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What Each Zodiac Sign Repents When A Relationship Ends

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Breaking … I wish it were as simple as it is written, I wish you did not have to face the ghost you have become, while you look in the mirror and watch your tears fall. I wish you didn’t feel that pressure in your chest and that strange way of breathing. Deep down you know it was for the best, but the truth is that it hurts to close a chapter, no matter how chaotic it may have been. What does each sign regret when a relationship ends? 


When you love you do not understand reasons, it is your heart, the risky one, the one that surrenders as if it were the first time. It’s your crazy part that just wants to love and be loved. Suddenly your wish is that everything is perfect and you give yourself as if there was no tomorrow . You regret it because there has come a point where you forgot about yourself for the other, you worried too much, you forgot your value. You changed to please someone who finally left and that breaks anyone.


What hurts the most is that you do not give yourself easily, you have to know a friendship in depth before giving yourself to love, Taurus. You prefer to be cautious, because you are not one of those who enjoys relationships for a while, you bet on the serious, on what has the form of commitment. What does each sign regret when a relationship ends? Taurus, you regret it because you tried too hard and suddenly you feel that you wasted your time, your energy , how do you do to get it back? Sometimes, we give everything to someone who does not deserve a minute.


The reason Gemini ends up regretful is because their social and noble side betrays them. And it is that, between so many circle of friends, he establishes links with people who are not always worth it. Sometimes your vibe is so low that you start attracting people who don’t want something serious with you. You regret it when you start wondering what you were doing with someone who wasn’t even close to your standards. The moment you observe your qualities, there you ask yourself,  ‘ What was I thinking? ‘.

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Loving is complicated, but for Cancer it is double. Because it is a sign that fights its emotions every day. He’s not someone to get along with the grays, he’s all or nothing. When you think you have found the right person, you give everything, you share your fears, your sadness, your joys, your secrets. However, that happens to become weapons with which they unfortunately end up hurting him. What does each sign regret when a relationship ends? Cancer regrets not being at least a little cruel and avoiding being trampled on. 


Leo is someone very meticulous when it comes to choosing a partner, although he is impulsive for other things, in love he thinks twice because his ego takes control and he does not want to see his face. When a relationship ends he regrets because he blames himself, somehow he thinks he could have avoided falling into it if he had trusted his instincts a little more. He feels that he was carried away by beauty, that he did not see at a deep level and that is when he is very cruel to himself.


Virgo always has a thousand ideas in his head, it is his anxiety that always takes him by the hand and there comes a point where he does not trust anyone, that is why it costs him so much to fall in love, but once he feels that he is on the right path that person becomes his everything. That is the reason whyhe regrets, because he put his partner first before him. Suddenly he realizes that he put aside what he liked, his friends, places, everything, to please the other and in the end it was not worth it.

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The reality is that Libra is a time bomb when it comes to love, you never know when it will explode. And it is that when he falls in love he does not have much interest in seeing the defects of his partner, he simply lets go and when he realizes it is too late. What does each sign regret when a relationship ends? Libra regrets because he allowed the bond to affect him mentally, physically, and emotionally . He sacrificed too much and what seemed like genuine love became a constant suffering.


At first glance, Scorpio is impetuous, intelligent and even a little cold, but when he falls in love he becomes the sweetest, most faithful and dedicated being that can exist on the planet. However, he regrets because there comes a point where he gives in on everything, does not want problems, values ​​the person and leaves control in his charge. However, understand that it was a mistake, that their opinion matters in everything and that no matter how much you love someone, it is not worth them to make you feel less in any way.


Sagittarius is the spark that brings you back to life, the type of partner that inspires you, becomes someone who does not let go of your hand, who is there to applaud your victories and remind you that he loves you above all else, he is really passionate . He regrets because in the moments when the castle collapsed he had to pretend that nothing was happening, cry between its four walls and he was strong. Perhaps it would have been better if your partner realized how much you hurt him.


Capricorn does not really think much about the outcome of a relationship, at the beginning he analyzes pros and cons, because he is very disciplined even for love and prefers to feel sure that he is making the right decision. That is why when they finish he feels that all balance is lost and that is when he regrets,because he did not say many things, because he preferred to shut up before being defeated. You are left with feelings that make your throat lump. Say it, write it down, don’t shut up!


Aquarius is one of the signs that regrets the most when a relationship ends, because the truth is that he is the one who least looked for it. He is someone who enjoys being with himself and if he decides to start something it is because he really found someone who understands his peculiar way of seeing life. What does each sign regret when a relationship ends? Aquarius regrets because he took the step to commitment, because he struggled to get out of his liberal life and because it was not worth it. In the end, he understands that he deserves much more than a half heart.


Pisces shut up, give in, really love. Because he understands that changing the other is not an option, he decides to give himself to someone who has defects and virtues, so he tries to see the positive side of everything, but … sometimes, it is not so good , he regrets pretending that everything was perfect, not to say when something bothered him , to shut up when he heard screams. Pisces can be too good and there are couples who only come into your life to absorb your energy, to break your soul and then pretend nothing happened

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