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How Zodiac Signs Behave In A Large Company

Find out how your zodiac sign affects your sociability!

For someone, communication in a large company becomes a real challenge, while someone, on the contrary, feels like a fish in water, talking to several people at the same time or even capturing the attention of all those present at once. There are those who, being formally present, remain aloof and observe those around them.

Attitude towards crowded gatherings and demeanor at various kinds of events largely depends on our zodiacal affiliation. And today Passion.ru tells how the representatives of the zodiac signs behave in a large company.

I would like to remind you that people born from the 1st to the 18th are considered “pure” signs, and the rest are influenced by the previous or next sign – both in personality characteristics and in astrological predictions. And this must be taken into account.


How Aries behave

Aries woman uses her appearance in large companies in order to show off, demonstrate her attractiveness and acquire a number of regular fans . At the same time, there she, as a rule, tries to communicate exclusively with men, and if she talks with ladies, then she does it so that all representatives of the opposite love involuntarily listen to what she is broadcasting at the moment. Aries woman loves crowded gatherings and does not miss the opportunity to hang out.

Aries man is used to being in the spotlight, so even if there are 30 people around, it is not difficult for him to become the “highlight of the program”. It is simply impossible to ignore him – a well-delivered commanding voice blocks all conversations, and those present involuntarily stop communicating with each other and begin to follow what Aries is saying. In addition, he loves to teach everyone, puts pressure on others with authority, gives advice. He doesn’t care how many people are there, all people for him are the target audience.

How Taurus behave

Taurus woman enjoys attending crowded gatherings, but does not like to stand out. She behaves quietly and intelligently, calmly communicates with those whom she knows best, delicately makes new acquaintances and does not seek to be in the spotlight. However, at the same time, they listen to her words, many try to talk to her in private, to enlist her sympathy and get advice from her, especially with regard to finances and housekeeping.

Taurus men, as a rule, in large companies are trying to establish their own rules. He imposes topics for conversation on those around him, and if the reception takes place on his territory, he often limits the time of communication. He gets offended if he is ignored and gets angry when those present talk about what he does not understand. In addition, it is simply impossible to argue with him – he rests with a horn, even if he is wrong around. By the way, a young Taurus in such a situation easily gets into a fight.


How Gemini behave

Gemini women feel great in large companies, because communication is their sphere. They gossip with pleasure, even about those present, share new information and eagerly absorb everything that they did not know before. They flirt without a second thought, that is, they do not try to establish a love relationship, but simply “train” so as not to lose qualifications. If dances are provided for at the event , then the Gemini ladies spend a lot of time on the dance floor, involving in this activity those who stubbornly support the wall.

Male twins in large companies often become the “star of the program”, telling real or fictional stories, caustically commenting on the behavior of others and bullying those who are unable to stand up for themselves. They arrange a theater for one actor, and those who watched this action remember these performances for a long time. Gemini men do not tolerate when someone tries to interrupt them or draws attention to themselves, for this you can become their enemy for a long time or a target for the next jokes.


How Cancers behave

Cancer woman visits crowded companies only when necessary, and if you can ignore a corporate party, some kind of reception or gathering of classmates, she will not go there. She does not like gatherings of unfamiliar people, the only noisy events that give her pleasure are meetings with relatives and very close friends (birthdays, weddings, New Years). In other cases, her presence is purely nominal and formal, she tries to merge with the situation and, as a rule, very reluctantly participates in general conversations.

Cancer man does not like crowded gatherings, he tries to avoid parties, he is more comfortable in the company of two or three people whom he knows very well. He would rather arrange home gatherings with quiet conversations than go to have fun with a large company. If he is forced to attend such an event, then he prefers to be silent and listen, drawing conclusions and making up his opinion about others. However, if he needs to attract someone’s attention, then he will brilliantly cope with this, overcoming internal resistance.

How Leos behave

Leo woman enjoys being in large companies, she literally reigns – those around her are looking for her attention, sensitively listening to what she says, even if she does not raise her voice. For her, crowded gatherings are a reason to show off her outfit, wit and talents, and she does not make any special efforts, she does it all quite naturally. In addition, she periodically retires with the elite for private conversations, and many of those present are looking forward to such moments.

Male Leo feels very harmonious in large companies, and it is hard not to notice him. He may not be silent for a minute, as he hates awkward pauses and silent absorption of food and drinks. He talks about everything he knows, what he has seen lately, about his hobbies. He doesn’t care what to discuss, the main thing is that there is no oppressive silence. And, as a rule, those around him are grateful for this. However, at the same time, Leo sometimes behaves like a capricious child or like a mentor, that is, he likes it when everyone fusses around him and obeys him unconditionally.


How Virgos behave

Virgo woman does not shy away from large companies, but behaves calmly and with dignity in them. She does not seek to be in the spotlight, she just needs to find an interlocutor with whom she can quietly discuss what she is really interested in, and let the rest do what they want. True, she is periodically naughty – she can refuse the food offered to her or, in the midst of a party, declare that it is time for her to sleep, and enjoys when others vying to persuade her to eat or discourage her from leaving early.

