Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs Ranked By How Fast They Fall In Love

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1. Leo

For you, love happens in the twinkling of an eye—just blink, and you’re in love. As he’s leaning in to give you his first kiss, you stop him to say, “I love you.” And when you fall, you hold on ferociously, sometimes leading to accusations of possessiveness and jealousy. But if the man you fall in love with doesn’t realize he’s the luckiest man alive, he won’t hold onto you for long.

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2. Pisces

You will fall in love before even meeting someone. You are in love with the very concept of love itself. Devoted and passionate and committed, love is what drives you. When you fall—which is quickly—you find yourself drowning in a sea of love. Love comes to you faster than the speed of light, deeper than the universe.

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3. Libra

You are ruled by Venus, the planet of love. You are a sucker for a handsome face, and once a good-looking guy smiles at you, you’re shopping for wedding rings. You are also particularly vulnerable to sweet-talking guys. Some would say you’re a bit superficial, that you are much more likely to fall for a square-jawed hottie who just got out of jail than for some nerd who’s worth a million dollars. But what do they know about true love, anyway?

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4. Gemini

You’re quick to develop crushes, but love? It’s safe to say you hate quicker than you love. To truly fall in love, you need to be courted. Wined and dined. Pampered and provided for. You might never fall completely in love. But if you ever do truly fall in love, you hardly ever stay in love.

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5. Sagittarius

Love is a game to you, but one in which you want to play the referee. Your emotional nature is too independent to just blindly walk into the blizzard of uncertainty that is love. You don’t like losing control of your feelings, and that’s what happens when you fall in love. Have you ever noticed how the term is “fall”—you don’t start “flying” in love as if you have control of your wings? No, you fall off a cliff.

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6. Scorpio

As one of the most erotic star signs, lust is often more important to you than love. You like feeling powerful and falling in love makes you feel vulnerable. Love is important to you, but not so much that you’d risk your autonomy and fierce independence. It takes you a while, but once you fall, you go into a free fall. But if a man does anything to betray your trust, you will fall right back out of love with him.

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7. Aries

You are a little more guarded than other signs, and your dominant character means you safeguard your feelings. Strong and self-centered, you are not so willing to just surrender your heart. You don’t like weak men and would rather some guy come in riding on a horse to sweep you off your feet. For you, falling in love takes a while. But then it happens…slowly…then all of a sudden. Once you fall, you fall deep…like falling into the Grand Canyon.

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8. Cancer

That hard crab shell protects your heart from being broken. It also covers a steaming cauldron of emotion, because you want to love and be loved more than anything in the world. A deep fear of getting hurt keeps you on guard, though. A fear of rejection keeps you from just falling into the bottomless pit of love immediately. But when you fall, you fall all the way. The guy you fall in love with is one lucky man.

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9. Capricorn

Due to your fundamental shyness, you take a little longer than most. You need someone to build up your ego before you’ll give him your heart. You are like Rapunzel in your castle—protected by walls of stone, you’ll let down your long hair and allow Mr. Right to climb in once you have feelings for him. But you need to be coaxed just a little bit before you let him climb up into your heart.

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10. Aquarius

For you, love happens slowly…and unsurely. You value friendship over love. You probably value looks over love, too. Even if he’s already deeply in love with you, you’re still likely to introduce him to others as your “friend.” Your attitude is that you can carry your water, thank you very much. If you do fall, it won’t be that far and it won’t last for long.

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11. Taurus

You think with your brain, not your heart. You’re looking for security above all, which is more practical than romantic. For you love never comes roaring in like a tidal wave—it’s more like the slow dripping of a faucet leak. You fall in love slowly and fall out of love in less time than it takes you to sneeze.

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12. Virgo

Just like an innocent, you take your time. You’ll likely lose your sexual innocence before you fall in love for the first time. The main problem isn’t that you’re coldhearted, it’s that you’re picky—some would even say nitpicky. You’ll seek out flaws in him almost like a drill sergeant inspecting Army barracks. You’re a bit of a perfectionist, maybe even a wee bit of a harsh critic. You take so long to fall in love, that people who are stuck waiting behind you start honking their horns.

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