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Find out which zodiac signs have the worst timing when it comes to love.

Falling in love is one of the greatest magic there is. Suddenly you find yourself at the mercy of completely new feelings, you feel your heart beating wildly, you act differently from what you think and you always have only one person in mind, the same person who suddenly seems to have become the center of our world. From here to feel the desire to spend as much time as possible with your loved one, takes a moment and this often leads to trying to get to know each other better, flirting, or even choosing to declare oneself. In these cases, however, there is a detail that may or may not play in favor of those who find themselves in love and it is timing. Acting at the right time can make a big difference just as the exact opposite can risk ruining everything, especially when the feelings aren’t clear enough to be caught on the other side. Since also knowing how to seize the right moment in which to act can depend on the stars, today after having seen which zodiac signs are made to live at night and which are the weak points of the various signs according to medical astrology, we will find out which signs have bad timing in love and which ones, on the other hand, are more careful or lucky. Since this is a delicate topic linked to feelings, the advice is always to check the profile of the ascendant to have a clearer idea of ​​the situation.


Horoscope: the zodiac signs with bad timing in love and those who do quite well

Aries – Those with good enough timing

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Those born under the sign of Aries don’t leave time to time, they are always alert, alert, and ready to act quickly when faced with a situation of interest to them. This makes them people with good timing in love. When they have feelings for someone, they tend to study him, trying to grasp every detail and every clue that helps them understand when and how to act. And since when it comes to action, they are practically unbeatable, you can consider them without problems from this point of view and therefore able to get along very well with anyone they are in front of.

Taurus – Those with average timing

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Taurus natives are romantic and this leads them to get overwhelmed by feelings too easily. When they fall in love, therefore, the risk is to lose a little bit of the head and with it part of the rationality that has always distinguished them. This causes them to find themselves awkward in expressing their feelings, perhaps missing out on golden opportunities that may never return. Fortunately, these are drops that occur only at particular moments in life and that are normally supported by a capacity to react that allows them to act in time. For this reason, it can be said of them that they fall within the zodiac signs with an average timing and the ability to understand if and where they are wrong, almost always remedying them.

Gemini – Those with borderline timing Those

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born under the sign of Gemini are extremely difficult to predict. Even they struggle to understand if and when they will act on certain occasions and love is one of these if not the most at risk. When feelings come into play they end up going into confusion, going through multiple modalities, and moving from those who want to act to those who prefer to wait. Sometimes they even manage to step back immediately after acting at the right time. As always unpredictable they certainly know how to surprise the person they are interested in. Whether this happens at the right time or not is all to be seen.

Cancer – Those who wait for the timing of others

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The natives of Cancer, in addition to not having good timing, do not even try to change things, always hoping that the first move will be the person they like. Partly out of insecurity and partly driven by the curiosity to see how things are going, they prefer to remain motionless and observe what others are doing. This makes them one of the worst-timed signs of love. One thing, however, they seem not to worry about, confident that they do not need to act and that they can afford the luxury of waiting for others.

Leo – Those with excellent timing

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For those born under the sign of Leo, timing is everything and this means that even in love they are used to studying the situation well, always choosing how and when to act and everything without ever making a mistake in blow. This probably depends on the habit they have at work where they always act quickly, think quickly and relate to others with a confident air. A way of doing that they gladly take on even in everyday life and that makes them people ready in spirit and certainly among those who have excellent timing both in love and in all situations in which to act is the only possible choice.

Virgo – Those with mediocre timing

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Those born under the sign of Virgo are quite self-centered and this leads them to not know how to properly consider the timing of those around them. For this reason, it is really difficult to consider him people with good timing in love and this despite having all the credentials to be so. Endowed with acumen and a great spirit of observation, they tend to take their time ignoring the situation in which they find themselves and most of the time end up acting either too soon or when it is too late. A situation that, however, does not seem to afflict them that much. Maybe because they know that it would take a little more effort to succeed?

Libra – Those with the right timing

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Those born under the sign of Libra are very attentive to the emotions of those around them and this leads them to understand rather quickly when it is time or not to act, especially when it comes to feelings. Whether they choose to do so or not is another story that is linked to their way of being and feeling things. With the necessary exceptions, they can therefore be considered among the signs that they have good timing in love and that almost always choose to indulge it, thus managing to get what they want. In other cases, and that is when they prefer to remain still despite everything, they tend not to have regrets, certain that when it is destined, things, even if late, tend to materialize.

Scorpio – Those with sufficient timing

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The natives of Scorpio are so mysterious and particular that they always have different times and ways, especially when it comes to love. Attentive to those around them, they love to show themselves as much as possible for what they are, avoiding situations that could lead to misunderstandings. This means that they often and willingly find themselves faced with situations in which, although they can act at the right times, they end up hastening them. Fortunately, these are only occasional situations because when they do not let themselves be captured by instinct and think a little, they also know how to manage things to put in place sufficient timing to make them have the desired success and not only in love.

Sagittarius – Those with swinging timing

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Those born under the sign of Sagittarius have swinging timing that tends to vary based on the circumstances and the people in front of them. Often unpredictable, they often grope around, trying to get what they want without caring too much about others. This way of doing things often leads them to lose sight of the right times, making them late even in love and, consequently, not to act on time. On the other hand, when they commit themselves they always know how to catch the ball. For these reasons, it can be said of them that they have a fluctuating timing and that they need some work on themselves to be refined and improved.

Capricorn – Those With Poor Timing

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The natives of Capricorn are pretty bad when it comes to timing, probably among the worst in the zodiac. This depends on their world made up only of commitments and tasks to be done that prevent them from really listening to others, always making them arrive late. All this also occurs in love where, even if they commit themselves, they never manage to grasp the right times, moving too soon or too late. An aspect that is difficult to change because to do so they should review their entire lifestyle and the way they live and relate to situations.

Aquarius – Those with average timing

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Those born under the sign of Aquarius do not have a great interest in others and this leads them to not give importance to relationships and technical times to make them go well. The rare time someone catches their attention, they don’t care what to do but move instinctively, trying to do only what makes them feel good and avoid anything they perceive as a nuisance. Luckily, they have an insight on their side that leads them to catch the right times and move accordingly. An amazing thing if you think that they do not care at all about this aspect and that it would be enough to commit a minimum to know how to move in an exemplary way. But that’s also part of their charm after all.

Pisces – Those with variable timing

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As dreamers as they are, those born under the sign of Pisces tend to have manners that change often and that mostly follow their mood and the feelings they experience from time to time. This means that in love they do not always shine for timing and this is even if they always try to commit themselves to the maximum. Of them, it must be said, however, that they always know how to be forgiven for any mistakes and that their way of leading them to learn from the mistakes made so that the next time they find themselves doing better even as regards the timing to which they do not they always manage to keep up as they would like.

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