Zodiac Signs

How the zodiac signs deal with emotions

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There are people who hide their feelings and people who see strength in vulnerability.

We all have feelings, but nowadays some of us don’t want to show their emotional side. Sometimes this vulnerability can be a terrible thing and that’s why we think it’s better to keep it to ourselves. However, it is not always best to hide our true feelings from the world just because we are afraid that people will see our vulnerable side.

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But each zodiac sign tries to deal with emotions in a certain way and here are some of the ways they do it:


When it comes to emotional wisdom, Aries is at the top of the list. If he is emotional, he also says it clearly. But before he does that, he checks whether it will be helpful for him to be emotional at all.

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This help could range from materialistic to emotional growth. The ram remains calm most of the time and, although it could get emotional, it usually stays under control. He sometimes gets upset or angry, but these outbreaks occur in rare moments.


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For the stubborn bull, emotions are high on the list of things he is hard to handle. His emotions have a strong impact on him, but unlike most zodiac signs that hide their emotions when the bull gets emotional, he shows it too.

He cannot keep his stubbornness forever. But being emotional is never a good thing for him and when he finally realizes this he starts to express his emotions by screaming or crying.


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True feelings should remain hidden after the twins. Therefore, if you are reading a twin’s posts on social media, don’t think this is his true face. He has the ability to hide his feelings very well and can act in a certain way depending on the situation he is in at the moment.

For example, when someone annoys a twin, he behaves as if he didn’t care about that person at all. And he can do the same with people who are not close to him.


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Cancer accepts itself as it is, and accordingly accepts its emotions. He is unable to hide his feelings and this can be clearly seen in his face or his actions. He also can’t lie properly, because even lying says more about his emotions than he actually wants.

Cancer cannot control its emotions when it is angry or sad, but it is perfectly fine for it. Although there are some people who do not like cancer because it cannot handle its emotions, it is still preferred to be honest and vulnerable. Because for cancer, its emotions are its real strength.


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The proud lion doesn’t think about what effects his behavior might have on your feelings. In general, the lion wants to be unique because he knows that there is nothing that can stop him from showing his true face to the world.

Because that’s the best way to show your strength. That is why it is a kind of strength for the lion when he expresses his feelings honestly. Also, sometimes he will want to show some emotion for no reason just to get a reaction from other people.


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The virgin leads a fairly active life and since she is so busy she doesn’t feel the need to unravel her secrets. She believes it is much better to keep the secrets to yourself.

If she happens to reveal too much about herself, she will be in a very difficult situation. But the virgin is so busy with her work that such situations never really arise.


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If you have ever got to know a scale, you have certainly found that it looks cold and shows no vulnerability. But as such a person, she also wants to present herself to the world. There is a big difference between the inner and outer scales. It is in the habit of rethinking and over-analyzing.

Although she doesn’t reveal it, she struggles a lot with her emotions and thoughts. If she feels very comfortable in your presence, it may open, but by then you should be ready to deal with her cold, hard shell. But for a person who thinks so much, the scales can be very vulnerable.


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The scorpion keeps its deepest emotions in its heart. If you try to learn more about his secrets, chances are that you will never be able to do it. He’s very good at hiding behind a mask, and even if you notice something is wrong, he won’t trust you enough to confide in you.

For scorpions, exposing their weaknesses means showing the world that they are vulnerable. That is why they prefer to keep their hard core rather than show that they are weak.


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The shooter is a fairly open person. It can be pretty scary when he starts talking openly about his feelings, but that’s just his real face. For him, vulnerability is not a sign of weakness, but he sees it as a way to grow.

It’s okay for most of us to be open, but only with people we feel comfrtable with, such as B. with our friends. The shooter tackles this problem practically because he knows that all people were strangers before they became friends. This makes him very flexible so that he goes through life openly and honestly.


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For Capricorn, control and maturity means everything. He is not someone willing to follow his emotions unless he knows how to keep them under control. Because of this, it could appear a little immature and for an ibex immaturity is the worst quality. Even if he knows why he feels in a certain way, he is not ready to share it with other people.

However, it could open in certain situations, such as B. in a dispute. But because of his nature, he will keep his feelings under control. So even if he reveals a secret to you, you need to understand that he has entrusted you feelings that he is sure to keep under control.


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Aquarius is pretty good at deceiving people when it comes to revealing their secrets. He is very accommodating and will tell you certain information about himself when he gets to know you. Even if it may seem honest to you, it really is not.

While you may feel that he trusts you, his closest friends disagree. Aquarius has a special talent, namely to choose when to be vulnerable.


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Fish are associated with people and their way of life. On a personal level, they’re pretty good at controlling their emotions. They will keep most of their emotions hidden within themselves, but if something makes them angry or sad, they may open up a little.

It is perfectly normal for fish to establish a certain connection with humans, and they understand other people’s emotions more than their own. Fish lose control very quickly and tend to become vulnerable when other people’s feelings enter their lives. This is why it is more difficult for fish to deal with other people’s feelings than with their own.

Each zodiac sign has its own way of dealing with your feelings, but it is necessary to know that sometimes it is best to show your feelings so that you can better deal with life. So when it comes to emotions, as with everything, balance is key.

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