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The need to be alone can have a different meaning for each zodiac sign. Find out what people you know.

Sooner or later it has happened to everyone that someone with whom they may have been in confidence has asked with annoyance to be alone. Most of the time it is really difficult to understand the real reason for such a request and the only thing you can do is just go along with it. Yet, often and willingly, behind these words, there may be others, especially if they come after a discussion or a moment of tension. Since the ways of doing each person depend on the influence of the stars, today after having seen what makes women of the zodiac irresistible and what is the hottest characteristic of the various zodiac signs we will find out what the various signs of the zodiac want to tell us when they ask us to be alone. Since this is an emotional response, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant of the people you want to control.

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Horoscope: this is what the zodiac signs want to tell us when they ask to be alone

Aries – You have tired me
out Those born under the sign of Aries are smoky people and this leads them to get angry very often. When this occurs their first reaction is to want to get away from it all so that they don’t have to experience negative emotions. For this reason, they prefer to close the door and ask to be alone. A gesture with which they try to communicate anger and frustration and the desire to end the relationship that made them feel bad at least for the time necessary to let off some steam. Fortunately, their emotions are so changeable that many times it is enough to wait a few minutes to see them come back to their senses and recover their smile.

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Taurus – I need to think
when they ask to be alone, the natives of Taurus almost certainly need to analyze what happened with a cool head. To do this, they prefer to be alone and ponder calmly and with a clear mind on everything that is in their head. Generally, it is a need that is resolved in a few hours but when it arrives it is better to indulge. Continuing to impose one’s presence can only make them feel worse and lead them to need more and more time to clarify their ideas.

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Gemini – I am angry with you
Those born under the sign of Gemini are very moody and their requests may not stay that way for long. When they find themselves asking to be alone, however, it is almost always because they are angry about something. There is never a right way to deal with them because sometimes they may prefer to see the person they are angry with stay while at others it would be better to leave them alone. This is something that must be analyzed from time to time to study an action plan to clarify quickly and make sure that everything is resolved in a soap bubble.

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Cancer – You are wrong
The natives of Cancer are people who take it easy for everything and when this happens they are convinced that they are right even if that is not the case. When they ask to be alone, most likely, they are trying to impose their reason by closing the argument to remove any possible right to reply. An absolute way of doing but which for them is also the only one. Trying to insist would only lead to heated and useless quarrels. Much better to distance yourself and wait for calm to come and with it the desire to feel again and maybe who knows, to compromise.

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Leo – You have not understood anything
Those born under the sign of Leo love to carry on only battles they know they can win. If they find themselves with their backs to the wall then they prefer to retreat or, even better, push others to do so. And what better way than to ask for some solitude? Once obtained they will be able to use this escape route in their favor, pointing out that instead they could stay together and talk in search of a solution. Much better to always try to decipher them, therefore, so as not to be hopelessly on the wrong side and all without even understanding how.

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Virgo – Enough!
Virgo natives hate arguing and especially hate losing in an argument. When things get bad or they don’t know what to say, then, they run away and most of the time they don’t even ask to be alone, spontaneously moving away to let off steam or, even more so, to end a conversation they consider lost. Be careful, however, because following them will do no good if not make them more nervous. Better to wait for a moment of calm to pick up things where they left off. As long as you want to take the risk of seeing them rise and move away again.

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Libra – I feel sad
Those born under the sign of Libra do not like to experience negative emotions and when this occurs they ask to be able to be alone. When this happens, however, they just rethink what happened, feeling worse and worse. Which, needless to say, this can lead them to harbor a mood that is not at all positive. A solution? Leave them alone for a very short time and return to the attack but as a sign of peace. If they have elaborated at least a little on the sadness they feel, they will be the first to seek a solution and will happily welcome (but without showing it) the possibility of facing the question from another point of view.

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Scorpio – You have disappointed me
Scorpio natives never back down from a fight but can go so far as to ask to be alone if they feel disappointed or betrayed in any way. The sudden need for solitude comes because the new state of mind makes them suddenly feel upset and in need of putting their ideas back in order. The right way to move is therefore difficult to establish because if on the one hand loneliness can help them calm down and see things from a different perspective, on the other they can feed their anger, without stopping. Much, therefore, depends on how everything happens and how they react to the first attempt to stay rather than go along with them.

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Sagittarius – You broke me
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are used to confrontation to the point of looking for it without problems if this can solve things and make them feel better. A request like that of being alone therefore comes only when they are tired of the situation or feel there is nothing more to be done. The problem is that when they get to this point it is likely that without clarification there will be a break that could even be definitive. If you want to maintain relationships of any kind, it is, therefore, preferable to stay or return shortly after to find a meeting point together. Be careful, however, because they rarely retrace their steps or take their positions.

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Capricorn – I am depressed
Capricorn natives rarely ask to be alone and when they do it is because they suddenly feel low-key or in bad spirits. This happens more easily if they come from a fight that makes them feel inadequate or that brings out emotions that they don’t feel they can’t face at that moment. In such cases, the best thing to do is to tone it down and try to continue by taking things from another perspective. Otherwise, they will continue to be closed and not inclined to dialogue and this could lead to new clashes even more heated and unpleasant.

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Aquarius – I want to be alone
Well yes, those born under the sign of Aquarius do not mince words and just say what they think. If they ask to be alone (a situation in which they feel at ease among other things) it is therefore because at that moment they want nothing else. Most of the time, therefore, it is preferable to indulge them and make themselves heard at a later time to address any type of topic while they feel more comfortable and eager to do so. If unwilling they can become hostile making any kind of confrontation difficult.

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Pisces – I don’t want to be alone
Those born under the sign of Pisces are highly emotional people and often ask to be alone when they suddenly feel lacking the right energy to explain themselves. Most of the time, however, the truth is that they would like to have someone close to be able to clarify calmly. Very attached to their loved ones, and they hate any form of discussion. That said, there are rare times when the need is real and concrete and indispensable for them to be able to understand what they need to feel better.

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