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Zodiac Sign: What Is Your Gemstone

Star Sign: What Is Your Gemstone?

Each Star Sign corresponds to a precious stone. Get to know him quickly!

Star Sign: What Is Your Gemstone
Star Sign: What Is Your Gemstone

Precious stones, an ancestral fascination

Many civilizations exploited precious stones according to their way of life. The Egyptians knew how to work emerald, amethyst, and lapis lazuli; the latter was used in particular for the manufacture of amulets, guaranteeing the protection of the gods. In India, it was discovered that it was possible to cut and crimp them. MayasAztecs, and Incas adorn their clothes with them. Greeks and Romans were the first to associate their divinities with mineral powers. Having long been attached to religion and divine authority, gemstones have been used by rulers to emphasize their power. Today, they still generate the same fascination. Used in lithotherapy for their beneficial effects on health, they carry with them a part of eternity. When we are chosen instinctively, they indicate our mood of the moment … Quickly discover which gemstone is associated with your astrological sign.

The star sign of Aries, your gemstone is ruby

It is attributed to the virtues of power, courage, and vitality. He would have the power to shine in the dark. It exalts feelings and gives energy to the ambitious. To overcome fatigue or to embolden yourself, wear a ruby. But if you are angry, you better let go. Otherwise, the effects of your violence could backfire on you. It also keeps bad dreams and melancholy away

The symbols of the ruby: are daring, impetuosity, instinct.
The other stones of Aries: are red jasper, blood, red carnelian, onyx, and amethyst.

Star Sign: What Is Your Gemstone
Star Sign: What Is Your Gemstone

The star sign of Taurus, your gemstone is the emerald

Spring stone, illustrates the rebirth of nature, the return to life. In Egypt, it evoked Serapis, the god of fertility, while among the Romans, where it was associated with Venus, it favored romantic encounters. To discover the face of the loved one in a dream, it was slipped under the pillow. Stone of memory and remembrance, you will never forget the face of the person who gave it to you. It helps children avoid nightmares and is supposed to reveal your good and bad qualities.

The symbols of the emerald: are abundance, art, and understanding.
The other Taurus stones are golden topaz, rose quartz, orange carnelian agate, and chalcedony.

Zodiac sign Gemini, your gemstone is sapphire

By its color, it was associated with the sky and the element Air, to the point of confusing it with lapis lazuli. Sapphire was the stone of the popes because it allowed the link between the earth and the celestial spirits. Used to protect against the evil eye, it was credited with the power to cure the plague and cure eye disease. Symbol of royalty, the sapphire hates lies. He chases away anger, takes the trouble to put things into perspective, and always knows how to get to the point. By wearing it, you will prolong your moments of happiness.

The symbols of sapphire: are carefree, imagination, and seduction.
The other Gemini stones are agate, green aventurine, chrysoprase, beryl, and topaz.

The star sign of Cancer, your gemstone is lapis lazuli

Among the Egyptians, who used it to make their scarabs and protect themselves against poisoning, it represented the color of the gods. If you have an artistic soul, you will find inspiration wearing or looking at this stone. She does not like ambiguous situations and helps to find quick solutions. She appreciates strong but cordial personalities. They say it helps to have discernment. It promotes luck and protects you from unpleasant financial surprises

The symbols of lapis lazuli: are sensitivity, intuition, and protection.
The other stones of Cancer: are tiger eye, rock crystal, chalcedony, topaz, and moonstone.

The star sign of Leo, your gemstone is the diamond

Symbol of perfection, the stone of the gods radiates and seduces by its luminosity, brilliance, and transparency. The diamond is a gift to be earned and requires that one is worthy to wear it. This is why it often adorns engagement rings, a symbol of a future commitment. It is the pledge of eternity and conjugal harmony. Its virtues are innumerable, in particular that of multiplying your forces. But like the mirror effect, it always refers you to the consequences of your actions and forces you to take responsibility for them.

The symbols of the diamond: are luxury, glory, and authority.
The other stones of the Lion: are amber, yellow quartz, jasper, and ruby.

