you manipulative. In fact, he prefers doing the opposite of what he’s told. He’s authoritative and must remain in control. He has a hard time seeing your side and will label you as combative when expressing a view differing from his own. Yes, he’s brutally honest, but tactless when being so. If his feelings are sincere and deep, he’ll show you through words and actions. He can be sweet and affectionate, but it might just take the love of his life. Generally, an endless supply of patience is needed to date a Sag man.

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Yes, Cap is hard-working and reliable—someone extremely responsible and destined to go to high places. However, this man is infuriatingly condescending, bossy, and controlling. He tries to parent you, telling you what you need to do and how to do it, wholeheartedly and mistakenly believing that he knows better than you. This man might be more stubborn than Taurus, finding it difficult to ever change his mind. He places incredibly high expectations on his partners and puts a lot of pressure on having those expectations met. Sometimes, he can be manipulative and plant the seed of an idea in your head to see where you go with it. His arrogance is exhausting. He always needs to be the most clever person in the room—certainly, the one who is right. In the relationship, he’ll want to make every decision, and won’t consult you when making big, independent ones that may also affect you. Although he has a sharp tongue, he will always apologize for it, but sometimes it’s too little too late. You have to dig deep to get to his heart, but it’s there. A relationship with this man can be a thing to be endured.

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The second to last boyfriend of the zodiac is none other than rebel Aquarius. May all the forces be with you dating this incredibly frustrating and confusing man. He’s not one who easily romantically connects and he takes his sweet time opening up. Even after the relationship has progressed, you feel like you don’t really know him or what goes on through his head. Aquarius picks and chooses what to show other people. He struggles with being in tune with others and picking up on your signals. Expect to make all the first moves and decisions in the partnership. When he takes any kind of initiative, it’s only to be selfish and uncompromising. He doesn’t have a set rule of conduct, even in relationships. Aquarius needs space more than what is considered to be normal and healthy. He can get emotionally distant and moody, claiming not to be cold, all the while making you feel iced out. He’s outgoing and bubbly one minute and reserved the next. One moment he makes you feel special and like he’s super into you, only to later ignore you for days. When he’s feeling insecure, he pulls away instead of talking to you about it. He will always make you feel like he’s keeping secrets from you.

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RUN! He’s guarded, emotionally detached, and chooses when to empathize. The first mansplainer to roam this earth must have been born under this sign. Virgo is a nitpicky and hardheaded boyfriend who thinks he’s always right. This man doesn’t know how to own up to his mistakes. In fact, he’d prefer to argue and put you down instead of apologizing. Just to win one over you, he’ll weaponize all the things you’ve trusted him with—your fears, struggles, secrets, and past—and use them against you. In his mind, you’re either with or against him. He struggles with controlling his temper and with paranoia. As a lover, he’s jealous, controlling, and possessive. He’ll try to micromanage every aspect of your life, acting as if he knows better than you do. He can get mean and offensive when you try to stand up for yourself or try to escape the bubble he keeps suffocating you in. Virgo will bottle up his emotions for so long that when he finally releases them, it’s actually terrifying.

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