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We all know how unpleasant sensations like anxiety or nervousness about something can change us. Usually, reason fails and leaves room for a series of actions that are not always in control. Some people are more or less aware of this and somehow manage to overcome the problem. And others instead indulge in ways they often regret. The truth is that anxious and nervous states are never a walk in the park and that often it takes very little to recognize them in others. Which can help both to understand how they feel and to reach out to them to make them feel better. Each of us tends to experience these emotions in a very personal way.

These vary according to personal past, self-confidence, and the circumstances of the moment. However, there is one component that never varies and that is the influence that the stars have on each of us. An aspect that can tell a lot about the various signs of the zodiac. For this reason, today, we will find out what is the typical reaction that the zodiac signs have when they are nervous.

What are the zodiac signs like when they are nervous

Aries – Those who get high
Those born under the astrological sign of Aries always try to have control over everything. This leads them to experience any possible state of anxiety badly. For them, it is very important to always master the situation they face, and being blocked by anxiety or nervousness makes them rev up to change things. This leads them to appear impetuous at times, interrupt others, and try to assert their thoughts. All signs conceal a discomfort that they carry inside and that they do not know how to deal with consistently. A problem that ends when they manage to find a balance. When this happens, however, they don’t usually apologize for how they acted. They prefer to be sure of themselves, supporting what they have said and done until recently.

Taurus – Those who move nervously
The natives of the astrological sign of Taurus are calm people and a little prone to anxiety. In the rare situations in which they find themselves experiencing moments of anxiety or nervousness, they, therefore, find themselves having to find a way to metabolize everything. Generally, they always try to stay in control, and most of the time they can be said to succeed. When the stress they feel is too much, they end up starting to move if they are sitting, biting their lips while listening to someone, or playing nervously with whatever they have at the moment. It is a way to release excess tensions. And even if for them it is a sign of great nervousness, in the eyes of others it is nothing particularly striking. The reason why the natives of the sign end up appearing calm anyway.

Gemini – Those who walk nervously
Those born under the zodiac sign Gemini are people who often find themselves experiencing states of anxiety and nervousness. This, therefore, helps them to have a personal way to counter this form of malaise. Generally, their very personal way is to walk back and forth around the room. Which often helps them both to think and to release excess stress. The natives of the sign are dynamic and active people. And even if often, in the face of situations they don’t like, they end up stiffening, assuming a grumpy way of doing things, most of the time, at the same time they manage to find solutions to put an end to their problems. What they do moves from one point to another to give the mind a way to think more clearly.

Cancer – Those who become hypersensitive
The natives of the astrological sign of Cancer are sensitive people and prone to easily lose control when dealing with emotions. This way of pushing them to experience moments of anxiety or nervousness in an extremely negative way. Although outwardly they do not show who knows what changes, within themselves they end up becoming even more sensitive. This results in an increase in their already present touchiness and in the possibility of freaking out over the smallest things. The natives of Cancer if under stress they end up crying or screaming with greater ease, strangling anyone who is in front of them. Known for being usually sweet and kind to everyone, it’s really hard to recognize them in these moments. Nonetheless, when things fall into place, they don’t usually go back to what happened. They prefer to be particularly attentive to others, to make them forget what happened.

Leo – Those who turn sour
Those born under the zodiac sign of Leo do not usually experience negative emotions. And this depends on the fact that in life they always act to build a present (and a future) as positively as possible. When faced with unacknowledged problems, they end up feeling anxious and nervous. This prompts them to go sour on those who seem to have the best luck and anyone who has anything to do with them. At work they can become true despots, losing the friendliness they usually show. Fortunately, after the negative moment, they realize that they have exaggerated and tend to apologize to the people they are most familiar with. All the others, assume kind attitudes hoping to fix the situation they have created.

