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Find out which zodiac signs are best suited to establishing and maintaining a long-term relationship.

Living a love story is always a pleasant experience that, albeit in a different way, involves each person. The problem is that dreams and expectations are often different and this can lead to clashes or, even worse, to stories destined to end badly. In fact, when you love, you don’t always have a fixed idea of ​​how the relationship should evolve. While on the one hand there are those who dream of “they were happy forever” and who consequently aspire to marriage, on the other hand, there are those who prefer to live day by day, keeping the relationship alive thanks to the adrenaline and the awareness that it could finish at any moment.

As you can imagine, these are diametrically opposite situations and can lead to real short circuits within the couple. Unfortunately, to overcome this problem the only solution is to talk at length about the vision of the future in order to immediately understand what the partner is made of and if it can be convenient to get involved in a relationship. On the other hand, it must be taken into account that sometimes we start with an idea and that love or its absence can make a difference. How to do it then?

It is understood that relationships always hide a good dose of unknowns, you can ask the stars for help and try to understand what the various zodiac signs are led to. Today, therefore, after having seen which are the most distrustful signs of the zodiac and how the various signs react to infidelity, we will find out which ones are most prone to a lasting relationship and which ones tend to change partners often. Since this is something that has to do with the way of feeling, the advice is to also read the profile of the ascendant which will allow you to have a clearer idea of ​​the situation.

Horoscope: the zodiac signs made for lasting stories and those that are not at all

Aries – Made for just passing stories
Those born under the sign of Aries are people with a fiery soul and therefore always ready to give in to the charm of a history full of promise. Their problem is that as much as they love to dream big, the other they find themselves getting tired early, to the point that they end up closing stories much sooner than they anticipated. This means that hypothesizing a story able to last over time is really difficult, especially if you think of their often being so in the running that they even fall into some escapade. In short, unless there are extreme cases or falls in love so engaging as to make them completely change (and here their ascendant could also come into play), the natives of this sign are to be considered unwilling to set up a destined love story. to last over time.

Taurus – Made for Long Term Relationships
Taurus natives love the very concept of love and for this reason, they tend to dive into any relationship as if it were the one for life. When they find the right person, they tend to tighten the reins of the relationship to create something stable and able to last over time. From this point of view, they can be a bit pressing because in trying to understand if the person they have at their side is the right one they often end up showing themselves possessive and pretentious. If you intend to start a family, however, they are the perfect companions as they love the home, family routines, and everything that in one way or another evokes the thought of family in them.

Gemini – Made for short stories
Those born under the sign of Gemini are fickle people and unsuitable for lifelong stories. As much as they love starting new relationships, they are also quite quick to end them, often without having done everything possible to save them. This depends on their character and the need to always live in an accelerated way. It must be said, however, that when they manage to find someone able to anticipate them and run on their own frequency, they can change radically, falling in love and bonding to the point of wanting to build something deeper. Whether or not they succeed depends on many factors for which it is difficult to give an answer. It is important to know, however, that this is not a possibility to be ruled out entirely.

Cancer – Made for long-lasting relationships
The natives of Cancer are people in love with love itself. If we add to this the fact that they love the home environment more than anything else, their families, and everything that smells of home, it is easy to understand how their dream is to find the right person to present to friends and relatives for starting life as a couple destined to last forever. Very suitable for marriage (unless the ascendants are really against the current), they always look for the right person and their closest affinity and when this happens they feel so happy that they start building real castles in the air. It goes without saying that in love they will tend to demand a lot and that the partner will have to have the same goals as they do. It is not in their strings, in fact,

Leo – Made for important stories
Those born under the sign of Leo have very clear ideas about what they want for their life and for a perfect future. When it comes to love, they are therefore willing to wait years to get what they feel is right for them. If they fall in love they try to be guided by the feelings to which they oppose, however, a good dose of rationality and this is because having a couple of life capable of making them happy interests them perhaps more than true love. If and only if they meet the right person it can then be said that they are willing to invest in a long-term relationship that will also be a good foundation for them to build everything else.

Virgo – Made for lasting stories but only if with the right person
Virgo natives are very difficult people to frame especially when it comes to love. While on the one hand, they love to have fun and avoid commitments for life, on the other hand, they have a romantic side which, especially as they progress over the years, tends to emerge making them want something stable to lean on. If they meet the right person and are able to accept their ways of doing not always accommodating, they are therefore ready to commit to something serious which, once developed, will become very important to them, making them particularly suitable for a lasting relationship and to fight for.

Libra – Made for Lasting Stories
Those born under the sign of Libra have a great need to love and feel loved. At the same time, they always seek perfection both in their surroundings and in the people they associate with. It goes without saying, therefore, that this perfection is almost demanded in a possible partner, especially if it is the one for life. As demanding as they are, however, they are very romantic people, so much so that when they fall in love and build a relationship they end up carrying it on at any cost, making a 100% commitment to make it last and do it in the best possible way. If you dream of a pleasant story with a good foundation to last over time, they are therefore more than recommended and definitely reliable partners.

Scorpio – Made for tough affairs but only with people they consider special
Scorpio natives are extremely difficult people, especially when it comes to love. For them a lasting story is not entirely to be excluded but only if they can find a person who in their eyes is special and complementary to their way of being. Demanding like few others, they tend to test any partner, and when they believe it is the right one they open up showing themselves in a completely new way and starting to plan a life for two that can last over time. Demanding as few, when they commit they do it seriously, offering seriousness and love and obviously expecting the same from the person they are with.

Sagittarius – Made for long but not eternal stories
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius love freedom first and this makes them unsuitable for lasting stories. Having said that, they do not entirely disdain the possibility of establishing a long-term relationship with people who show themselves capable of understanding them and giving them a certain freedom of action. To talk about a really serious story, however, it is necessary that there are great feelings at the base, a person who is really suitable for them, and a need to build something that at some point in life they tend to feel but then again want to win back. your spaces. We can therefore say about them that even if they are eager for important stories, they are hardly able to put them into action in the way they would like.

Capricorn – Made for Extremely Long Relationships
Capricorn natives are staid people who like to have some fixed points in their life. This leads them to long for meaningful relationships that they can rely on to have a peaceful spot in an otherwise too hectic life. The perfect partner for them is therefore someone able to give them stability and serenity and who at the same time knows how to understand and support them in every respect. When they think they have found it, it is easy for them to reveal their need to build something that most likely, if on the other side there are the right conditions, will be destined to go through in the best possible way.

Aquarius – Made for Free Stories
Understanding the antis under the sign of Aquarius is difficult, especially when relating to someone. Lovers of their own freedom and in need of certain privacy do not say no a priori to a story that lasts over time but they do not even feel able to ensure a similar assumption to those who request it and this is because before exposing themselves they want to be sure of the person. they have next to them. Even when they push for something serious, their unpredictability means that you can never rely 100% on their presence and the actual duration of a story. On the other hand, they should be taken as they are, including the surprise effect.

Pisces – Made for unique stories but only when they find their soul mate
Romantics and dreamers like few others, Pisces natives firmly believe in true love for which they would be willing to do anything. If they do not find it, they prefer to remain free, cultivating romantic friendships but not destined for an important future. Everything changes, however, when they think they have found their soul mate. When this happens, they tend to open up like never before, seeking the complicity of the partner who, if present, could really become the person for life. Everything, therefore, depends on what life has in store for them and on how much those around them know how to be empathetic and on the same wavelength as themselves. If all goes well, then the tale of love they so much desire could really materialize.

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