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Have you ever met one of the zodiac signs that seem shy? When it happens to you, surely, you realize it: that’s who I am!

There are people who, in life, pride themselves on appearing shy, awkward, and absolutely quiet and silent.
Some of them, in fact, is just like that; others, on the other hand,  just seem shy. In reality, they are not at all!
Today we decided to ask the stars and planets who are born under the zodiac signs that seem absolutely quiet while, in reality, they are truly unmanageable.
Are you among them too?

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The zodiac signs that seem shy: here is the horoscope ranking

How many times have you met a person and thought they were extremely shy?

Maybe when they presented it to you, the person in question was not speaking or was simply behaving extremely quietly.
So quiet, perhaps, that you didn’t even remember meeting her or that, instead, she made a very bad, almost boring impression on you.

After a short time, however, it can happen to be completely amazed. That person who seemed so shy is absolutely not, on the contrary. Better not challenge her!
How about: let’s find out together who are the five zodiac signs that seem shy … but they are not at all?

Pisces: fifth place

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Those born under the sign of Pisces are absolutely shy people … at least at first glance!

When you meet a Pisces, in fact, you are immediately surprised by their grace, by their elegant and calm way of doing.
They seem shy by default as if they are all thought the same way. Too bad that Pisces is not shy at all and that they can really do everything, without being ashamed of practically anything. When you happen to find out, know that the shock of seeing such an elegant person… suddenly becomes particularly direct and ready to have fun!

Cancer: fourth place

Cancers, at least on first impression, can be considered truly shy. They are nervous and awkward, they talk loud: in short, all the signs of someone who seems to be under extreme pressure.

Reality? Cancers are always like this: they talk loud, they are nervous and very often they are embarrassed. What you still don’t know is that Cancers are always like this. They do it because they are somehow “testing” you: Cancers are extremely not shy people. Wait until you know them well to realize it!

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Aries: third place

That those born under the sign of Aries may seem shy people is practically a fact.
Aries, in fact, often do not speak to anyone or, when they do, they always seem to move because they have some objective behind them.

The reality is that those born under this sign struggle to show their true nature and almost never trust other people.
That’s why you won’t quickly discover that Aries is anything but shy! A couple of evenings together, however, will be enough to realize that your Aries friend is actually a bomb always ready to explode!

Capricorn: second place

How? Capricorns, so serious and staid, success–oriented and tireless workers would be in the ranking of the zodiac signs that seem shy?
The answer, of course, is yes.

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Capricorns are people who tend to be extremely quiet. They do not talk, they always have their heads bowed over their computer or cell phone, they work hard and do not let themselves go to a joke or a nice comment even by mistake.
Shy? Absolutely not: when they are comfortable, Capricorns are generally the kings and queens of the party. Standing on the tables, they can dance, push you to do things you never imagined you could do, sing out loud and encourage everyone to do… everything!

Virgo: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that seem shy

Yes, dear friends of Virgo, you are at the top of the zodiac signs that seem shy (but they are not really shy).

Virgo is a sign that truly keeps all of her quirks and her most outgoing moves to herself.
Those born under this sign are people who decide to show their true nature to a few, highly selected people.
Of course, as much as they are able to plan and plan, those born under the sign of Virgo certainly can’t prevent other people from seeing them when they decide to go wild.
Here, then, that you can all observe, by mistake, a Virgo give your best: it will immediately seem clear that they are not shy at all!

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