Zodiac Signs

What Each Zodiac Sign Regrets About Their Last Relationship In July 2022

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You regret caring so much about their opinion. You never should’ve let them determine your worth.


You regret putting in more effort than they did. You shouldn’t have wasted so much energy on someone who couldn’t return the favor.


You regret selling yourself short. You should’ve realized what a catch you were and raised your standards.


You regret staying so quiet. You let them walk all over you without sticking up for yourself.


You regret not trusting your gut. You could sense something was wrong, but you ignored that feeling.


You regret choosing them over yourself. You should have treated yourself as a priority, always.

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You regret letting them impact your mental health. You shouldn’t have sacrificed your own happiness to please them.


You regret giving them so much control. You should’ve realized your opinion mattered just as much as theirs.


You regret crying behind closed doors. You should’ve let them know how much they were hurting you.


You regret leaving important words left unsaid. You should’ve spoken up when you had the chance.


You regret settling. You should’ve realized you deserve so much more than half their heart.


You regret pretending everything was fine. You should have voiced your discomfort instead of playing nice.

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