Star Sign: What Is Your Gemstone
Star Sign: What Is Your Gemstone

Virgo zodiac sign, your gemstone is the opal

Because it does not have a crystal structure, the opal can take on various colors, but only when light reaches the gem. By itself, it contains the rainbow. It is said that this stone can hide, forcing you to look for it in every nook and cranny. It is recommended never to confront it with another stone. If you are offered an opal, you will experience happy moments. If you happen to dream about it, luck will smile on you.

The symbols of opal: are devotion, adaptability, and perfection.
The other stones of the Virgin: are yellow agate, pink jasper, garnet, jasper, and emerald.

My star sign Libra, your gemstone is jade

Because of its beauty when chiseled, it was considered, in China, as the noblest mineral. By itself, jade united the five virtues of Confucius: benevolence, loyalty, righteousness, decorum, and wisdom. In Mexico, the Olmecs slipped it like a heart into funeral urns while in New Caledonia, fathers exchanged their daughters for this stone. If you watch it, you will experience a sense of calm. It additionally causes you to make your fantasies materialize.
The symbols of jade: justice, union, beauty.
The other stones of Libra: are opal, smoky quartz, diamond, chalcedony, and emerald.

My star sign Scorpio, your gemstone is garnet

It used to be supposed to purify the body, and wearing it preserved poisons. Garnet prompts you to play the honesty card with yourself. It allows you to adapt to all kinds of situations, especially when you are part of a team. Stone of January, encourages perseverance, to endure winter and trials before being reborn in spring. We advise possessive people to wear it because it would arouse their jealousy. On the carnal level, it frees desires.

The symbols of garnet: are will, desire, and integrity.
The other stones of Scorpio: are sardonyx, onyx, topaz, amethyst, hematite, and opal.

The star sign of Sagittarius, your gemstone is turquoise

By observing the turquoise, some men discovered the eyes of a woman there and drew their power there. The Union of the sky and the sea by its color, invite depth, meditation, and wisdom. It gives enthusiasm to action, offers a sense of accomplishment, and dreaming prolongs existence. It is the stone of adventurers because it gives them a fervor that keeps them away from fear. It also promotes meetings and attracts benevolence. It is a stone that lifts morale.

The symbols of turquoise: idealism, renewal, optimism.
The other stones of Sagittarius: are blue quartz, chalcedony, garnet, and emerald.

The star sign of Capricorn, your gemstone is onyx

It symbolizes rooting and helps concentration. More than its preciousness, onyx fascinates above all with its black color, a symbol of mystery, even magic. This stone calms the individual, after having led him to hunt what could harm him, but worn too long, it can generate sadness. If you are in a bad mood, you better go without. It is useful in helping you meet your responsibilities and makes you less vulnerable to asking for a raise.

The symbols of onyx: are austerity, depth, and weighing.
The other stones of Capricorn: are jet, cat’s eye, chalcedony, and chrysoprase.

My star sign Aquarius, your gemstone is amethyst

It is said that this stone has the strongest spiritual energy. Christians had picked it to outline virtue, penance, and immaculateness. It symbolizes humility and inner peace and allows the spirit to purify itself and achieve grace. It would also protect against bad luck. His presence is heartwarming. Placed on a piece of furniture, it spreads a caring atmosphere in the room. If you get nervous, this stone will help you relax. In a painful situation, it dispels the pain.

The symbols of amethyst: are curiosity, benevolence, and altruism.
The other Aquarius stones are blue sapphire and crystal.

My star sign Pisces, your gemstone is aquamarine

Stone of the prophets, aquamarine inclines to sweetness. Like Pisces, she is sensitive to shocks and reacts according to emotions. In the Middle Ages, it was made into mirrors in which the future was reflected. She doesn’t like concealment. Whoever wears it ends up facing his reflection and finds himself at peace with himself. It welds relationships and strengthens the love of two spouses. It is recommended to wear it on the finger rather than as a pendant. It would inspire fidelity to the newlyweds.

The symbols of aquamarine: are vulnerability, imagination, and inspiration.
Other Pisces stones: coral, sapphire, coral, quartz, and amethyst.

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