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Who has never given bad advice? With these signs, it doesn’t just happen sometimes… These signs are the worst advisers!

Nobody wins alone in life. Even the most determined and focused people need people by their side to help them gain motivation and strength when things are going less well.

The right word, at the right time, can really make all the difference between success and failure.

However, not everyone has the gift of speech, nor do they know how to give the best advice. The Zodiac shows that there are signs that don’t even know how to give suggestions or recommendations and, therefore, should not be listened to. Find out who the worst Zodiac advisers are.

Don’t listen to them! These signs are the worst advisers


Natives of the sign of Sagittarius are very changeable and their opinions convey just that. Oftentimes, they do not have formed opinions on the subject and convey this in their opinions. In fact, he doesn’t have an opinion about everything, as they like to know the pros and cons of everything.

If the subject is romantic relationships, then the situation is even worse, as Sagittarius natives do not have a very stable personal life. Therefore, they are not the right natives to give love advice.


The natives of the sign of Aquarius can deal very well with their personal problems. However, they are not very good listeners to others and their sentimentality. They tend to be very practical and give objective advice without regard for the other person’s sensitivity and deepest needs.


The natives of the sign of Pisces have very strong convictions of their own and have some difficulty putting themselves in the other person’s shoes and thus giving advice that is adequate to the other person’s needs. The natives of this sign are very emotional and therefore it is not easy for them to advise someone in a cold and impartial way.


Gemini/Gemini people are very intense and impulsive. They get carried away by stress and anger. Therefore, their advice is not always the most sensible. They can encourage others to commit real nonsense, meaningless.

They live the problems of others very intensely and this makes them not able to be sufficiently cold and rational when giving advice.


Aries/Aries natives simply do not have the patience for certain types of situations or impasses. For this reason, they try to resolve everything very quickly and this advice they end up giving to others.

They don’t think twice before giving some advice. They are really willing and try to help others anyway. However, their recommendations are not always the most appropriate.

The impulsive side of the Aries/Aries natives make this a sign that does not sow peace or wisdom, but that can “push” others to sudden and little thought decisions, which is neither beneficial nor recommendable.

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