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How Each Zodiac Sign Handles Being Ghosted


You return the favor by blocking them on every platform. The way, if they want to come crawling back to you, they can’t.


You reread every text you sent them, looking for the moment when it all went wrong. You blame yourself and assume you must have made a mistake.


You jump right back into the dating game and search for a rebound. You try to forget about them as quickly as possible.


You stalk them until you can come up with a satisfying explanation. You can’t rest until you have answers.


You post as many different thirst traps as possible to make them jealous. Even though they stopped talking to you, you know they’re still staring at your stories.


You understand that they aren’t a bad person and were probably trying to spare your feelings. It sucks, but life moves on.


You listen to sad music and let yourself mope. Even if you two weren’t official, it still hurts to care about someone and then watch them walk away without a word.


You show up at places you know this person frequents, hoping to run into them. You want to give them a piece of your mind. You aren’t going to let them disrespect you.


You laugh about it. You understand that this person clearly wasn’t meant for you and there’s no reason to wish they would come back.


You remember why you hate modern dating and take a break for a while. After all, you’re perfectly happy on your own. So you isolate yourself.


You become super self-conscious and start second-guessing everything you do. You don’t know how you chased this person away, so you don’t know how to fix it.


You ask your friends to do some research for you. You have them ask around to figure out why the hell this person suddenly disappeared without a word.

How Each Zodiac Sign Handles Being Ghosted
How Each Zodiac Sign Handles Being Ghosted

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