Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most To Least Romantic

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Pisces have high hopes for their love life and are hopelessly romantic. They dream about the day they find their person and ride off into the sunset together. They love to plan thoughtful dates and will go to the ends of the earth to show their partner how much they genuinely care.

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Leo loves fiercely and passionately. They want to give their partner the world. They are all about grand gestures and showing their love in a significant way. Leo is highly romantic by nature.

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Libra will never shy away from professing their love for the right person. Rose petals on the bed, expensive gifts, fancy wine – they never miss a beat. This romantic sign indeed aims to impress.

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This mysterious sign is just as romantic as they are sly. They want to feel emotionally connected to their partner and crave deep intimacy. When paired with the right partner, they are highly romantic and passionate lovers in all ways.

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Cancer-born natives are one of the most intuitive of the zodiac signs. They are in tune with other people’s emotions, sometimes to a fault. They appear detached on the surface, but deep down, they deeply crave connection and partnership.

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Taurus is another emotionally charged sign who wants to make their partner feel loved and cherished at all times. They crave a deep emotional connection before things get too physical. They aren’t into big romantic gestures and prefer things to happen naturally.

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Aries tend to be a bit reckless in love. They will always go the extra mile for that special someone. They want to shout their love from the rooftops when they finally find the right person to love.

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Virgo loves little romantic gestures from their partner, such as buying their favorite snack at the store or a foot rub after a long day. They will reciprocate the same love to their partner as well.

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Capricorns aren’t always the most expressive partners regarding their emotions but will always put in the work. Romantic and refined date nights are the key to a Capricorn’s heart.

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Sagittarius are generally self-absorbed, even though they enjoy romance every once in a while. They aren’t the ones to go out of their way to plan a nice date for their partner. They want to do their own thing and choose when they want to connect.

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Romance is not a Gemini’s strong suit by any means. They can be very insecure about people’s thoughts once they show any amount of vulnerability. Large romantic gestures freak them out and may even push them away for good.

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Aquarius-born natives dread entertaining cheesy, romantic activities to keep their partner satisfied. They see these sorts of gestures as inauthentic and over the top.

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