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This is how the zodiac signs behave when they intend to end a relationship

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An Aries who wants to end the relationship is likely to focus on expanding their independence and controlling what they can and what they have, instead of spending more time on something that just doesn’t work. It will be difficult for him to see things from his partner’s perspective. That is why he will isolate himself more and more from him.

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The bull is a sign that sometimes makes relationships challenging. While they excel in leadership and determination, they are stubborn and narrow-minded. Where the bull once held up its partner, it now seems as if it has stalled somewhat and deviated from the encouraging conversations. However, if their feelings change, bulls could also start working on an exit strategy.

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To be a twin does not mean to have a split personality, as the symbol of the twins would imply. Rather, it means that they have a wide range of interests and passions that are lively and constantly changing. This also means that they can be undecided, especially when they are no longer so sure. If they want to break up, they are likely to be a little flirtatious and open to others, communicate openly and freely with their closest friends, and leave their partners in the dark.

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Cancer is dominated by its emotions and cannot really hide them. His smile can light up a room and his tears can break the strongest hearts, which is why they are so intuitive in relationships. Sadness, anger and frustration will manifest and it will be difficult to hide from others. With all the emotions that can be felt before a separation, many partners usually do not cope.

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The lion will strive for excellence in a healthy relationship and devote himself wholeheartedly to any challenge he can take on. While he gives a sense of security and pride when the relationship is going on, things will feel different when he feels that the relationship is stalling in some way. This will create a feeling of frustration as the lion is used to getting what it wants, even when it comes to partnership.

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The pursuit of perfection is often the doom. This can lead to repeated attempts to fix something that simply cannot be repaired. The virgin will then close more and become almost cold and present a front that is extremely striking for her partner. This will be a breeding ground for the lack of trust and communication, which will ultimately bring a relationship to a standstill for both partners.

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Those who were born under the sign of Libra are known to get along with most people because they are casual and social. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have a problem with it when they feel that a relationship is going downhill. The problem that Libra will face is the effort it makes to make everyone else in their lives happy, including their partner. Feelings of loneliness and personal insecurity will arise if she doesn’t spend enough time on herself.

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A scorpion is committed and passionate about its partner. On the other hand, he can quickly turn around if he suspects fraud. He will likely be cold and distant when it comes to a relationship that is coming to an end. He will refuse to show any kind of vulnerability, be it through open emotions or communication. However, it will not be difficult to say what he feels, as this will be pretty meaningful in itself.

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The shooter will likely go forward and focus on his own needs to find a partner who can deal with him better. He will start to measure his partner against higher standards and reject him if he does not agree or needs to move in another direction.

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Ibex often adhere to the highest standards of all signs. They are likely to express themselves when their partner does not see things as they see them, which leads to unnecessary tension. An ibex is known to be tough on its partner when it feels that things are not working. He could even resort to manipulation.

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When the feeling is gone, Aquarius becomes more distant and seems to slowly disappear from the life of his partner. He is unlikely to try to fix the relationship. Communication isn’t exactly what you can expect from him, and if things are really over, Aquarius may end up being hard to find.

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A fish does not take criticism well. He will likely show signs of bad luck instead of eating everything in and he will express his frustration. This becomes even more extreme when he is connected to his partner on a deep emotional level, but realizes that the relationship is no longer working. He will behave as if his life would no longer make sense and try to withdraw, even if he cannot always do it consistently.

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