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Zodiac Signs That Give Their Friendship To Those Who Deserve It

They say it’s not about who came into your life first, or who’s been the longest. It’s about who comes and never leaves. There are friends who are like medicine, they have the gift of embracing your wounds, of listening without judging, of reminding you that you are worth it, the days are worth so much that they give you the place you deserve in everything. They are the friends who do not need material things to show you that they are in the good and the bad. On the contrary, they fill you with light, their energy is full of colors and they know how to give you the calm you need in the midst of chaos. Those are the ones who deserve your time and your vulnerable part. They are counted, the fingers of one hand are enough for you. These are the signs that give their friendship to those who deserve it and take it away from those who do not value it. 

1.- Aries 

You are the type of person who is tired of being surrounded by hypocritical people, who only want to see you fall to make fun of your advances. That is why when it comes to friendship you are very meticulous, you are not willing to give the best of yourself to someone who does not deserve even half of your time. You have learned that demanding is okay, you don’t have to settle for friends who don’t know what loyalty means. You are one of those who are committed to seeking the best, of those who seek links that inspire. You want to be sure that it can just be you, in front of that person. Someone with whom you do not hide anything, with whom you can cry, scream, laugh, someone whose secrets do not scare him, and who promises to take them to the grave. A genuine friendship, which asks for nothing, simply exists and gives you the best of company. That’s Aries, call him picky if you like, but now you know that real friends only come to you once in a lifetime.

2.- Taurus 

If you have something as clear as water, it is that it is not about being the same, you know that differences exist, but there is also a point where their coincidences make them inseparable. You are no longer for those friendships who keep up appearances, the ones who simply want you in their life to show you off as if you were a trophy. Worse yet, when they only approach you for convenience. Taurus, you are not one of those who have friends just because, you decide to include them in your life, they know that they will have your support above all else. You are one of those who puts your hands in the fire for the people you love. You like to have that support because you are very critical and demanding of yourself. So, it’s nice to have a safety valve that invites you to put your feet on the ground. Someone who helps you see life in a different way, who may not solve life for you, but who helps you paint gray days with colors. You are one of those who want long-term ties, you like to know that those few people do not fail you and that when your world falls apart, they are able to support you without asking anything.

3.- Cancer

Something that you have learned after so many disappointments is that over time you don’t lose friends, you just stay with the real ones. There are those who have the gift of disguising themselves, they come into your life in a sweet, manipulative way, and when you least realize it, you have already told them about your wounds. The bad thing is that they use it against you and that is one of the reasons why you have become quite suspicious. You like to leave the limits very clear, you may be very intense when it comes to loving, but that does not mean that you are going to have the doors wide open for anyone to break into pieces. Cancer, you are very selective, but people do not always realize it because you have the gift of listening to others. The fact that you pay attention to them does not mean that you consider them friends, you stay with those who are really loyal, those who seek a way to help you, those who applaud you for every achievement and steal your smiles in bitter moments. That’s when you put your trust and love on the silver platter.

4.- Libra 

You can’t help it, you are like a sea wave, you let people admire you, get lost in you, and appreciate your inner beauty. Without a doubt, Libra, you are one of the most beautiful signs inside, because you have the gift of empathy and generosity, you don’t think about it much when it comes to losing yourself in others. You love being the pillar of many, but that often becomes counterproductive and exhausting, because people with other intentions approach you. People who just want to absorb every last of your sighs, unloading their bad vibes, and then leave as if nothing had happened. Whatever happens, you are always there to support, but life has taught you that there are those who do not deserve it. You are no longer one of those who calls anyone a friend, now you have learned to say no, and that at the same time has freed you from so much. Now, you are with only those who calm you down and keep you away from all kinds of drama.

5.- Sagittarius

It is very clear that Sagittarius does not call everyone a friend, because they know that true friendship is in the small details. In fact, many can come into your life and promise you the sky and the stars, and then pretend that nothing happens. They are the ghost people, the ones who only play with your feelings and who in the end you realize that they had another intention, they wanted to be near you to get something in return. You are optimistic, cheerful, and persistent, hence you hope that a friendship will bring you something similar, You are not looking for a perfect bond, but you are looking for someone who understands the term loyalty. A soul that is willing to accompany you in every project of your life, even from a distance. You know that when things go wrong and tears are present, there are few people in whom you will find a shoulder to cry. You like to feel that coat and know that when things are the other way around, you will also be there for them. Those are the ones who do deserve a space in your life.

6.- Scorpio 

There are friends who remind you that life is not so bad, I am talking about those who can make you laugh until your stomach hurts and at the same time fill you with calm. Their friendship is the one that reminds you of why you started something when you feel like quitting. The truth is that Scorpio tells his friends in a thorough way, he knows that there are friendships from work, and parties and there are true friends. Those are the ones that are carried in their soul, the ones who know you so much that they are able to remember your favorite song when you had already forgotten it in the middle of a bad streak. They are the ones who heal you, the ones who do not seek to change you, they simply support you to be better every day. Sometimes, it is not about having daily conversations, friendship lives in the heart, in those times when you have a lump in your throat and all you want is to vent, you know that that person will always be willing to clean your tears. They are the ones that really keep you warm.

7.- Capricorn 

A Capricorn has cost much except that true friends are those who have always been in his life. Come on, some yes, but there are those who are just to be. Let’s say they have become part of the meetings, but deep down you know that they don’t know anything about you. They are the ones who fill their mouths saying you friend when in reality all they want is to see you fall. It hurts, and a lot, to realize that there the only thing that exists is a sad codependent relationship. For this reason, you prefer to stay with those who do know what friendship is, with those who put their values ​​first, those who do not betray, those who do not criticize, and those who do not humiliate. Capricorn stays with those who are like good books, because you don’t need to have many, just have the best ones. It’s simple, at this point the only thing a Capricorn wants is calm, he doesn’t have time to be dealing with unnecessary dramas and if he has to stay with only three people he will.

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