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Some signs tend to be more hypocritical than other signs. Discover the ranking of the signs of the most hypocritical people in the Zodiac!

Signs reveal relevant information about people, although many distrust this information. The truth is that there are traits that tend to appear in certain signs. We all have strengths and weaknesses, but not only do we have them on different levels, but we also demonstrate those strengths and weaknesses in different ways.

In this article, we have gathered data that allow us to identify the most hypocritical signs of the Zodiac. Hypocrisy can be manifested by each one of us, but there are people who under certain contexts reveal high levels of hypocrisy. Knowing how to avoid more hypocritical people can bring several advantages to our lives.

Zodiac: the signs of the most hypocritical people

the hypocrisy

Hypocrisy is a word that comes from the Greek term hypokrisía, “dissimulation”. It is a feminine name that means pretending qualities, pretending principles, pretending ideas, or pretending feelings that, in reality, one does not have. There is falsehood in hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy is a characteristic or behavior revealed by a hypocritical person. A person who presents an opinion that he doesn’t have, or who pretends to feel what he doesn’t feel. Hypocrisy is a falsehood, a dissimulation, a pretense.

Thus, hypocrisy is not just a lack of sincerity, it can be something deeper, be seen as a betrayal, a lack of loyalty.

Here is the ranking of the most hypocritical signs

1 – Gemini/Gemini people

People of this sign are the most hypocritical… People of the sign Gemini/Gemini are good actors/actresses… They manage to take on different characters.

Therefore, they change their opinion according to their interests, the audience, and their goals. Thus, people of this sign are people who tend to approach others with “two faces”.

2 – People of the Libra/Libra sign

People of this sign are the most strategists. Many actions performed are the result of your

fear of disillusionment, fear of not being up to date… Therefore, whether out of diplomacy or mere strategy, people of this sign are not usually frank.

3 – People of the sign Sagittarius

People of this sign are those who tend to exaggerate compliments in the work context. Being honest with the family and with the people they love, people of this sign reveal themselves to be hypocrites for professional ambition.

Thus, they tend to praise and agree with their superiors as a way of being well regarded and getting a raise, a promotion, or taking on new roles.

4 – People of the sign Virgo

People of this sign are the most eavesdroppers. Virgo people tend to be people who like to sting and take great pleasure in talking about other people’s lives. However, sometimes they realize too late that everything is discovered…

Pisces: the signs of the most hypocritical people

5 – People of the sign Pisces

People of this sign are harmless hypocrites. Pisces people try to be honest, but because they want to please everyone, they tend to be hypocrites. People of this sign, out of affection and attention, are capable of anything.

6 – People of the sign Taurus

People of this sign turn out to be the most natural. Taurus people are too natural and childish to be hypocrites… They are people who love simple relationships.

They tend to be sincere people, but they may sulk if they don’t appreciate a certain behavior or if someone imposes something on them against their will.

7 – People of the sign Aquarius

People of this sign are light, taking life lightly… People of the Aquarius sign live in the moment and say “I love you” without difficulty. What happens is that sometimes they even do it superficially…

However, it is a mistake made more out of the lightness of being than out of hypocrisy. People of this sign do not appreciate hypocrisy, they avoid it and think it is childish behavior.

8 – People of the sign Scorpio

People of this sign tend to be malicious… People of the sign Scorpio hate lying and can perfectly identify if someone is lying to them.

People of this sign will cut off relationships with those who lie to them. However, to manipulate, they may be “forced” to be hypocrites.

9 – Leo people

People of this sign seek to be admired by others. Leo people are loyal and honest.

However, people of this sign can become hypocrites in specific cases, to arouse admiration in others.

10 – People of the sign Crab/Cancer

The people of this sign are nice. People of the sign Cancer/Cancer are sensitive and like to respect morals and good customs. People of this sign prefer to avoid hypocrisy, as they do not intend to hurt anyone. Therefore, they do everything to distance themselves from people who might negatively influence them.

11 – People of the sign Capricorn

People of this sign show brutal honesty. Capricorns are cold and direct, indifferent to collateral damage, whether or not they hurt others.

Thus, people of this sign must learn to moderate themselves, to perceive others. Not all people are the same. There are different ways of saying things, and it may be necessary to shape what is said to more sensitive people.

12 – People of the Aries/Aries sign

People of this sign are the most outspoken. Aries/Aries people are straightforward. When they say everything they think they don’t use filters. people of this sign

they will also have to learn to think before they open their mouths…

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