Zodiac Signs

What Each Zodiac Sign Cares About More Than They Should In August 2022

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Your success. You rarely rest because you’re obsessed with achieving your dreams, even if it means you burn out.


Your wealth. You know money isn’t everything, but you wish you had the cash to buy whatever you wanted.


Your exes. They’re in your past for a reason, but you can’t stop trying to ‘win’ the breakup.


Love. You know self-love matters the most, but you still wish you were in a serious relationship.


Your reputation. You care deeply about the way other people see you, even though you know it shouldn’t matter.


Your mistakes. You can never stop thinking about them, even years later when you should’ve moved on.

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Your physical appearance. You never want to leave the house without a perfect outfit and full face of makeup.


Your regrets. You’re always wondering what would’ve happened if you made different decisions.


Your sex life. You can’t stand going through dry spells. You want other people to want you.


Your job title. You want to be admired and respected. You want everyone to know how talented you are.


Your milestones. You’re obsessed with hitting milestones at the ‘right’ age so you don’t fall behind.


Your social media following. You want attention. All the time. You can’t stand being ignored.

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