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Find out which zodiac signs are great friends and which ones are not at all.

Friendship, these days, is seen more and more as a precious and difficult to find treasure. Relationships are increasingly superficial and despite being surrounded by people, real and virtual, the sense of loneliness is always strong because at the base what is missing is the complicity combined with the feeling of being understood and accepted simply for what one is. But what are the characteristics of a true friend? These can vary from person to person, based on individual needs and the very idea of ​​friendship. However, some basic characteristics apply to everyone, and they are those that make a person a potential friend who can be trusted. These include sincerity, empathy, listening skills, honesty, and a desire to share. Features to which must be added a sincere affection that makes friendship a unique and impossible to replicate relationship.

Not everyone has these qualities and some of them depend on the character, experiences, and other factors that are sometimes difficult to understand. What is certain, however, is that at least in part, even the stars can make a difference, making a person more or less suitable to be a good friend. Starting from this assumption, after having seen what are the characteristics of those born under the sign of Libra and which are the most provident zodiac signs, today we will discover which are the ones who turn out to be very good friends and which ones are not at all. Since these are feelings and emotions that you feel deep down, the advice is to check the profile of the ascendant of the sign you are interested in, to have a more precise idea about the type of friend that could be.

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Horoscope: the zodiac signs who are very good friends and those who are not at all

Aries – Playmates but not friends
Those born under the sign of Aries are people constantly taken by themselves and always looking for new stimuli. This way of leading them not to be great friends since in case of need they would not hesitate for a moment to think about their advantage and all even at the cost of hurting those at their side. On the other hand, they are easy-going people, who are nice and who always know how to say and do the right things at the right time. A feature that makes them a great company as long as you don’t fully rely on them. The risk of disappointment would be around the corner.

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Taurus – Great Longtime Friends
Taurus natives are people who are very attached to values ​​such as love and friendship, which makes them potential great friends. Good confidants, patient, and always ready to spend for others are a presence that tends to be constant as well as relaxing. To be able to express themselves at their best, however, they need to be particularly close to those they consider friends. In general, they tend to have little trust in others, which leads them to not particularly bond with those they have recently known. Their sense of friendship is therefore only valid for those who have known them for a long time and can call themselves longtime friends. Everyone else, they are acquaintances with good potential but still without any certainty.

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Gemini – Friends but not for everyone
Those born under the sign of Gemini have a particular vision of the world and this leads them to forge ever-changing relationships. While they are friendly and always well disposed towards others, on the other hand, they need to feel somehow connected to someone before considering them a friend. Dealing with lotus is certainly a stimulating thing but one must be careful before talking about friendship. Unless they have sworn eternal loyalty or have established a bond that is difficult to cancel, they are highly fickle people and therefore not very suitable to be considered for a friendship destined to last over time.

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Cancer – Friends Difficult to Treat
Cancer natives would have all the characteristics to be considered good friends. From theirs, however, they have a temperament that makes any kind of relationship difficulties, including friendships. Susceptible as few and moody as few they tend to take it out on even the smallest things, sulking or closing in on themselves and all without the possibility of changing things. For this reason, even when the bond of friendship seems to be the best, you can never let your guard down. With them, you can never know how things will go in a few hours and nothing excludes that the relationship itself can come to an end due to even a small misunderstanding. This is why it’s okay to make friends with them but without too many illusions about the future.

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Leo – Friends as long as they share the same thoughts
Those born under the sign of Leo are inclined to think first of themselves and only then of others. Nonetheless, if they care about someone, they know how to carve out a special space for them and can make them feel appreciated and well-liked. To ensure that this happens and that the friendship is sincere and lasting, it is essential, however, that we go in the same direction. As friends, they are not willing to accept completely different ways of thinking from their own and, at the same time, they need to feel important to the people they choose to dedicate themselves. It is therefore a relationship with precise constraints and rules and able to last only as long as these are fulfilled.

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Virgo – Good friends but for few
Virgo natives, despite their temper, know how to be good friends. This mode, however, is not valid for everyone but only for people who choose to show themselves to them in the most sincere way possible. To this must be added common interests and the possibility of dating for a long time. When all the requirements are met, then you can count on their sincere friendship and for which they are also willing to spend themselves extensively. However, we must be careful not to disappoint them because in this case, they can turn away and end every relationship forever.

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Libra – Great friends
Those born under the sign of Libra are very keen on interpersonal relationships that they try to heal in every respect and with all the care they can. When they believe that a person is their friend, they give themselves as they can and always show themselves very happy to do their best to make them happy. We can therefore say of them that they are among the zodiac signs that are in all respects, excellent friends. Faithful, sincere, and always willing to listen and give advice, if necessary they are also willing to fight for the people they care about and when they do they show so resolute that they frighten anyone. On the other hand, however, they need to feel important and if this does not happen they are ready to say it without too many ceremonies, albeit with the elegance that has always distinguished them.

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Scorpio – Very Good Friends
The natives of Scorpio even though they have a reputation for being cold and insensitive people, actually hide a big heart. Very attached to values ​​such as friendship, when they trust someone to the point of considering him a friend, they open their hearts to him, letting him enter their world. Among the zodiac signs, they are probably the best friends you could want, always ready to be a point of reference, to give strength, to be there even in the worst moments, and above all to give sincerity and fidelity as few other people could do. The loyalty that they expect in return and without which they could end up any type of relationship, being for them one of the most important values ​​ever.

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Sagittarius – Pet friends
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are always cheerful people who love to be among people. Because of this, they tend to surround themselves with many friends and like to think they have more social relationships than they can handle. The truth, however, is that although they are sincere people and true companions, they do not always manage to be sincere friends. In fact, in life they tend to judge a little too much and take it for things without too much importance, coming to question even important relationships and all just because they are touchy in their way. Although they boast many friends, therefore, they are not among the best that can be had within the zodiac. A problem that they often face is when relationships that they believed to be stable end up collapsing due to some of their shortcomings.

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Capricorn – Important Friends
The natives of Capricorn love the idea of ​​having friends very much and it can be said that in some ways they could not live without them. While they are always busy with work and personal affairs, they never draw to meet a friend for coffee or to feel on the phone with the people they think are most important. This makes them friends who are always present, albeit in a different way from what one might think. The truth is that although they are not always constant, when they care about someone they always manage to find time and this places them among the most valid friends of the zodiac: those who, albeit with unconventional methods and timing, always prove willing to put themselves at stake in favor of a relationship that they consider important.

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Aquarius – Distant friends
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are too self-centered to be counted among the best friends of the zodiac. Interested in living as they like, they only make themselves available if it is part of their plans and pleases them. For the rest, they can make excuses of all kinds and everything because they are not comfortable in relating with others and this is also true with those who, at least in theory, should be their closest friends. Sociable and interesting, they know how to be the center of attention but do not have the desire necessary to establish important human relationships and maintain them.

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Pisces – irreplaceable friends
The natives of Pisces are among the best friends of the zodiac. Always able to capture the emotions of the people they love even from a distance, they always know how to make themselves available, offer their support and act as confidants. For them, friendship is an important value and they show it at all times. Having them as friends is, therefore, a great fortune to be preserved at any cost. No one will ever be as ready to listen as they are, willing to keep secrets, to console when there is a need and to rejoice in every beautiful moment experienced. Their goodness of mind also makes them extremely generous people and always ready to offer their help to improve the lives of the people they love and therefore always want to see happiness.

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