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Zodiac Signs Desperate For A Relationship Ranked From Most To Least

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You are naturally wired to be in a relationship. You radiate warmth and are a natural caretaker. You are also a homebody and drawn to stability and routine. Going out there and dating around just isn’t your style and you have a hard time being single as a result. You desperately crave the stability of a relationship, so much so that you struggle to be happy without it. You have a tendency to define yourself according to your relationship status which can be unhealthy and lead you to settle for toxic relationships because it’s better than nothing. Channel your natural caretaking tendencies toward taking care of yourself and trust that you’ll find the right person at the right time.

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Your tender, sympathetic, emotional nature makes you an ideal relationship partner. You love nothing more than to take care of the ones you love, even if it comes at the expense of your own needs at times. You can’t stand dating apps and sifting through endless options like cattle. You crave a deep love and a deep connection. Sometimes this yearning can get a little too intense, bordering on neediness.

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One of your greatest fears is being alone which can cause you to monkey vine from one relationship to the next with little space in between. You easily get drunk on love and fall in love with the idea of who someone is more than who they actually are. Try to temper your desperate need for love and a companion so that you can make smarter choices from a more objective perspective, rather than diving in headfirst whenever your heart feels the slightest flutter.

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You are a serial monogamist. Going out there and playing the field just isn’t for you. You crave stability and a long-term partner. You aren’t someone who wavers in what you want, you have a clear vision in mind and when you find it, you act quickly, without hesitation. You tend to get antsy and impatient if you can’t find what you’re looking for which leads you to act out and can cause anger and resentment to build up.

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You naturally love people. You’re inherently curious and love having a partner in crime for all your adventures. You tend to feel a bit unfocused and rootless and life and seek out relationships to stabilize you. A relationship can never heal or fix you though. Try to get to the root of your feelings of doubt and aimlessness and ground yourself first.

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You are naturally confident, energetic, and passionate and have a hard time feeling complete unless you have someone that matches you at some level by your side. While at your best you are confident, you also have a self-loathing side and when this dominates, your desire for a relationship becomes even stronger and is more rooted in wanting someone to stroke your ego than wanting someone to share a life with.

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You have a lot going on at all times. Stillness just isn’t your thing. While you intensely crave a partner to share your ideas, hobbies, and visions with, you are not dominated by this need. You don’t have much room to dwell over it all day because you just have so much else happening. When your life quiets down a bit, that ache does tend to become louder.

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You are naturally suspicious and very slow to trust. You aren’t in a rush to fall in love, you move at a slow and steady pace. Protecting yourself and your heart is what matters most. When you do find the right person, you tend to go from 0-60 pretty fast and go all in. Being in a relationship is good for you and helps.

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Your freedom and wanderlust take precedence in your life. You’re so consumed by living life and getting all it has to offer that you don’t have the time to yearn for a relationship. While you love having someone by your side, it’s not something you need in order to feel OK.

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You have a pretty suspicious and cynical view of love. You like to keep yourself in control and are afraid to fully surrender yourself to emotion. When you do fall in love, you go all in and it gives you a level of depth and meaning you never understood before. You also have an overriding need to feel useful and needed and being in a relationship gives you that in a significant way.

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You are busy taking over the world. Your ambition and the pursuit of your empire occupy more than enough real estate in your mind. While you love being in a relationship and the comfort and security it provides, it’s not a need that dominates you and it’s something you can live without.

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The most independent spirit in all the zodiac, you pride yourself on how not needy you are. You love having your own space and the freedom to live life on your terms and do what you want to do when you want to do it. While you make a great partner in a relationship, there is always a part of you that misses and feels nostalgic for that freedom.

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