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Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most To Least Addicted To Love

There’s a thin line between healthy love and love addiction, and it’s super easy to cross if you’re not careful.

One moment you’re relaxed, you’re fine, and the next moment you’re full of doubts and rummaging through his phone just as he leaves it unattended.

Love can really make us do crazy things, but love addiction can turn us into that possessive, jealous person we never wanted to be.

Some astrological signs are more likely than others to become addicted to love and here is their ranking from most to least:

1. Scorpio

With intense passion comes intense love which is why Scorpio tops this ranking and there is no one who can beat you there.

It’s almost like you can’t help but get addicted to love.

You are usually very careful, but once you let someone in, there are no limits. This is exactly why it can easily become too much.

You are entering a phase where you want to know your partner’s every move, you want to spend as much time as possible with them, and your libido increases over time while his decreases.

You turn into a possessive and controlling person.

There are days when you don’t know what’s going on and you don’t even recognize your reflection in the mirror.

Your fears have put you in this situation.

You hate feeling dominated by your emotions and are afraid that the other person will hurt or betray you.

If you don’t get over this addiction, you are the one who is going to cause harm or end your relationship.

2. Cancer

Cancer is at the very top of this ranking and there is the main reason for that – which is the same reason that makes you so amazing and able to love deeply – you are very emotional.

When you fall in love, you do it so deeply that you cross all lines.

If you don’t practice self-control, it’s easy to go overboard.

In no time at all, you could be spending hours digging through your partner’s social media accounts.

You will be jealous of every girl who reaches out to him; you will always think that new problems are on the horizon and that everything is going to fall apart.

You worry so much and your biggest fear is that this will all end, which is why you become dependent on the other person.

Unfortunately, this addiction is the first thing that will keep him away, so try to live it from day today.

3. Capricorn

Capricorns are addicted to familiarity. You hate change when it comes to love and that’s what makes you stay, even when you know the relationship is way beyond saving.

What makes you a love addict is that you are unable to tell the difference between love and habit.

You’re so used to the situation you find yourself in and who you are with that you can’t force yourself to let go.

Try to remember that some changes are good; they are there for the better and for a more fulfilling life.

Don’t stay where you are not appreciated, loved, and cherished.

4. Gemini

You easily fall in love. You see prospects and opportunities in every person you hang out with, and it’s easy to connect with you.

You are a true love addict, your partner becomes everything you can think of: the center of your universe and the only purpose in your life.

You have a habit of putting your partner first and neglecting your own interests, friends, and everything that is going on in your life.

Your romantic relationship shouldn’t rule out the rest of your life.

Boyfriends come and go, but friendships always stay there. You should be your top priority.

You are jealous of all the women around your partner.

Your unhealthy attachment makes you believe that all other women see in him what you see and that someone is going to steal him.

In fact, if it’s really yours, no one will ever have a chance to take it from you.

If he isn’t committed to you enough, the sooner you know, the better. See, there is no need to stress at this level.

5. Fish

Throughout your life, you have dreamed of your prince charming and the perfect fairy tale. Unfortunately, life is a bit rough and doesn’t always follow your dreams.

While there is nothing wrong with wanting to have a healthy, stable, loving relationship, you tend to go overboard and have expectations that your partner is not ready or able to meet.

Try to stay down to earth a little and notice all the beautiful ways your partner and relationship are in real life.

There is no reason to seek romance in your dreams; try to find the right balance.

When you have made peace with the fact that not everything can be perfect, that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for less love than “I can’t live without you” love.

6. Taurus

Whatever the question, love is your answer for everything. You are a caring, loyal, and stable partner.

Yet, if you fall in love with someone too deeply, your dark side will surface.

You give too much and you expect the same in return. When it doesn’t happen, you try to make it happen.

Your approach is perhaps a little wrong; you can’t manage your partner’s life or control what they do or don’t do.

All you can do is try to meet them halfway.

Relationships are two-way. You can’t be the only one pulling the strings and putting in all the effort.

7. Sagittarius

Your craving for adventure will not be able to grasp what real love is until you are with your soul mate.

Someone imperfect who is the perfect fit for your life. Someone who understands you, lets you be yourself, and never “binds” you.

You are not addicted to love because you know how to stand on your own and you are not looking for someone else to compliment you.

You are a well-rounded person on your own.

Yet you crave love – a healthy love that will allow you to breathe and be yourself.

Once you get it, all of your adventures will be in that one person.

8. Balance

Love for you, as a Libra, is like the cream that comes at the end of a cake.

It almost never turns into an addiction; it only adds to your happiness.

You like the feeling of being in love and it absorbs you.

You’ll do your best to make things work out, but you have limits and once someone crosses them there is no turning back. You know when enough is enough.

You can go a little too far in trying to make the other person happy, but the right partner will know how to appreciate them.

You love equality, which is why you will appreciate a partner who knows how to give back what you give them.

Your positivity and social skills can pull you out of any ordeal.

You are not afraid to be alone and you have a whole bunch of people you can count on.

Even when you are single, you are never alone. The state of your relationship doesn’t define you or scare you.

9. Aquarius

When it comes to expressing your love, you fail miserably; it’s just not your cup of tea.

When it comes to loving someone, you always feel more than you show.

In head-to-heart combat, the head always wins. This is why you, as a rational Aquarius, never fall into the trap of love addiction.

You can’t stand jealousy, control, or possessiveness, which is why you don’t practice them on your loved ones either.

10. Aries

You are focused on your personal growth, your career, and your social relationships, and you want your love life to work.

This is one of the reasons why you cannot become dependent on someone.

You are a dedicated partner and you are ready to work on a relationship, but you are not ready to make the other person the center of your universe.

This is why you strive for a healthy, normal relationship that allows you to be with your partner and at the same time have your own life.

11. Virgo

The likelihood of you becoming addicted to love is zero.

You know your worth, you know what you want, and you aren’t ready to settle for less.

There is nothing you wouldn’t do for the right person, but you are still down to earth and demand reciprocity in a relationship.

You are analytical and rational, and you trust your logic when making decisions.

That’s why no matter how much you care about someone if things don’t work out and you are treated badly, you go.

12. Lion

The real queen of the least addicted to love is certainly the Leo woman. You have a great store of self-esteem and you put your happiness first.

You won’t stay in an unhealthy relationship just to avoid being alone.

You will end it because you know deep down that you will be better on your own, no matter how much it hurts, to begin with.

Leos are truly one of a kind and they set an example for all other signs because no matter how much you love someone, you always love yourself a little bit more.

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