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Find out which signs of the zodiac are best to have as umbrella neighbors and which are best not to have at all.

Summer means vacation and many choose the sea every year. Sun, sand, and waves in which to dive are the summer dream of all time and when the time comes to enjoy it you are always very happy and ready to give life to relaxation and fun. Those who usually go to the beaches know well how umbrella neighbors can make a difference in a summer bathing season. Depending on who you are next to, in fact, holidays can take on a completely different aspect. Because let’s face it, neighbors can be a blessing no matter how funny and/or silent but also turn into a nightmare if they are intrusive or too talkative. And since many aspects of the character are influenced by the stars, today after seeing which zodiac signs they can love and which ones are looking forward to the weekend, we will find out which signs of the zodiac are better to have as neighbors than an umbrella and which ones are better not to have at all.

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Horoscope – The zodiac signs that turn out to be excellent umbrella neighbors and those that are not at all

Aries – Friendly neighbors but not always
Those born under the sign of Aries are among those signs that can prove to be both good neighbors and neighbors that one would want to avoid. It all depends on the affinity that is there at first glance and on the probability or not of being able to start everything on the right foot. If you agree on some points and coexistence begins peacefully, between exchange of words and the other you can even make friends, discovering yourself so close that you want to meet even every day. If you are completely different, however, things may not go the same way and the natives of Aries may be uncooperative and above all too attentive to actions and words, to the point of passing off the desire to meet them. They are therefore neighbors that it is good to have only if you believe you have compatibility with this sign.

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Taurus – Quiet Neighbors
Taurus natives are usually good umbrella neighbors. Their only interest is in fact to relax and will rarely be interested in what others are doing. Not excessively noisy and focused more on themselves and who is with them, it will almost seem that they are not there. At the same time, they will always be available to chat, creating a serene and relaxing atmosphere. After all, having a good time is their main goal, and they will rarely act to get different results. Having them as neighbors is therefore always positive and who knows that between one greeting and the next, something else may not be born, bringing the relationship even beyond the four beach chats.

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Gemini – The turbulent neighbors
Having Gemini-born neighbors means always having something to see or hear. Their nature will lead them to often make dramas for nothing and, regardless of who they will be around, they will always be able to attract attention with often eccentric or unexpected ways of doing things. If you want to get distracted by listening to their tantrums, having them as neighbors will therefore be fun. If, on the other hand, you want calm and silence, things will not always be pleasant and you will have to hope for their bad days and when they are more taciturn to have the desired peace. Within the zodiac, they are certainly the most unpredictable neighbors and from which we can expect anything and at all hours of the day.

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Cancer – The silent neighbors
Cancer natives are usually silent neighbors as they are shy and unwilling to befriend strangers. Maybe at times, you can feel their gaze on you but otherwise, unless you deliberately seek contact, they will always be on theirs, silent and calm. Furthermore, their being moody can lead them not to show up on the beach even for days leaving the field free. Those who do not want to have neighbors will therefore find in them almost ideal ones.

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Leo – The bulky neighbors
Those born under the sign of Leo always tend to get noticed and want to be the center of attention. Having them as neighbors is therefore problematic if the intent is to relax and sunbathe in silence. Their presence will always be cumbersome both for how they move and for how and how much they talk and it cannot be excluded that they are the first to seek contact, attacking a button and thus putting an end to the need for relaxation and tranquility. It must be said, however, that if you find yourself in the position of wanting to know people, they can be the perfect people, able to involve and introduce perfect strangers to each other. It will be necessary to accept the fact that they will always and in any case have a leading role. The only way to get along without the risk of clashes and misunderstandings.

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Virgo – Awkward Neighbors
Virgo natives aren’t always good neighbors. They have the habit of observing everyone with a critical look and even letting themselves go to comments on what they see. This leads them to create an often stiff and heavy atmosphere that can ruin the typically holiday context of the beach. Their innate pessimism, of course, won’t make things any better and if you have them as neighbors, the only thing to hope for is to be able to engage them positively or find them already focused on other neighbors, which will make them immune to their neighbors. looks and the feeling of always being controlled by someone.

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Libra – Relaxing Neighbors
Those born under the sign of Libra are among the signs of the zodiac that are among the perfect umbrella neighbors. Quiet and peaceful, once on the beach they will tend to mind their own business by concentrating on reading or in some relaxing chat that you can easily enter. These are people who are always ready to show themselves friendly and with whom it is even possible to establish a good neighborly relationship where the degree of confidence will be equal to what is desired since they do not usually go further than what is offered. Having them as neighbors will therefore be one more reason to relax and never the other way around.

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Scorpio – The Mysterious Neighbors
The natives of Scorpio are mysterious people by nature. Often taciturn and thoughtful they do not tend to give who knows what confidence, remaining mostly on their own and thus avoiding unpleasant situations. If involved despite themselves they always try to show themselves available and if taken in the right way you can even establish a peaceful relationship with them, choosing whether to deepen it or not to create a friendship. We can therefore say about them that they are among the zodiac signs that it is pleasant to have an umbrella as neighbors and that they can even offer that something more thanks to their way of always being a little over the top and able to intrigue without however never exceeding in extremes that can create annoyance.

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Sagittarius – The chatty neighbors
If you want a holiday made of chatter and new friends, those born under the sign of Sagittarius turn out to be perfect umbrella neighbors. Their desire to chat with anyone leads them to strike up a conversation with stories and gossip that is always interesting to listen to. If, on the contrary, you dream of relaxation and silence, the situation could become more problematic because touchy like few do not like not feeling accepted, and in front of an attitude of closure they could show themselves hostile. Better to always show yourself willing to have a chat but then get estranged in some way to get back to your things. In this way, it will be possible to maintain a cordial relationship without the classic problems of the neighborhood.

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Capricorn – The accommodating neighbors
The natives of Capricorn are neighbors who can show themselves in different ways and a lot depends on how you meet and what are the first approaches. If things start right they can be present at the same time but always able to leave space to relax. On the contrary, they can stand on their own creating a somewhat rigid atmosphere that can be heavy for some. The trick, with them, is to be immediately friendly and helpful, putting them at ease but without opening up too much. In this way, it will be possible to better manage everything and experience a peaceful and at the same time richer summer thanks to the often interesting chatter they can offer.

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Aquarius – Invisible Neighbors
Having Aquarius-born neighbors can be an extremely relaxing experience as their need to be on their own will make them almost invisible. If in some way similar you could even find a compromise that includes the exchange of some brilliant jokes but this depends very much on the desire you have to chat. In case the main desire is to relax under the sun, it will be enough to limit yourself to a cordial greeting and continue the holidays in complete tranquility, almost deceiving yourself that you are alone thanks to the silence that usually surrounds them.

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Pisces – Cute Neighbors
Pisces natives tend to always be nice and kind to others and this is because they genuinely love to put everyone at ease. Having them as umbrella neighbors is, therefore, a pleasant experience that rarely leads to noises or moments of tension. If you want, you can also forge relationships to understand where you can get and if there are points in common you can even think of a friendship since from this point of view they are always available. We can therefore say of them that they are ideal neighbors regardless of what is expected from the days on the beach and that thanks to their imagination, in case you choose to deepen the relationships, they can offer many interesting ideas and are able to make the holidays more colorful than expected.

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