Virgo – Those who need to tidy up
Virgo natives are usually inclined to think negatively. Anxiety, nervousness, and stress are therefore their life companions. Their way of demonstrating them is usually linked to the need to tidy up. Order in the house through the cleaning or the total change of furniture and mental order which usually consists in making lists and well-organized plans to follow. It must be said that this way of doing things helps them never to be completely unprepared and to solve often difficult issues in a short time. If the feeling of order is less, however, they can go crazy, showing all the stress they are feeling. An aspect that can often destabilize those around them and of which they try to apologize simply by returning in a good mood and joking about what happened.

Libra – Those who close in on themselves
Those born under the zodiac sign of Libra are usually jovial people and always ready to chat about this and that with whoever they are in front of. When they experience a moment of strong tension, however, their first reaction is to withdraw into themselves. One thing they do is to protect themselves and focus on finding solutions to their problems. This way of being is easily perceived by others because usually, the natives of the sign transmit only positive and relaxing energies. Which, of course, does not happen in these contexts. Fortunately, they rarely get discouraged and when this happens, usually, they are phases of short duration.

Scorpio – Those who become silent
Natives of the zodiac sign of Scorpio are usually very attentive to their emotions. And that makes them particularly capable of governing them. When they find themselves experiencing a moment of discomfort, the zodiac signs close in on them. Whether it’s stressful or a period of nervousness, their first reaction is to become silent. Being reserved people, not everyone notices the change. But those who know them well cannot fail to notice the sort of shadow in which they seem to wrap themselves. Intuitive and psychic like few others, the natives of the sign are always able to find a solution to their problems. And when this happens, they come back stronger and sunnier than before. Like phoenixes rising from the ashes, they are invigorated by their moment of silence. Which also benefits those around him. Also, their no-time is usually short-lived.

Sagittarius – Those who talk a lot
Those born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign are known to be people who talk a lot. Sociable and always looking for company, they manage to strike up a conversation with anyone. When they are nervous or anxious, a good way to calm down is to talk. And given their nature, it often happens that no one notices the moment they are living. The natives of the sign, however, actually act differently. For example, they often bite their lips, stiffen when contradicted, and speak with more emphasis than usual. All details can notice only by those who have known them for a long time. Fortunately, when everything passes they return to behave as usual. Which they do without going back to what happened.

Capricorn – Those who show themselves distracted
The natives of the astrological sign of Capricorn are people who are usually precise and punctual in everything they do. When they are anxious about something, however, they tend to focus so much on their thoughts that they appear distracted. An attitude that is not always favorable, especially when it occurs at work. The natives of the sign, however, are not able to control themselves in this regard and this means not knowing how to regulate themselves enough. A problem that they solve only when everything has passed, looking for justifications that are sometimes a little too elaborate or simply admitting to having lived a particularly difficult moment. In both cases, however, they always tend to escape the situation and take as little responsibility as possible.

Aquarius – Those who always look to the time
Those born under the astrological sign of Aquarius hate moments of stress. When they feel anxious and nervous, their first thought is to feel better. Which they do even before looking for a solution. Their first reaction is therefore to escape from the situation that is causing them problems. For this reason, they tend to always look at the time and look for a way out to go home. The only place where they feel safe. Of course, they will also try to avoid others, which they do with more care than usual. In short, these are people who more or less openly show how they feel. And all because he doesn’t care that much about what other people think.

Pisces – Those who forget things
The natives of the astrological sign of Pisces are very emotional. Anxiety and nervousness, therefore, are emotions that they often feel and that they usually know how to deal with quite well. When they experience excessive stress, however, they tend to forget things. Their way of acting, therefore, remains fundamentally the same and varies only for the many little things they forget to do. Usually, it is not about important things because they are used to taking notes precisely. For them, however, it is always an uncomfortable situation that pushes them to want to solve the problem of the moment as soon as possible. And all to return as calm as before. Fortunately, they can do something, making moments of high stress limited. After all, resilience is one of the qualities of the natives of the sign.

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