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The zodiac signs that confuse partner and mother

According to the stars, some zodiac signs tend to associate the maternal affective relationship with the sentimental one with the partner.

Do you find it surreal to see in your partner your mother? Yet it doesn’t seem like an unusual trend for 4 zodiac signs. The stars reveal the reason behind this trend.

In the search for the ideal woman, some men tend to look for some characteristics in their partner that their mother possesses. They have undoubtedly developed a very strong bond with their mother and separating from her is too difficult to the point of finding a way out. They unconsciously choose a partner who reminds them of their mother. These men usually belong to these 4 zodiac signs.

Here are the zodiac signs that confuse partner and mother

The reasons why we end up falling in love with a person are different. Sometimes groping in the dark among many different women, men who idealized their mother in childhood use her as a measure of reference. The more the partner resembles her mother, the more she will think she is perfect. After all, the mother figure is reassuring and security is often sought in relationships.

Here are the 4 signs that look for the mother figure in your partner:


Aries tend to form a special bond with their mother. Over the years he has preserved this relationship from everything. If he has a problem he is the first person he calls to feel comforted. This sign tends to reproduce the same behavior with the partner. His partner must be caring, present, and listen to him.


The Taurus native develops a strong attachment to his family. In particular, he associates the family with the figure of the mother and tries to reproduce the same special relationship with a partner. Taurus is also very habitual. If the mother has accustomed him in a certain way she will find it difficult to adapt to a new condition, she will therefore want to keep the same line. If it was the mother who took care of specific things, now she is the partner who will have to do it. This is why this sign may react badly if asked to help around the house instead of lounging on the sofa.


Cancer is a sensitive and emotional man. This sign develops a bond with the sea that goes beyond time and distance. He’s the classic man who calls his mother several times a day because he can’t help but keep this connection tight. The Cancer man falls in love with a woman who reminds him of his mother. His great sensitivity drives him to seek constant reassurance and like a child, he needs his mother’s approval on an ongoing basis to keep his self-esteem from wavering.


Even the native of Capricorn usually boasts a beautiful relationship with his mother so that before deciding whether to get serious he introduces his partner to his mother and asks her for an opinion. His mother’s judgment is the purest for him. Likewise, if his mother disapproves of leaving her partner, he will not. Even if the native of this sign appears cold and a little insensitive, always dedicated to work, in reality, he has a very tender heart and much need to receive love. If you sometimes lose track of Capricorn you can be sure that you find him at his mother’s house.

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