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Zodiac Signs Who Don’t Like to Flirt

Flirting belongs to the initial phase of courtship, but it’s not always easy to practice. And there are signs that they are masters and many others who are unable to make art out of it.

But lo and behold, today we’re going to cover the second category of people, the ones who just can’t flirt, and who let things run more than naturally. But well, sometimes, things don’t flow in a disruptive and more than natural way, rather, they need a boost.

Yet, they don’t care, they just can’t make things better as they would like, as maybe they wish. They are signs perhaps a little closed, a little shy, a little out of place in the initial courtship phase, perhaps they rely on virtuality and little else, they wait for the other to play the trump card that leads to the formation of a relationship, so to speak.

The signs that don’t know how to woo in the first instance are them. But let’s go ahead and try to clarify in our way.


Taurus can’t flirt, and that’s a fact. He limits himself to sending messages, so to speak so that everything can flow in the most natural way possible, without even realizing how things can evolve. He is about a person who often lets everything fall into the strangest and perhaps most pointless way possible. But well, it’s his tactic, his strategy, and nobody can derail him from this direction. If you know him, you know him very well.


There are no different words to describe the behavior of a sign like Sagittarius, which is the most intellectual and artistic, so to speak, of the whole zodiac. He usually tends to let things go their way, for better or for worse and is willing to lose the prey he’s courting if it doesn’t take the input he’s sending. As an ancient proverb would say: when a pope dies, another is made. But let’s go to the next one on the list.


This is another sign that cannot fail to be part of the list for the day. We are dealing with a sign that can keep things going almost only by inertia, we are talking about a person who always knows what to do and above all how. But flirting, in an evident way, almost charged and banal, is not part of his ropes, despite being a very determined sign.

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