Zodiac Signs


Some signs don’t match in a relationship. Find out which ones! Discover the signs that are incompatible in love.

In life, we interact with various people. Among these relationships, there are professional, friendship, and, also, loving relationships. However, not all of these relationships have a happy ending or a long story. The reasons for this can be many…

The Zodiac can help explain some of these failures, as it tells us that there are signs that are completely incompatible in love. Signs that can never relate for a long time, without conflicts or arguments. Get to know these incompatibilities.

Does not work! The signs that are incompatible in love


Aries/Aries natives are impulsive, passionate, and courageous. They get along well with patient, fun, and warm natives. Thus, Aries/Aries should avoid Capricorn natives, as they are very fond of rules, traditions, norms, and routines.


Natives of the sign of Taurus are not compatible with natives of the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius natives like to be free and avoid responsibility, while Taurus natives like to have specific goals in life and don’t like to have purposeless adventures.


Gemini/Gemini people value and love their freedom. Therefore, they avoid possessive and jealous people. Thus, Gemini/Gemini natives should avoid the Taurus and Scorpio sign natives. These signs are jealous, accommodating, and demand a fidelity that Gemini/Gemini does not like.


The natives of the sign of Cancer/Cancer do not match the natives of the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarians are outgoing, funny, and very social. But Crab/Cancer natives highly value the comfort of home and proximity to family. For this reason, the interests of both signs are not in harmony.


Leos should not date Pisces. Pisces is indeed very romantic and affectionate, but they don’t know how to manage money like the natives of Leo. Also, emotionally, Pisceans are too dramatic and depressive, something that the natives of Leo don’t have much patience for, right?


The natives of the sign of Virgo do not match the natives of Libra. This is because Libras/Libra is very indecisive and doesn’t like compromises, while Virgins know very well what they want. Therefore, the lack of harmony in the dreams and desires of both signs.


Libra/Libra natives are communicative, fun, and balanced. They should avoid Virgo natives, as this sign cannot keep up with Libra/Libra’s pace of life. Also, Virgo is very critical, something Libra/Libra will not like.


Natives of the sign Scorpio are intense, mysterious, and passionate. They tend to attract Gemini/Gemini, but this is not a sign at all compatible with Scorpio. Their personalities are very strong and distinct and while Scorpio natives want something serious, Gemini/Gemini natives value their freedom very much.


Natives of the sign of Sagittarius are adventurers and defenders of freedom. They should avoid the Crab/Cancer natives as they are too dramatic and possessive for Sagittarius natives who love to be independent and have no strings attached.


Capricorns do not match Aries/Aries. Capricorns are very traditional and routine, while Aries/Aries are super impulsive. This conjugation can be explosive and will not work.


The natives of the sign of Aquarius love freedom and innovation. Hence, they hate monotony and routines. For this reason, they should avoid relationships with native Taurus. Taurus requires a lot of attention and affection, something Aquarius cannot match. Aquarius natives are super creative, while Taurus natives are very stubborn.


The natives of the sign of Pisces have many fantasies and dreams, unlike what happens with the natives of Leo, with whom they do not fit in the least. The sensitivity of Pisces detracts attention from Lions, something they hate. The combination of these two signs will be the source of many discussions and conflicts.

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