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Find out how the various signs of the zodiac react when love ends. The answer of the stars is sign by sign.

Romantic relationships always have something special. You fall in love, you choose to share more aspects of yourself and your life with your loved one and you have feelings destined to remain etched in your heart, sometimes even after you break up. And it is precisely due to the extent of the feelings that one comes to feel that breaking up can be painful, making the breakup come as something traumatic and from which to recover as soon as possible. Not everyone reacts in the same way and if on the one hand, some recover only after some time, on the other hand, some do not even need a day. The difference in the way of reacting depends on many factors such as the extent of the feeling one felt, the character, the past experiences, and, needless to say, the reaction that the various signs of the zodiac have when an important text message arrives and which are the zodiac signs that will soon learn to love each other more, we will find out what the reaction the signs have after a breakup. Since it is a topic that concerns emotions and feelings, the advice is to check the profile of the ascendant of the sign you want to control to have a clearer idea.

Astrology: how the zodiac signs react after a romantic breakup

Aries – Those who recover quickly
Those born under the sign of Aries are people who throw themselves headlong into everything and this also applies to romantic relationships. When they like someone they don’t waste time between glances and winks but get straight to the point. Even love is not long in coming and this means that their stories are usually quick and intense. Like everything, however, even love can end and when it ends they are among the signs of the zodiac who take things with greater serenity. Although at first they may appear nervous or need to be on their own to metabolize when it happens, within a few days, they tend to get up and fill up with things to do. Aware that they just need time, they tend to occupy theirs by always finding new things to do to smile again as soon as possible.

Taurus – Those who recover without major problems
Although they are romantic and very emotional people, Taurus natives are better at bouncing back than you think. When a story ends, at first they tend to do everything to take things back but if they realize that there is no way, they recover immediately, perhaps suffering a little in silence but without showing it. Putting pain aside, they believe they can more easily abstract themselves from what they feel, and, stubborn as they are, they almost always succeed in their intent. For this reason, although when taken they are involved, once a story is over, they can appear cold and all because for them time is something precious, perhaps even more than the love that is now gone and for which they do not intend to get lost too much. in tears.

Gemini – Those who overcome everything with a smile
Those born under the sign of Gemini tend to experience things with a truly surprising intensity. Although as long as they are involved they seem willing to give all of themselves to make their love story go well, when it ends, after crying and going crazy, they always get up again surprising everyone. For them, there is nothing irrecoverable in life and if on the one hand, they are great romantics, on the other they also love their freedom, to the point of taking the end of a story as a way to regain possession of some spaces which over time had been lost. Understanding them is therefore really difficult even if what matters is that they manage to recover always and in any case and everything with a smile. The same one that will probably lead them straight into a new love story.

Cancer – Those who take a while to recover
Cancerians are not used to taking the negative things in life with a practical sense. When faced with the end of a story, they end up getting depressed, feeling sorry for themselves, and trying in every way to recover as much as possible or, if they were the ones to choose for the breakup, to convince themselves that they did the right way. This almost always leads them to talk about what happened with friends, relatives, and even acquaintances, distressing and despairing about all that is now gone. After all, habitual as they are, even the very idea of ​​having to change them and return to the world as they knew it before they found love, is already a source of sadness for them. Fortunately, even if it takes a while, they eventually manage to recover, and this even if seeing their loved one again will always be a source of pain.

Leo – Those who recover early
Those born under the sign of Leo do not like to be seen dejected or in unhappy conditions. For this reason, even after the end of an important story, despite suffering, they always try to stay up with their morale, showing themselves to the best of their ability. To do this they tend to throw themselves headlong into work, meet people, and maybe even go on a trip (even better if for work). But that doesn’t mean they’re not suffering inside. Indeed, most of the time it takes a very long time to recover and what they show to the world is just a semblance of normality that doesn’t exist within them. On the other hand, when they eventually recover, they tend to completely forget the person they once loved so much.

Virgo – Those who take a while to rationalize it
Virgo natives are usually so used to rationalizing about everything that they have to do it even when a story they believed in comes to an end. Although they suffer, in fact, on the one hand, they manage to make peace with their hearts. This does not happen, however, the reason that leads them to ask themselves in the first place how they did not understand that the history lived with such intensity was not destined to last. In other words, their reaction is to think and rethink what happened, and, even if not emotionally involved, they end up being distracted by too much thinking, to the point of risking seizing new opportunities.

Libra – Those who take a long time to recover
Those born under the sign of Libra, when it comes to love, are among the most difficult signs of the zodiac. This always makes them take a long time to find the right person. When faced with a breakup, their reaction is therefore always negative. In addition to suffering from the love that has ended sooner than expected, they find themselves thinking about how long they could spend alone before finding someone able to conquer them. And for those who genuinely love to live life as a couple, it is always an unpleasant phase that they struggle to bear. Of course, in the end, they still manage to make it and find a smile again. To do this, however, it will take him some time.

Scorpio – Those who recover in their way
Natives of Scorpio have a very unique way of bouncing back after a breakup. For them, the only way to move forward is to stop seeing and hearing their loved ones. Only then, are they able to accept what has happened, metabolizing everything slowly and in their way? What characterizes them is that until they have stopped feeling emotions, they will avoid talking about what happened, so when they are finally free to move on, there is the possibility that those around them are still unaware of the love story that has come. at the end and is, consequently, unprepared to understand them. This, however, is the only way they know and with which they manage to interface and therefore it is what they will carry on, even at the cost of not being fully understood.

Sagittarius – Those who will immediately show themselves serene
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius, do not like to appear injured for a story that no longer belongs to them and this leads them to show themselves cheerful and carefree even after breaking up with the person they believed was the right one for them. This way of acting, combined with a desire for carefree the ordinary, makes it difficult for others to understand the way to do it. However, as often happens, it hardly touches them because they are sure of themselves like few others, they will continue to continue on their path, regardless of what people may think, and this even if, deep down, they would like approval. at least as much as they would like not to have suffered a breakup.

Capricorn – Those who recover after a while
The natives of Capricorn are people who always plan everything and, however absurd it may be, do the same even when they live a love story. At the end of the story, they give themselves a period in which they allow themselves to suffer to metabolize the thing. Past the period which can be a month or six, based on what they think is right at the moment, they will get up no matter how they feel and all because they don’t like to waste time on something that is no longer a part of their life. Their time is precious and as such, they feel they have to spend it in the best possible way and without living in regrets, which they hate from the bottom of their hearts.

Aquarius – Those who recover instantly
Those born under the sign of Aquarius live for the day and are not used to asking questions about their life or what it was. When a love story comes to an end, they tend to take things as they come, just accepting the inevitability of it to put the best face on a bad situation. That doesn’t mean they don’t suffer for what it was, they just don’t indulge the pain, forcing themselves to move forward and looking for new ways to be happy. Which, as typical of their way of being, will not be so complex thanks also to their being brilliant and decidedly independent, so much so that they can almost enjoy some peculiarities of being single again.

Pisces – Those who take a while but then rise from their ashes
The natives of Pisces are among the most melodramatic of the zodiac and this happens even when a love story ends. In the moment of pain, they tend to let themselves go to tears, and in moments of desperation that they need to metabolize what has happened before standing up and turning the pages for good. This means that despite taking some time, in the end, they will be able to fully recover and, knowing that they can move forward and find a love greater than the previous one, they will try to become a better version of themselves so as not to commit past mistakes again. and to get closer to the right person for them.

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