Zodiac Signs

This Is How Each Zodiac Sign Unknowingly Wrecks Their Relationship


You wreck your relationship because of your unpredictability that confuses your partner. You’re volatile and temperamental, and you act impulsively in the heat of the moment. Being with you is an emotional roller-coaster ride and it will eventually take a toll on your relationship.


You wreck your relationship because of your resistance to changes. When things happen, you feel that your world is shaken and your partner has to endure your wrath. We get that changes are painful and often unwelcome but sometimes the best way to cope is to swim with it.


You wreck your relationship because you’re too busy to prioritize your relationship. It’s no secret that you’re a social butterfly with a fulfilling job and multiple hobbies. However, you have to remember that your partner is just as important and you should be setting aside time to take care of their needs.


You wreck your relationship because you can be emotionally unavailable at times. As one of the most sensitive signs, you’re scared to get hurt and you shut off your emotions to avoid getting hurt. This is destructive to your relationship because you may end up pushing your partner away for good.


You wreck your relationship because you focus too much on yourself. You think that the world revolves around you and everyone else should treat as such. This leads to you neglecting your partner’s need as everything is all about you.


You wreck your relationship because you seek perfection in your relationship. The fact is that every relationship is imperfect and you have to let go of your fixation to ‘fix’ your partner. Instead of nitpicking on small issues, you should accept them for who they are.


You wreck your relationship because you want to avoid conflict. Ironically, in your attempt to keep the relationship harmonious, you become passive-aggressive instead of confronting the problem directly. This causes further strain to your relationship and may spiral into a breakup.


You wreck your relationship because of how tightly you want to control your relationship. There is no doubt that you’re committed and devoted to your partner. However, you become possessive and controlling when you feel that your partner isn’t reciprocating at the same rate as you do.


You wreck your relationship because you constantly need excitement in your relationship. Being with your partner should be the adventure of a lifetime but it also comprises stability, adulting, and responsibility. It’s time to step up and find commitment just as exciting.


You wreck your relationship because you have high expectations of your partner. You have success set in your sight and you won’t stop until you reach your goal. However, you must understand that your partner isn’t you and everyone moves at a different pace.


You wreck your relationship because you struggle to express your feeling. It’s not easy for you to show your love and appreciation openly to your partner. You should always make it a priority to do so and be there for them.


You wreck your relationship because you get consumed by your creativity and dreamy nature. As your partner try to pull you back to Earth, you may withdraw further into your world leaving them unable to comprehend you.

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