Zodiac Signs


It may be a need they feel. If they think, they speak. But these signs with the sharpest tongue also hurt, and there are always those who don’t like to be hurt!

The day of our birth makes us aware of our signs. The same happens with the birthday of the people around us.

This information is extremely relevant, allowing us to know some general traits that are shared by people of the same sign.

In this article, we will pay attention to people who say everything they have to say, without beating around the bush…

Zodiac: the signs with the sharpest tongue


Gemini/Gemini people tend to waste their communication power. These are people who are also often ironic. These individuals tend to be witty.

Often, they are guided by the maxim: “I can lose my friend, but I don’t miss the opportunity to joke”! Gemini/Gemini individuals tend to avoid intrigues and cannot stand “oddities”.


A person of the sign Aries/Aries is usually someone with fiery energy. They often turn out to be overly sincere people when they express themselves.

Their unfiltered communication proves to be quite harmful, as it fosters the risk of enmity developing, as often attracts anger.

Their strong opinions hurt, as they are an example of a sign without mouths, but normally those targeted do not like it and retaliate.


There are three things (at least) they never look back on: an arrow is thrown, a missed opportunity, and the spoken word. Now, a person of the sign Sagittarius is the type of person who doesn’t think twice about shooting his arrow.

People of this sign tend to speak their minds and often go after what they want without fear. It’s just that this impulsiveness, your frankness… has no limits, so it can hurt many other people.

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