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When it rains you always find them at the window, ready to look out and sigh: they are the most intense zodiac signs of the whole horoscope!

When we tell you intensity, by any chance, does someone specific come to mind? We know very well that, in your life, you may have met someone who falls into the “intense” category.
His social media profiles are full of sad songs and cryptic messages, his attitude even when he’s at a party is of intensity. Hey, maybe you know someone who is on our horoscope chart today: what do you say, would you like to see if you’re right?

The most intense zodiac signs of the zodiac: find out immediately who is in today’s ranking

Disturbing gaze, words full of meaning, the impossibility of joking especially about oneself.
Hey, do you already know who we’re talking about? Because for us it is obvious but, perhaps, if you are in today’s horoscope ranking it means that you have never realized that you could be this type of person.

But what kind of person are we talking about? Ah but simply of all those zodiac signs that are among the most intense of the zodiac!
You can never joke, let alone make fun of them: you must always be intense and understood, look at your reflection in the water, and think only incredibly poetic thoughts.
Um … how boring, can we say?

Find out if you are also in the ranking of the most intense zodiac signs of the whole horoscope: we hope not, of course!

Pisces: fifth place

Dear Pisces, it is useless to hide behind a finger or, in your case, a fin. You are particularly intense people, always ready to make a scene for nothing!
Others don’t realize that, for you, drama and strong feelings are a simple way to pass the time and have fun – they think you’re always serious!

(Deep down, though, you like them to think that: it’s more fun that way!).
Pisces particularly like to be poetic and full of intensity: sometimes, however, they still manage to be self-deprecating, come on!

Aquarius: fourth place

Give an Aquarius the chance to feel intense and he will grasp it: they are not at all able to be self-deprecating!
Dear Aquarius, you are people capable of laughing and joking but, deep down, you would like to be much more intense than what you show.

Aquarius are people who hide a great emotionality and almost always their feelings. They do it to be safe and not to have too many problems with others but we can tell you without problems: they are intense if you give them the chance!

Aries: third place

Even those born under the sign of Aries can be intense when they want… help, what a fear!
Accustomed as they are to living amid drama and gossipAries takes intensity as a way to protect themselves and their interests.

Dear Aries, we are sorry to tell you but this is it: let’s see your game! (Or, at least, stars and planets see it: we only report the information they give us).
You like to be particularly intense in front of others but, deep down, you know you are a little hard to take seriously!

Libra: second place

Despite being particularly cheerful and happy people, those born under the sign of Libra are another particularly intense sign.
Libra, in fact, particularly likes to bask in the feeling of being more sensitive, more understood, and more interesting than others.

Nothing wrong with that: we are all convinced that we are a little more sensitive than the others, aren’t we?
For Libra it’s important to stand out in the middle of the group and being intense is a great way to do it – that’s why they are so high in this ranking!

Dear Libra, we are sorry to tell you that it is quite obvious how intense your being is in a real pose. We know you want to party, laugh and joke all the time – why don’t you?

Leo: first place in the ranking of the most intense zodiac signs of the whole horoscope

Dear Leos, are you happy to be at the top of today’s ranking?
Maybe not, since you don’t like being questioned or even just being “exposed”. Yet the most intense of the whole horoscope indeed is you!

Leos likes feeling and being the center of attention. They have a unique ability to be protagonists, even when the situation is not easy or does not require it.
In short, it is true that if there is a window and it is raining outside, you will find the Leos on the windowsill, intent on looking out.

Nothing wrong with that, of course, but Leos likes making others believe they’re a real philosopher… even when he’s not!
Dear Leos, there is nothing wrong with making fun of yourself once in a while or joking: you don’t always have to be serious!

Leos, however, believe that being the most intense of all puts them a few steps above the rest. What can we say? Dear Leos, are you sure that this is the right choice?

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