Virgo man in large companies rarely attracts attention, he sits in a corner and enjoys watching those present, and then discusses their behavior with one of his close friends. He loves to gossip, so crowded parties are primarily a source of rumors for him. In addition, he loves delicious food, and while the others talk, “Vaska listens and eats.” And only sometimes he “breaks through”, and he begins to teach everyone.


How Libra behaves

Libra-woman adores large companies, in them she feels like a fish in water, being both a mass entertainer and the most active participant in any entertainment. She fools around, draws everyone around into the fun, is interesting. For her, crowded gatherings are an opportunity to unwind and throw off the accumulated negativity from herself. She will never invite two or three friends to a party – for her the more people, the better, and if she finds herself in an unfamiliar society, as a result, she acquires several new friends and girlfriends.

Libra man feels great in large companies. He runs from one present to another, communicates, brags about his achievements and plays to the audience in all available ways. Sometimes he arranges something out of the ordinary, but only if he overdoes it with alcohol , and in the usual state he keeps himself within the bounds of decency, since he is very dependent on someone else’s opinion and is afraid of losing face.


How Scorpios behave

The Scorpio woman does not really like big companies, but does not refuse to hang out, as she often uses others to achieve her goals, and in an informal setting it is much easier to do this – people are relaxed and not inclined to resist. In addition, at crowded events, she replenishes her collection of psychological portraits and sometimes amuses herself by knocking together individuals who are not very pleasant to her or intriguing those present, pushing those present to the actions she needs.

Scorpio-man in large companies often depicts a “knight of the sad image”. He is mysteriously silent or begins to complain about life to everyone who is ready to listen to him and has not yet “sent” him. He can alternately pester everyone present with the same story, and so that they do not refuse to listen to his story, he catches others one by one and shares information in a dramatic whisper. In addition, Scorpio regularly uses crowded gatherings for energy replenishment – he is a ” vampire ” in full and after such parties for a long time he feels cheerful and light like a bird.


How Sagittarius behave

Sagittarius woman dominates in large companies. She purposefully gathers a crowded society around herself in order to feel her power over others. It is she who decides how those present will have fun, what they will eat and drink. Moreover, it is useless to argue with her – she is so authoritarian that it is possible to force her to deviate from the intended plan only by cunning. In addition, she notices all the nuances of the behavior of her acquaintances and, so that the people do not relax, regularly gives out stinging remarks.

The Sagittarius man fits perfectly into any crowded company. He is a big child , so he has fun loudly and heartily, infecting everyone around him with his mood. In addition, he is an excellent storyteller, and since his life is full of adventures, everyone present listens with pleasure to his stories. Sagittarius knows a lot of tales and anecdotes, and no matter how many people are around, he will not leave anyone indifferent, since the themes of his stories are very diverse.

How Capricorns behave

A Capricorn woman is rarely seen in large companies, unless it is a meeting of people united by some practical purpose. And even if she appears at crowded gatherings of an entertainment nature, she tries to get the maximum possible benefit from her visit. She makes new business acquaintances and listens carefully to conversations, extracting information from them, which can then be used in everyday life or at work. And at the same time, her appearance does not go unnoticed by others – the Capricorn lady dresses very extravagantly for publication.

Capricorn man does not waste time visiting crowded companies if the purpose of the gathering is purely entertainment. He appears at such events only when, in the process of communicating with those present, he can solve some urgent issues for him. At the same time, he ignores individuals useless for him, showing respect and even friendliness only to those in need. The rest, at best, get an indifferent nod in the form of a greeting.


How Aquarius behave

Aquarius woman loves big companies. She easily communicates with everyone present, shares her opinion and her experience. She will find a common language with everyone, so neither she nor her interlocutors are bored. It is interesting that if, when communicating, she prefers to be entertained, then in a crowded society she changes beyond recognition – she likes to play the first violin, she gets great pleasure when everyone listens only to her. In addition, in a large company, she is mainly impressed by the attention of strangers and unfamiliar people, and not close friends.

Aquarius man perceives big companies as a stage on which to showcase their artistry and their talents to many. He shows tricks, sticks to others with long monologues (the topic depends on his mood ), plays mini-performances. In addition, he often and with pleasure argues, involving everyone present in this process. By the way, it is impossible to argue with him – he is not looking for the truth in a dispute, but proves that he is competent in any questions.


How Pisces behave

Pisces women in large companies try not to attract increased attention, but, as a rule, they do not succeed well. Everyone tries to communicate with them in private, or at least stand next to them, they are involved in all the entertainment and business conversations, they are asked for advice . Dame-Pisces is embarrassed by such excitement around their person, they quickly get tired of it, but, nevertheless, deep down they are pleased with it, so they rarely refuse to attend crowded gatherings and do not avoid those who are drawn to them.

Pisces men feel quite normal in large companies, moreover, they are accustomed to being the youngest among those present, as they know how to gain the respect of the older generation. They are consulted and have serious conversations, even in the midst of general amusement. In addition, they often turn out to be peacemakers, pacify especially raging individuals, calm down ladies who are hysterical. In general, Pisces are welcome guests at any crowded gatherings, and they are impressed by it.

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