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Each Zodiac Sign Makes One Dating Mistake – What Is It?

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You’re constantly overdoing it. Every date with you has to be perfect.

Truth to be told, you’re not trying to make your person feel bad.

On the contrary, you’re trying to give them everything and make them feel special.

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Sadly, by doing this, you’re only creating the counter effect.

Instead of making them feel nice, you’re making them feel like they are not trying enough in your relationship.

Relax and stop trying to make everything perfect.

Try going with the flow and see where that relationship takes you.


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One should think you’ve learned your lesson so far.

Sadly, you haven’t.

You keep making the same mistake regarding dating and relationships.

Somehow, you cannot realize that going back to the person who hurt you over and over again is not a good idea.

It is not only that things won’t get any better, but in the end, you’re going to lose yourself.

Exposing yourself to that much pain, humiliation, and emotional destruction is dangerous for your mental health.

Stop reliving the past, and move on with your life.


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For some reason, your heart is guarded which makes you different from the rest.

You’re not capable of loving someone in the classic way which puts you in an awful position.

Not many people can understand who you are and where you’re really coming from.

Because of your nature, you’re avoiding dating altogether.

You’ve put your walls up because you don’t want to give anybody even the slightest chance of hurting you.

You’re hiding your feelings, and you’re lying to others that you’re fine, when you’re actually not.


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Unlike Gemini who doesn’t trust anyone and is hiding from true feelings, you’re too open about your feelings.

You trust everyone, and you wear your heart on your sleeve which makes you a perfect target to take advantage of.

If you don’t toughen up a bit, you’re going to live your life in heartbreak, regret, and pain.

Even after someone takes advantage of you, you’ll give them another chance, and they’ll do it all over again to you.

You’ll trust someone and love them unconditionally whether they deserve it or not.

You have to break that cycle and start thinking about yourself for a change.


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Almost like Gemini, you’re also guarded.

In fact, Gemini is a bit worse than you.

They don’t even let someone get near them.

On the other hand, your dating mistake you make every single time is that you push people away when you start falling for them.

This is nothing more than fear talking from the inside.

You’re scared of getting hurt.

For some reason, when things become great and when everything in your relationship is running smoothly, you start trembling with fear.

Out of nowhere, you start imagining that something bad is going to happen and ruin everything.

So, you want to jump ahead and prevent getting hurt.

Therefore, you push the person you love away from you.


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As you analyze everything in your life, you also analyze relationships.

When things aren’t going exactly as you’ve predicted, you want a ticket out.

You don’t even have a valid reason, but you’re more than smart enough to make one up.

That is completely unhealthy behavior, and it’s more than that.

It’s avoiding responsibility.

If you don’t like the relationship, be a doll and talk about it.

Making excuses and lying your way out will never change anything in your life.


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Your biggest dating mistake is that you keep giving second chances to people who don’t deserve them.

Somehow, you always end up looking at the positive side in others despite the fact that it was proven to you that some people don’t have that positive side.

Never lose that positivity and goodness you keep inside you, but draw a line somewhere.

If someone has betrayed your trust over and over again, let  them loose.


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Overthinking is your biggest enemy. Stop being so dramatic, and stop giving attention to things that are not worthy of it.

People dating you get scared of your overanalyzing and overthinking.

You have to realize that you can’t find everything about that person right away.

The process of gaining trust doesn’t work that way.

It has to happen gradually, and you don’t have the time for that to happen.

The end result is that you drive people away from you—or better yet, you scare them away with being ‘too much’.


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You’re biggest dating mistake is talking too much.

When you meet someone for the first time, it’s more than obvious that you’re going to talk about trivial things.

You’re not going to discuss world politics or the current world issues.

Save those difficult topics for when you get to know each other a bit better.

Maybe then you won’t be misunderstood like you’ve been so far.

Stop trying so much, and let the ‘getting to know each other’ happen naturally without you forcing it.


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Whenever you’re faced with a relationship problem or a heartbreak, you bury yourself in work.

Working hard is your escape ticket for any problem in your life.

Currently, the biggest dating problem you have is exactly that—working too hard to not even think about dating.

Do you realize that you can’t spend the rest of your life alone?

We are not creatures who are created to live alone and go through life alone.

We need support every now and then, and we need love more than anything.

The sooner you realize that, the less you’re going to be miserable.


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It’s like you want to suffer in relationships on purpose.

It’s like you completely ignore the red flags that tell you to get out while you still can.

You’re drawn to toxic people, and you make excuses for their behavior.

Even though you know that treating you the way they do is not what you or anyone else deserve, you keep telling yourself and others that you’re fine and that it will eventually stop.

Toxic people can’t change, and they will never change.

The sad part is that you’re going to realize that, but then it’s going to be too late.


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Like most of the extra sensitive and emotional zodiac signs, you don’t know when to say “no”.

You don’t have your boundaries set up correctly, so you let people who don’t appreciate you take advantage of you.

You’re always going to be there for a person in need—even if that person betrayed you on several occasions, you can’t shut your eyes to a sign of someone else’s trouble.

Too bad you can’t see how much trouble that is causing you.

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