Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs Who Hurt Without Knowing It

Today’s signs are people who hurt without knowing it. They are unable to live things carefreely and are often unaware of their actions.

These people have a very strong character and always want to impose themselves on others, without striking a blow. Sometimes it is good to contradict them to bring them back to earth, which they cannot bring down.

Sometimes it’s as if they were caught up in a thousand different emotions, they can’t find the balance in the things they do, and they can’t find the dialogue that they are looking for. But it’s good to deal with them because, in one way or another, they know how to find the emotion they carry inside without anything more to say.

The unwitting signs of hurting others, well, that’s them. Let’s start our roundup right away.


The bull is cold and rational. He always manages to find a foothold in everything he does, whether it’s with others or with himself, he always knows how to give himself some sort of explanation. For this reason, he always manages to say something about himself, even when it would be appropriate to calm down and let it go.

Sometimes he feels an absurd pleasure in turning his finger in the sore in the wounds of the people in front of him, it’s as if he were subjecting everyone to a sort of stress test that is difficult, very difficult, to decipher. We’re dealing with a sign that can’t keep its cool and its tongue. And it’s best not to piss him off, because sooner or later he may address us negatively. But let’s go ahead.


Even the scorpion knows how to hurt others unconsciously. There are moments when he manages to find the square, personal, in the things he does. But the truth is that, unlike the bull, it is as if he is always ready to find his aspiration, he does not know how to put things right in a private way, and he clings to problems that do not exist.

Dealing with him is a tragedy, especially if he is not disposed toward us in the best possible way. He should learn to make better use of the potential of diplomacy, also because there are very difficult wounds to heal. And for this, he should learn to manage everything in the best possible way to prevent everything from ending strangely and irrationally. That’s why dealing with him is very important, but it’s also important to understand him.

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