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This Is Why Each Zodiac Struggles With Self-Love

Whether you like to admit it or not, we all reach a point in our life when we lead some inner battles. A point in our life when we doubt our self-worth and when we wonder if we are enough.

Whether you like to admit it or not, we all reach a point in our life when we struggle to love ourself more and here is why you do it, according to your zodiac.


Everyone around you assumes that your self-confidence is always high but the truth is that you also have some self-doubts. Your biggest problem is that you enjoy competition and even though this is something that usually pushes you forward and to be better, sometimes it also causes you to compare yourself to others.


This is a zodiac sign which aspires to perfection. As soon as something falls out of order, a Taurus questions themselves, wondering if it is their fault.

If you belong to this zodiac, remember that you can’t have control over everything and everyone around you. Even if things sometimes don’t go as you planned, it doesn’t mean that you should love yourself any less and it definitely doesn’t make you a failure.


If you are a Gemini, you like to be a know-it-all. Yes, Geminis appear to be one of the most spontaneous zodiacs but the truth is that most of your self-esteem relies on your intellectual abilities.

The moment you feel someone is smarter and on a higher intellectual level than you, you feel threatened. Whenever you don’t know literally everything about a certain subject, your self-esteem and self-love are shook.


Cancer is one of the most sensitive zodiac signs and their self-love usually depends on the love other people feel for them. Cancers can’t love themselves until they are certain that the people they deeply care about love them back.

If this is happening to you, remember that you need to love and respect yourself before expecting love and appreciation from others. Remember that your worth is not and never should be determined by the way someone else sees you or treats you.


Leo is considered to be one of the zodiacs who love themselves the most. They are usually self-centered and appear to be full of self-esteem and are sometimes even considered to be one of the most narcissistic zodiacs.

But the truth is usually quite different because Leos are also desperate to get approval from others. They like to be admired and worshipped and if they are not, it can have a negative impact on their self-perception.


Virgos have high standards about everything in their life. And even though this can be a great thing because it prevents them from settling for less, it also gives them unnecessary headaches.

When something doesn’t turn out perfect or the way a Virgo imagined it to be, there is a voice in the back of their head, telling them that they are not the best possible version of themselves. A voice telling them that they should have done more and a voice telling them that they are not enough.

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