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These zodiac signs have difficulty making new friends

For some, it is natural to make friends and approach strangers. It is normal for some people because they are social beings from the beginning. Early in school, we find out what it’s like to make friends, exchange ideas, and get to know other people. Some of us hesitate for a long time, while others approach others fearlessly. I think we agree when I say that nobody wants to go to school without friends. Nevertheless, it is difficult for some people to understand how it can be so easy for others to find friends.

Throughout our lives, we keep finding that some friendships endure, while others fall apart after a while, leaving us either cold or heartbroken.

Some people learn it throughout their lives and have no problem making friends. Others, by nature, simply struggle with it. Here are the 3 zodiac signs that are difficult to make friends with:

1. Pisces 

There are a lot of wonderful things about you, dear fish. These are traits that draw people to you, such as the fact that you are compassionate and authentic and really nice. You are also a great listener, which many people who know you appreciate. The only thing stopping you from making (more) friends is that you can be a certain yes-man and that people are never really sure that they have the real fish in front of them. That is why there is often a lack of trust to build a friendship.

Fish are also incredibly shy, and as soon as they come out of their shell to become social, all of their neurotic tendencies come into full force. Fish definitely want to have friends but assume that nobody wants to be friends with them. This natural lack of self-esteem appears to others as a bottomless pit of need that frightens people. Fish bring too much luggage into any friendship, and in a way, their suffering is in the spotlight almost continuously. 

It is hard to be friends with someone whose entire friendship is all about the emotional baggage of the other person. So fish bring too much emotional burden, and that makes it very difficult for them to find friends or keep them for a long period of time.

2. Aquarius

Aquarius, when someone gets to know you, he realizes how friendly, comradely and interesting you are. You take care of important things and you always have something fascinating to say without ever sounding crazy or off the hook. The problem is that a lot of people don’t really see this level because your tendency to be distant and private can confuse people. You might think you’re not really interested in making friends.

Aquarius is also a more introverted and shy character, and that is exactly why it is not easy for him to find friends. When it comes to trust, he often thinks that he cannot trust anyone. Aquarians are very willing to make friends, but just as they don’t trust anyone, you can’t always trust them. Often they check their counterparts so hard that they always find things they don’t like and so the friendship is quickly rejected.

Aquarius is a bitter sign. He believes that nobody likes them and acts accordingly. In truth, nobody knows that they don’t like themselves, which in turn affects their relationships with other people.

3. Virgo

Don’t get involved with a virgin, even if it’s just a friendship.   Without doing it on purpose, virgins tend to be very private and concerned and calm. But although virgins initially struggle to find friends, they love to convince people of themselves and end up with a large group of friends. Thanks to their intellect, their thoughtfulness, their admirable modesty, their witty, and the fact that they can always make a conversation interesting, it is never boring with them. If you’re a virgin, you should just work on opening yourself up a bit more, even if it feels scary at first. That is normal!

Nobody loves friends more than the virgin, but that doesn’t mean that finding and keeping friends is easy for this sign. The virgin is also a tough sign and tends to appear with tough personality traits. Sometimes their nature discourages people and that makes it difficult for them to make friends.

For example, a virgin finds it very difficult to find friends because she is sometimes brazen and pretentious. She freely expresses her opinions and if you disagree, you can often feel the cold shoulder. But when a virgin makes friends, it’s usually for a lifetime and it’s usually just one person. This best friend already knows the virgin very well and fortunately can deal with her. 

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